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The word cosmetics derives from the Greek "cosmetic art” (kosmetikē tekhnē), meaning "technique of dress and ornament”. It shows that the history of herbal cosmetics in Greece began thousands of years ago and that the ancient Greeks considered them the tools to an art. Greek nature inspires the creation of herbal cosmetic products for your body and face.

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Buy best Cosmatics online - yolenis.us

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  1. Cosmetics

  2. Lipstick with lemon A fabulous, lip care stick from BioAroma in AghiosNikolaos, Crete, made with 100% natural beeswax and enriched with lemon and spearmint essential oils to give your lips softness and shine. You can now enjoy a sense of velvety freshness on your lips all day long! $4.55 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  3. Hand cream Overworked hands which feel dry and chapped? BioAroma’s Hydrating-Healing Hand Cream, an herbal product made in AghiosNikolaos, Crete, will give them the tender care they deserve. Its all-natural ingredients will soothe your hands and hydrate them: at last, complete silky protection! $11.55 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  4. Herbal Shampoo A herbal shampoo crafted in AgiosNikolaos, Crete, that bases its wholesomeness on 100% natural ingredients such as olive oil and essential oils from the rare flora of the Cretan land. It leaves hair so shiny and smooth that you’ll catch yourself passing your hand over your hair over and over again! $9.95 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  5. Body bath Tired and weary of it all? Sink into a healing herbal soak prepared with AGEMA’s Relaxing & Meditating Body Bath. It’s made with the herbal bounty of the mystical Valley of Dodoni Epirus. It will certainly offer you deep moisturizing. $17.95 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  6. Body Cream An herbal body cream from BioAroma in AgiosNikolaos, Crete. It is fully absorbed by your skin, feels silky to the touch, and offers the tone and firmness only its rare Cretan herbs and essential oils could offer it. $20.95 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  7. Facial wash Natural liquid soap from pure herbs growing in the energy valley of Dodoni, Epirus, AGEMA’s purifying Facial Wash feels like velvet and feels good. It locates, attracts, and eliminates skin-damaging air pollutants. It comes in a special container for a truly primeval experience! $17.95 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  8. Eye Cream Made in Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Red Water Eye Cream is a natural product with flax that fights lines, dark circles, and premature wrinkles and offers tired, puffy eyes the rest they’ve been waiting for. $38.95 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  9. Black pigeon Perfume From the primordial Valley of Dodoni, Epirus, Black Pigeon Perfume brings you the aura of that ancient site in liquid form: it has been crafted from the herbs and flowers of that mystical area and ushers you into the powerful spirit of thousands of years of potent energy. $32.95 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

  10. Cleansing Gel It’s natural, it’s thorough, and it’s made with natural ingredients. Red Water Face Foaming Cleansing Gel is made in Thessaloniki, Macedonia. All of its ingredients are as pure as Greek Mother Nature made them. It cleanses skin thoroughly and deeply, moisturizes it, and tones it $19.95 http://www.yolenis.us/en_us/cosmetics.html

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