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2013 On-Site Contest PowerPoint Presentation
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2013 On-Site Contest

2013 On-Site Contest

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2013 On-Site Contest

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  1. Franklin College October 17-18, 2013 IHSPA Fall Convention 2013 On-Site Contest Winners

  2. Editorial Writing Third place Nathan Hemminger Floyd Central High School

  3. Editorial Writing Second place Lydia Gerike Portage High School

  4. Editorial Writing First place Dylan Taylor Crown Point High School

  5. Editorial Cartooning First Place Ellie Burrell Crown Point High School

  6. News Writing Third Place Quinn Fitzgerald Floyd Central High School

  7. News Writing Second place Victoria Avina Munster High School

  8. News Writing First place MaddieAdducci Crown Point High School

  9. Feature Writing Third Place Tyra Allen Portage High School

  10. Feature Writing Secondplace Maria Johnson New Albany High School

  11. FeatureWriting First place Jillian Wilschke Lake Central High School

  12. Sports Writing Third place Ali Hostetler Connersville High School

  13. Sports Writing SecondPlace Greg Mochen Chesterton High School

  14. Sports Writing First place William Hatczel Munster High School

  15. Infographic Design First place Payton Norlington Chesterton High School

  16. NP Front Page Design Third place Riley Masters Connersville High School

  17. NP Front Page Design Second place Meghan Poff Floyd Central High School

  18. NP Front Page Design First place Cassie Eberle Munster High School

  19. NP Feature Design Third place Emmett Sandoval Connersville High School

  20. NP Feature Design Second place Ashley Vance Floyd CentralHigh School

  21. NP Feature Design First place Maggie Gelon Crown Point High School

  22. YB Cover and Endsheets Third place Ashley Warren Kankakee Valley High School

  23. YB Cover and Endsheets Third place Samantha Gross Lake Central High School

  24. YB Cover and Endsheets Second place Mia Torres Munster High School

  25. YB Cover and Endsheets First place Nick Jordan Portage High School

  26. YB Student Life Design Third place Amber Habron Floyd Central High School

  27. YB Student Life Design Second place Alexis Persuhn Chesterton High School

  28. YB Student Life Design First place Mark Tague Carmel High School

  29. YB Chron/Non-Trad. Design Third place Shelby McCuan Crown Point High School

  30. YB Chron/Non-Trad. Design Second place Alyssa Clemento Chesterton High School

  31. YB Chron/Non-Trad. Design First place Sara Dykstra Kankakee Valley High School

  32. Photo Portfolio Third place Emily Hensley Portage High School

  33. Photo Portfolio Second place Noble Guyon Floyd Central High School

  34. Photo Portfolio First place EviLovin Crown Point High School

  35. Photo News/Feature Third place Gabbi Dore Munster High School

  36. Photo News/Feature Second place Natalia Bilek Munster High School

  37. Photo News/Feature First place EviLovin Crown Point High School

  38. Photo Sports Third place Alisa Munoz Munster High School

  39. Photo Sports Second place DionnaCasillas Crown Point High School

  40. Photo Sports First place Jalyn Kowalski Floyd Central High School

  41. Ethics and Leadership Third place VerdaMirza Crown Point High School

  42. Ethics and Leadership Second place Bekah Landers Floyd Central High School

  43. Ethics and Leadership First place Becca Seeley Connersville High School

  44. YB Theme Development Third place Courtney Bilinski NorthWood High School

  45. YB Theme Development Second place Avery Nunez Chesterton High School

  46. YB Theme Development First place Monica Jones NorthWood High School

  47. Copy Editing Third place Jamie Zega Lake Central High School

  48. Copy Editing Second place Olivia Elston Crown Point High School

  49. Copy Editing First place Bailey Hussung Floyd Central High School

  50. Online Publication Third place The Clarion Connersville High School