sustainable entrepreneurship defined n.
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Sustainable Entrepreneurship Defined PowerPoint Presentation
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Sustainable Entrepreneurship Defined

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship Defined - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship Defined. Professor Amtmann. What is Sustainability?. Your great idea or concept Can it work? Can it last? What do you need to make it last? Suppliers Workers Customers / Market Durable good or Disposable good. Keys to Sustainability. Resources Human

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Sustainable Entrepreneurship Defined

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    1. Sustainable Entrepreneurship Defined Professor Amtmann

    2. What is Sustainability? • Your great idea or concept • Can it work? • Can it last? • What do you need to make it last? • Suppliers • Workers • Customers / Market • Durable good or Disposable good

    3. Keys to Sustainability • Resources • Human • Materials • Natural • Manufactured • Financial • Environmental

    4. Oscar Motomura • Founder of Amana-Key Development & Education • A Brazilian organization specializing in management education • Defines Entrepreneurship as “nothing more than the power to make things happen.” • “According to this concept, an entrepreneur is anyone capable of generating results in any area of human activity.” • Housewives • Employees • Bosses and Executives

    5. Motomura cont. • Contrast the Entrepreneur with • A person who offers criticism has a lot to say even good ideas but goes no further • These people feel it is someone else’s problem to find the solution • Some entrepreneurs can also be negative influences • Polluters • Unethical • May even view crime as a “business”

    6. Motomura cont. • “Sustainability has as its base a way of living that is capable of guaranteeing a continuity of life for all.” • A way of life not sustainable in the short term will only lead to deterioration in the long term • Defines the meaning of Sustainable Entrepreneurship as: • “It means making things happen in a way that takes into consideration the short, medium, and long term.”

    7. Motomura cont. • “How can sustainable entrepreneurship help to develop Brazil?” • “What we need most in our country is the energy to make things happen, but in a conscious manner.” • Transmute wasted energy • “(Criticism/analysis/diagnostics, in process-related activities that bureaucratize everything around us in efforts to circumvent the law and seek advantages for the few) and turn this into energy that moves us towards sustainability and the common good.)”

    8. Motomura cont. • He calls for a “mega-equation” • This equation integrates all members of society working / contributing to guaranteeing that everyone else in society has his or her basic needs met. • He thinks the needs of society must be mapped to ensure a public private effort is made to meet society’s needs • While many might call this a “utopian” idea • What steps can individual businesses take?

    9. Entrepreneurial Competencies

    10. Competencies Cont.

    11. What Drives Sustainable Entrepreneurs • Lutz Schlange’s findings from a field study of ten startup firms confirm that a main characteristic of sustainable entrepreneurs is a strong emphasis on ecological aspects in their business vision as opposed to the traditional entrepreneurial aspiration to grow and create profits.

    12. Conceptual dimensions in sustainable entrepreneurship theory (Schlange)

    13. Sources • Motomura, Oscar, Sustainable Entrepreneurship, • Schlange, Lutz, What Drives Sustainable Entrepreneurs (2006) • Boas, Anna Alice Vilas and Dias, Tania Regina Frota Vasconcellos, Com Tabela Nova Traduzida Para A Revisita