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Sonora HS Library Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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Sonora HS Library Orientation

Sonora HS Library Orientation

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Sonora HS Library Orientation

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  1. Sonora HSLibrary Orientation Welcome to YOUR Library!

  2. What will be covered? • Library staff • Hours • Library and computer rules • Checkout, renewals, and overdue books • Printing • Library Layout • Navigating the library • Using “Call Numbers” to find a book • Our website and data bases • Accessing the Library Catalog • Quiz

  3. Key Words • Here are a few key words to remember while the presentation occurs. • Take a moment to write these words down on a sheet of paper. • Listen for these words as the slides are presented. Here are the words:Catalog, Dewey, Fiction, Call Number, Copies, Data Base, Games, Website, ID Card, Non-Fiction, and biography

  4. Library Staff Dr. Posthuma Media Research Coordinator Mrs. Cushing Library Technician

  5. Library Hours Monday – Friday 7:15am – 3:45pm

  6. Library Rules • All Student Handbook rules apply. • No food, drink (even H2O!), candy or visible gum - put all food and drinks on the table at the library entrance. • NO Cell phones and/or iPods at any time in the library. • Computers are for educational use only. Games are not permitted at any time. • Bring your student ID card to check-out a book

  7. Computer Access • Students log into computers with their 9 digit district ID number. • Your initial password in your 6 digit birth date (example: February 29, 1995 would be 022995). • Do not share your ID or password with other students.

  8. Book Check-Out You may check out 3 books for 3 weeks each. Maximum number of books is 5. Each book may be renewed twice unless there is a hold on it. There will be a charge for lost items. You will be charged $.10 a day for overdue books.

  9. Library Printing • The number of printed pages is limited and will be counted. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of how many pages they have to print before hitting the print button. REMEMBER TO HIGHLIGHT THE SELECTION TO BE PRINTED • A copy machine is available in the library for $0.10 per page. • Students can also make color copies for $0.50 per page.

  10. Tech Miscellanea • Save all your work to “My Documents”. • You may use a flash drive as a back up. • No games, chat, or other inappropriate sites or activities! Don’t know what’s inappropriate? Ask! • You may email your work to yourself if you have prior permission from the library staff • Choose the printer “So Lib #1 LJ 4050n” printer to print. • Remember to LOG OFF when you leave.

  11. Library Miscellanea • Share books - if many classes working on the same project, you may not be able to check out the books. • See the circulation desk for: tissues, pencil sharpener, stapler, heavy-duty staplers, 3-whole punch, markers, glue. • You must leave your student ID card to check out supplies. • During class time you must have a pass to use the library, unless accompanied by a teacher. • If you have a free period, make sure to sign in and out on the clipboard!

  12. Fiction Books • Shelves immediately to your left as you enter the library. • Shelved by author’s last name and then title

  13. Non-Fiction Books • Shelved by Dewey Decimal Number then author’s last name (except for 920’s and 921’s) • Dewey Decimal System • 000 Generalities  • 100 Philosophy and Psychology • 200 Religion • 300 Social Science • 400 Language • 500 Natural Science and Mathematics • 600 Technology (Applied Sciences) • 700 Arts • 800 Literature • 900 Geography and History

  14. Reference • Housed in the north side of the library with REF prefix • Shelved by Dewey Number • These books are not available for check-out

  15. Using Call Numbers to Find a Book.-Each book’s Call Number is the Address of that book in the Library FICTIONis filed by author’s last name F Blume FIC Blume

  16. 940 Churchill Using Call Numbers to Find a Book NON-FICTIONis filed by Dewey Number & author’s last name

  17. Using Call Numbers to Find a Book BIOGRAPHIESare a sub-group of non-fiction. They are filed by the last name of the subject of the biography 921 Shakur

  18. Using Call Numbers to Find a Book REFERENCE is filed by Dewey number and the author’s last name R 510 Bernoulli REF 500 Euclid

  19. Library Website Use the “Academics” tab The library also has DATA BASES available on the website that can be accessed from home with passwords which are available in the library.

  20. Accessing Library Catalog Or OPAC (On-Line Public Catalog) From Home and at School: Go to the library website and click on “Library Catalog.” The “call numbers” are also used to look up your book

  21. What we discussed? • Library staff • Hours • Library and computer rules • Checkout, renewals, and overdue books • Printing • Library Layout • Navigating the library • Using “Call Numbers” to find a book • Our website • Accessing the Library Card Catalog • Quiz

  22. Student Quiz Students may visit: SOHS Library Orientation Quiz To take a short Library Orientation Quiz This quiz may also be accessed on the SOHS Library website. Click on “Library Orientation” and click on the link for the Orientation Quiz

  23. Thank youGo Raiders! • Teachers: Please contact Mrs. Cushing if you would like to take your class for a tour of the library.