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Online Consumer Product Market Analysis Protect, defend & grow your brands.

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Online Consumer Product Market Analysis Protect, defend & grow your brands. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Online Consumer Product Market Analysis Protect, defend & grow your brands. Great Brands are built by Great SKUs …not the other way around. Strong CPG brands are built by and tethered to iconic SKUs

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Online Consumer Product Market Analysis

Protect, defend & grow your brands.

great brands are built by great skus not the other way around
Great Brands are built by Great SKUs…not the other way around
  • Strong CPG brands are built by and tethered to iconic SKUs
  • Brands are consumed only at the SKU level and are the only legitimate form of consumer reference
  • Brand and category management can succeed only with SKU-by-SKU insight
The SKU Ecosystem:tradeoffs & interdependencies with the consumer at the center
  • Brand
  • Uniqueness
  • Value
  • Price
  • Size/Contents
  • Ingredients
  • Form factor
  • Value proposition
  • Performance
  • Substitutability

Skuuber measures the holistic SKU ecosystem as it’s presented at retail

npd new product development
NPD: New Product Development
  • The lifeblood of business prosperity!
  • 33% of corporate revenue from products < 5 years old
  • Average ROI for successful NPD is +97%
  • Average market share for NP = 47%
  • Lowest barriers to entry in years

Source: PDMA

but don t be this guy
But don’t be this guy!
  • Over 25000 new consumer product skus are introduced annually in the North America.
  • Only about 60% of new product launches are considered successful at launch.
  • For every 7 product ideas, there may be only 1  that succeeds in the market.
  • An estimated 44% of all resources allocated to product development and commercialization by U.S. firms are spent on products that are cancelled or fail to yield an adequate financial return.
inadequate or faulty consumer market research and analysis is the 1 cause of new product failure
Inadequate or faulty consumer market research and analysis is the #1 cause of new product failure.
  • Main causes of NPD failure

Source: Cooper, Winning at New Products

detailed market studies omitted in as many as 75 of new product launches
Detailed market studies omitted in as many as 75% of new product launches!

Common Excuses

  • Takes too much time
  • Costs too much money
  • Too busy with other things
  • Confused by results
existing products
Existing products
  • Competitive analysis/benchmarking
  • Promotional planning
  • Product refreshes
    • Packaging, sizing, pricing, line extensions
  • Channel/category management
  • Demographic targeting & re-targeting
skuuber demand certification
Skuuber Demand Certification

Seasonal Marketing|Category Reviews | Pricing Strategies | Competitor Benchmarking | Channel Strategies | Package Design | New Products | Line Extensions | Package Promotions | SKU Rationalization | Target Markets | Brand Positioning | Ad Claims | Risk Management

  • Brand owners launch a complete market analysis project from in less than 15 minutes and have results back in days.
    • Certify and calibrate demand from 1500 consumers
    • Algorithmic demand modeling
    • Results and diagnostics
  • Skuuber Report shows current market potential at the SKU level and how to fulfill it.
  • Highly cost effective marketing consulting resource throughout the value chain
how it works
How it works

1. Create An Account

2. Start a new Skuuber Study 

3. Select your product group>category>type from the drop-down list

4. Upload required product details

5. Edit or revise from the Greenhouse where your items are stored until ready for the field

6. Field your Sku

7. Wait a few days while Skuuber conducts the research and does predictive demand modeling

8. Receive and review your completed Skuuber Report

skuuber consumer panel
Skuuber Consumer Panel
  • 1500 qualified consumers
    • Represent US general consumer population
  • Recruited by eRewards
    • Leading global provider of survey panelists
    • 3.2 million active members
    • ISO certified
  • Panelists
    • Invitation only, double opt-in
    • 85% panel retention
    • Indicate use products studied
questions asked issues explored
Questions Asked & Issues Explored

1. Do you currently buy a product like this?

2. How likely are you to BUY this product in the next 12 months? (check one)

3. How many units of this product would you buy at one time? (check one)

4. Which of the following best describes you as it relates to this product?

5. Based on the description above, what is the ONE thing that would make you MOST LIKELY TO BUY this product? (check one)

6. Based on the description above, what is the ONE THING that, if changed, would IMPROVE YOUR LIKELIHOOD OF BUYING this product? (check one)

7. How unique is this product compared to others you are aware of?

8. At the price shown above, how would you rate the value for the money of this product?

9. Where would you expect to find this product available for sale? Check all that apply.

  • 21 page Skuuber Report includes
    • Skuuber Score™  projection of retail volume potential
    • Effect of category usage on trial rates
    • Maximum trial estimates
    • Price elasticity of demand
    • Regional/Demographic target hot spots
    • Channel management options
    • Uniqueness ratings
    • Price/value ratings
    • Purchase driver ratings
    • Needs-improvement ratings
skuuber score your magic number
Skuuber Score™: Your Magic Number

Your Skuuber Score™ represents potential initial retail sales dollars per 1000 US consumers who are aware of your product and have access to it.  It translates the consumer behavior observed in the survey into market-based sales potential metrics for your product at the SKU level.

hotspot chart
HotSpot Chart
  • Detailed demographics by region
  • Instantly flags pockets of strength and weakness
  • Use to differentiate brands & tailor merchandising and messaging
price elasticity of demand
Price Elasticity of Demand
  • Checks effect of pricing on demand
  • Indicates responsiveness to price promotion
trial by category usage
Trial by category usage
  • Shows difference between users/non-users of category
  • Indication of incremental volume potential
incremental purchasing
Incremental purchasing
  • Shows whether demand is incremental to category or a cannibal
  • Combine with dollar share power to gauge impact
channel strategies
Channel Strategies
  • Indicates expected retail environment
  • Shows distribution opportunities & priorities
  • A key attribute of successful brands
  • Indicates degree of uniqueness perceived
  • Indication of pricing power
  • Critical dimension of successful products
  • Shows intensity of value perceptions
  • Works with uniqueness ratings & incremental purchasing data
purchase drivers
Purchase Drivers
  • Indicates most compelling elements of the SKU ecosystem
  • Indicates focal points of messaging & differentiation
areas for improvement
Areas for improvement
  • Shows weak spots in the SKU ecosystem
  • Indicates why resistance to trial occurs
  • De-emphasize in messaging
  • Create a Skuuber Study in 15 minutes
  • Results back in just days from study launch
  • $4500 per sku studied. 
    • $3.00 per respondent---at least 85% less costly than the alternatives. 
    • About half the cost of a single focus group.
    • More detail and faster turnaround than research costing $30K+. 
    • Performance metrics not found anywhere else.
about us
About Us

Rick Hill is the Founder and CEO of Skuuber, LLC and has spent over 30 years in the consumer goods and services industry. Credentials include a Cornell Economics degree, Wharton MBA, General Mills, PepsiCo, Popeye’s, Barq’s, Royal Crown Companies, Interpublic Group/MCA, National Beverage, Hewlett-Packard and MillerCoors.

Rick has had direct responsibility for launching hundreds of new consumer product items, line extensions, product improvements and package promotions in the CPG foods, foodservice, snack food, beverage, consumer technology and marketing services industries.

Rick has been recognized as an Ad Age top 100 marketer, recipient of PROMO Magazine’s Super Reggie Award, Brammy Award and a Clio Finalist.

Rick Hill, CEO & Founder

Powerful resources

  • Certify and calibrate consumer demand
  • Understand and manage product sales potential
  • Optimize your product features and manage risk
  • Validate your target market and channel strategies
  • Save Time & Money
  • Real Results In Real Time
get started today
Get started today…
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contact us
Contact Us

Skuuber, LLC

11440 West Bernardo Court

Suite 300

San Diego , CA 92127

ph: 1-877-UBERSKU (877-823-7758)

fax: 760 747 6921

E-mail: [email protected]