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Report WP4. Theory in the Virtual Observatory. WP4 objectives and description of work. Assess the inclusion of theory data and services in the Virtual Observatory Theory Expert Group yearly meetings and email discussions establish a framework for the inclusion of theory in the VObs.

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Report wp4

Report WP4

Theory in the Virtual Observatory

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Wp4 objectives and description of work
WP4 objectives and description of work

  • Assess the inclusion of theory data and services in the Virtual Observatory

  • Theory Expert Group

    • yearly meetings and email discussions

    • establish a framework for the inclusion of theory in the VObs.

    • organizes workshop

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Wp4 milestones deliverables expected results
WP4 milestones, deliverables, expected results

  • WP4-D10: Euro-VO Theory Workshop

  • WP4-D11: TEG Report: Framework for inclusion of Theoretical Astronomy Services in the VObs

  • Motivation of the European Theoretical astronomy community to participate in the VObs

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Special attention to theory in vobs
Special attention to theory in VObs

  • Existing protocols not applicable, observationally biased

  • Data models insufficient

  • Archiving generally ad hoc

  • No existing standardisation, no “FITS for simulations”

  • New use cases

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Theory in ivoa
Theory in IVOA

Theory Interest Group

  • Inspired by whitepaper, Theory in the Virtual Observatory (Lemson & Colberg, 2004)

  • Charter

    • Provide a forum for discussing theory specific issues in a VO context

    • Incorporate standard approaches when designing and implementing services on theoretical archives

    • Define standard services relevant for theoretical archives

    • Promote development of services for comparing theoretical results to observations

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Theory experts group teg
Theory Experts Group (TEG)

  • Members:

    • Santi Cassisi (INAF), Miguel Cervińo (INTA), Gerard Lemson (MPG, chair), Pedro Osuna (ESAC), Joop Schaye (NOVA), Nic Walton (LU), Hervé Wozniak (CNRS)

  • SAC workshop

  • Co-authors whitepaper

  • Theory Sections in DCA census questionnaire

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Workshop planning
Workshop planning

  • Garching, 7-9 April 2008

  • Back-to-back with WP5 (9-11 April)

    • sharing resources, organisation

    • expectation large overlap in interest of participants

  • About 30 invited (and financed) speakers

  • Sessions:

    • Intro to VO; Data formats; Micro-simulations; SNAP simulations; Theory-VO for observers; Other subjects; TVO and Grid; Discussion

Gerard Lemson, PhD


Framework for inclusion of theory data in the VO

  • Incorporate experience from developments in IVOA

  • Incorporate experience from actual TVO efforts in partners and outside (see later)

  • Incorporate results of DCA census where theory is involved (in progress)

  • First rough draft outline online

  • Further work Jan 2008

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Other wp4 activities
Other WP4 activities

  • TIG sessions IVOA interoperability meetings, Beijing (May 2006) and Cambridge, UK (Oct 2007)

  • Euro-VO DCA/IVOA workshop Garching (next)

  • Partner efforts (later)

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Dca ivoa workshop on snap
DCA/IVOA workshop on SNAP

  • Get active people working on SNAP project (see next) together to discuss status and divide work

  • Participants all from Euro-VO DCA partners, other IVOA members absent

  • Agreed on layout model and protocol and volunteers to validate this

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Simple numerical access protocol snap
Simple Numerical Access Protocol (SNAP)

  • Goal: define framework for including large simulations in VObs

    • Define a standard protocol for discovering and retrieving 3D simulations similar to Simple Image/Spectra access protocols.

    • Based on a model for meta-data describing simulations

    • Propose as standard to IVOA

    • Create prototype implementations

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Snap data model
SNAP data model

  • World of simulations much more heterogeneous than observations

    • Model needs to be explicit about observables etc

    • Highly hierarchical

  • Important features:

    • target objects and processes (what is simulated)

    • method of representating the world

    • algorithms

    • etc

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Snap protocol
SNAP protocol

  • Complex model, consequently hard to define simple, SxAP-like protocol

    • No simple HTTP GET string

    • Data LARGE

    • Data formats non standardised

  • Implementation protocol with useful/required functionality complex

    • Browsing/drill-down functions, ADQL

    • Subset-selection functionality (cut-out, projection)

    • Custom services

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Snap registry portal
SNAP registry/portal

  • Propose centralised SNAP registry

  • CNRS, INAF, MPG, NVO promise implementation

  • Approved in IVOA meetings and work is ongoing

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Efforts cnrs
Efforts CNRS

  • Laurent Bourgès hired

  • Collaborate on SNAP design

  • SNAP validation on various theory databases (next page)

  • Test SNAP data model for other, non-SNAP simulations (“micro-physics”)

  • Meeting theory WG FVO, June 2007, Lyon

    • discussed applicability Characterisation DM for SNAP

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Efforts inaf 1
Efforts INAF 1

  • Created prototype database structure to store the metadata of different types of cosmological simulations

  • Developed services such as:

    • interactive cutout (using graphical tools) from cosmological simulation

    • creation on-the-fly of profiles for ten quantities for simulated galaxy clusters

    • creation of XML tables that will become VOTables when the new Uniform Content Descriptor (UCD) for theory data will become an IVOA standard

    • connection to the Aladin tool, to allow loading and displaying simulated galaxy cluster maps

  • Work on validation, through the database structure defined above, of the data model for theory data being defined within the IVOA Theory Interest Group

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Efforts inaf 2
Efforts INAF 2

  • Assess the feasibility of including different sets of theory data and services in the VObs. (OATeramo and OATrieste).

    • Uses BaSTI database, of stellar evolution tracks and isochrones computed with the FRANEC code.

    • A database schema has been designed to store the metadata of this kind of simulations and is being implemented as a demonstrator.

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Efforts mpg
Efforts MPG

  • SNAP model design: UML, XML

  • SNAP portal implementation prototype (in progress)

  • Theory services

    • Millennium database

      • ~ 200 registered users

      • ~ 3.5 million queries (since 8/2006)

      • > 32 billion rows retrieved (since (3/2007)

      • ~40 papers (S. White)

    • Visualisation hydro simulations (Grid)

    • Assisted in SSA publication theoretical PN spectra (Rauch et al)

Gerard Lemson, PhD

Next steps
Next steps

  • Workshop (7-9 April 2008)

    • invitations and announcement next weeks

  • Whitepaper 1st draft

    • to be discussed at workshop

  • Proposals to IVOA (interops May/October)

    • SNAP (Lemson & Gheller),

    • Semantics (LePetit)

    • Micro-simulations (Cervino)

Gerard Lemson, PhD