Mr meacham s class overview
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Mr. Meacham ’ s Class Overview. 2013-14 Chimacum Middle School Email: [email protected] 6 th Grade Schedule .

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Mr meacham s class overview

Mr. Meacham’s Class Overview


Chimacum Middle School

Email: [email protected]

6 th grade schedule
6th Grade Schedule

This year, the 6th grade students will be split into three homeroom groups: one homeroom with Mrs. Langston and two homeroom groups with Mr. Meacham for language arts and social studies.

Each group will have Mr. Gonzalez for science

Each group will have Mrs. Shea for math

Mr meacham s daily schedule
Mr. Meacham’s Daily Schedule

1st period: morning group Language Arts

2nd period: Planning Period

3rd period: morning group Social Studies

Eagle Time


4th period: afternoon group Language Arts

5th period: afternoon group Social Studies

6th period: afternoon group Exploratory

What to expect in my classroom
What To Expect In My Classroom

  • Education is Power!

    • Everything we do has purpose to the students’ lives to prepare them academically, socially and emotionally for school and life.

  • High Expectations:

    • The curriculum is rigorous and standards based, and I expect every student to rise to the challenge.

  • Many assignments/assessments are project-based which makes use of the technology in the classroom and allows for multiple intelligences.

  • The classroom is a cooperative learning environment:

    • Utilizes the strengths of each student

    • Models real-world situations

    • Improves problem-solving and interpersonal skills

What i expect from students
What I Expect From Students

  • Respect for everyone in the classroom

    • Modeled by me, expected from everyone!


  • Responsibility for your actions

    • Students will evaluate their own learning, effort, participation in class activities

  • Be active problem solvers

    • We will learn many problem solving techniques

  • A sense of humor and wonder

    • I want students to have a positive outlook about the classroom and their education

  • To give their best effort

    • No matter their ability level, students do their personal best


Student work and final grades will be evaluated within these categories:


Assessments (quizzes, tests)



Extra Credit

Student work
Student Work

  • Most student work will be given a point value score based on the amount of work assigned. Some larger assignments will be given a point value using a scoring rubric.

  • Some activities will be scored based on student participation and/or individual student needs.

  • All student work will be evaluated by the teacher and/or the students.

  • Student work must be complete and accurate for credit.

Student work planner
Student Work/Planner

Student work will be assigned throughout the week and due dates will be posted.

Students will write in their planners the activities for each day and include all due dates within the planner.

Students will track when assignments have been turned in within their planners as well.

Students will be responsible to get their planners signed by a parent or guardian on the last school evening of the week (typically on Thursday evening).

Student portfolios
Student Portfolios

Completed/graded student work will be kept in individual student folders within the classroom throughout each trimester.

This allows students to add specific work to Student Portfolios which are kept throughout their secondary education career. Student Portfolios are presented at our Student-Led Conferences in March.

Keeping work in the classroom also assists with student evaluations of work along with helping to settle grading disputes/questions.

Students will clean out classroom folders after each trimester by either adding work to SLC Portfolio or bringing work home.


  • Evaluation is one of the highest levels of cognitive ability.

  • Students will write an evaluation of their performance, effort, and abilities throughout the year at grading times and for student portfolios.

  • Having students reflect on their own learning helps them:

    • take responsibility for their actions

    • increase their effort

    • identify their own strengths and what areas need support

Class celebrations
Class Celebrations

  • I want to celebrate student success!

  • After the end of the first semester and near the end of the last semester, we will organize a class celebration for students who meet the academic and behavior expectations:




  • Parents: I can use volunteers to help with transportation to class celebrations. Please contact me if you are interested!