my native town is tomsk
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My native town is Tomsk

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My native town is Tomsk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My native town is Tomsk. I live on 52 98/1 Frunze avenue Tomsk.

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Tomsk - city in Russia, the administrative center of the similar of region and region. It is located in the east West Siberia on the shore Tom' river. Oldest in Siberia large educational, scientific and innovation center [2]: 9 Institutesof Higher Education, 15 Scientific Research Institutes, the special economic zone of the technical- introductory type and 6 business- incubators. City is rich in the monuments of the wooden and rock architecture XVIII-XX of centuries. In the city it lives 524,3 thousand man (on January 1, 2011) [1], in the territory of municipal formation - 545 700 men. (in 2011 [1]). Tomsk, its city- satellite are Seversiy and suburbs form Tomsk metropolitan area with the population approximately 728 thousand man (2011).
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Monument to ruble in Tomsk - wooden ruble with the weight of 250 kilograms and by size is more than two meters. It is executed in the realistic manner to scale 100:1. It is made from the pine tree and it is on top covered with the special solution, which protects it from the moisture. It is now placed into the transparent plastic box.

  • The «rouble»( monument) is in Novosobornaya Square.
In Tomsk is established the monument “to happiness”, wolfis from the cartoon “once upon a time there was dog” .On the belly of wolf is located the button, with the pressure on which the character with the voice of ArmenDzhigarkhanyanpronounces the aphorisms from the cartoon. In the future the hero of cartoon will work in the regime of the concealed camera. For example, if the wolf approaches man with cigarette, bronze beast will suggest: “Leave to smoke”. Monument to happiness was presented by owners to city in the honor of the 400- anniversary of Tomsk. The author of monument - well-known Tomsk sculptor LeontiUsov, smelter - Maxim Petrov. Usovis added by Cambridge to the number of outstanding artists and designers ofXX century, its work they subjugate Russia and Europe, they force people to smile, to be surprised and to reflect above the sense of existence.
“Make yourself at home” - so meets guests the monument, established in 2006 on the porch of hotel “Tomsk”, near the main station. Monument is executed in the form bronze domestic slippers on the pedestal with a height of 20 centimeters. This unusual amusing monument, which symbolizes hospitality by Tomsk sculptor Oleg Kislitskiy(the very same the author “of lover”), this idea arose in it on leaving from the hotel. Their length - 32 centimeters; therefore in them freely will enter the foot of any size