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Camp CSI

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Camp CSI. Tracy Press Article. Danielle Grimes, a “homicide” victim, is wheeled away by Vikrem Pal (left) and Abdullah Muznibi. “Murder suspect” Michael Allen appears in the court hearing.

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Camp CSI

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camp csi

Camp CSI

Tracy Press Article

Danielle Grimes, a “homicide” victim, is wheeled away by Vikrem Pal (left) and Abdullah Muznibi


Michael Allen strangles Danielle Grimes to start the “homicide” and investigation process at the crime-scene.


“Murder suspect” Michael Allen (right) is taken into custody by Anthony Eccleston (left).


Nakuya Douglas (left) and Eshaq Muznibi lead a chemical analysis station. (left)

Frieler School’s Dominic Buriani (left) and Tricia Zelmer don special glasses at a station to look at light sources. (Right)


Allister de Guzman plays the role of a crime scene technician gathering evidence from the “murder scene”