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  1. UAV-UAS GYROCOPTERS LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT AMPHIBIANS COMPOSITES Overview of the Hungarian Aeronautical Industry Research, product development, diversification, collaboration 2014 July Mihaly Hideg Chairman HAIF

  2. 1. Introducing the Hungarian Aeronautical Industry

  3. The operating model of our 21st century Aeronautical Industry Ministries, HITA, NIH, Authorities Hungarian Government lobby Proposals Supporting Proposals Collaboration Founding Founding Strategy formulation Experts – ‘03 Collaboration Applied research Product development R&D organizations – ‘07 Companies – ‘06 Collaboration, research, product development, quality development are key to success

  4. Major milestones of industry development Corvus, Idea-Aircraft, Avana Industries, BHE ltd., Dioferr ltd., introduced new aircraft 2009 2007 Creation of HATP Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform 2006 Creation of HACandHARP byHungarian Aviation Industry Foundation 2005 Corvus Aircraft ltd. introduced its first composite aircraft HAIF launches the Aerospace Supplier Initiative 2004 2003 Six aeronautical managers establish HAIF 2002 Greenfield sites by Hungaerotech ltd. and Flamespray ltd. 2001 Establishment of LH Technik Budapest ltd. and Elektrometall ltd. 1999 Halley ltd. introduces its first Apollo ultralight aircraft 1999 GE Engine Services launches its greenfield sites 1992 Establishment of AEROPLEX a Lockheed Martin - MALÉV JV in Budapestfor B737/B767 MRO The initial development was driven by part manufacturers and small aircraft developers

  5. Major milestones of industry development – cont. 2014 Establishment of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Cluster – UAV Cluster SkyCruiser SC-200 Autogyro receives Type Certificate from HgCAA 2013 Collaboration agreement: HAC and Hungarian Ship Ind. Cluster 2012 2012 Beginning of flight test of Hungarocopter Debut of Apolló Gyro at Aero 2012 exhibition 2012 Debut of Corvus Fusion compositeLSA 2012 2012 Opening of Diehl Aircabin Hungary composite plant Launching the National Aviation and Aeronautical Strategy 2011 2010 Debut of Corvus Racer in Canada at Red Bull Air Race 2010 Grand opening of EL-TECH Aerospace R&D Center in Budapest By the end of 2011, 30+ Hungarian companies got Aerospace AS9100 B certification

  6. In 2012 Diehl Aircabin Hungary Llc. opened a new composite site in Nyírbátor

  7. Diehl Aircabin Hungary Ltd. supplies composite parts for Airbus and Boeing

  8. Apollo Fox 1999 - Eger Apollo Gyro 2012 - Eger BXAP15 2012 - Budapest 2 seat UL aircraft 2 seat gyrocopter Electric-motor UAV Corvus Fusion 2012 Corvus Racer 2010 - Ballószög SkyCruiser- 200 2012 2 seat composite aircraft 2 seat gyrocopter 1 seat aerobatic aircraft Four Hungarian SMEs offer 6 different aircraft types – more to come soon

  9. Hydropteron 2009 - Miskolc Avana Larus 2009 - Tököl Diora I 2009 - Dabas 2 seat composite amphibian 5 seat composite aircraft 1 seat koax helicopter Gerle II 2011 - Replica Hungarocopter2012 Diora II 2014 - Dabas 2 seat biplane 1 seat helicopter 2 seat koax helicopter These aircraft are under various stages of development and testing

  10. The Present Design/Development 10 Component manufacturing 15 Small a/c manufacturing 6 Parachute manufacturing 1 Air Ballon manufacturing 1 Maintenance/Overhaul 80 Training 4 Consulting 2 Parts sale 1 Tools manufacturing 3 Calibration 1 Engineering 3 HR services 2 Modification 1 Marketing 2 Industrial organizations 3 In order to increase the number of component manufacturers HAIF launched the Aerospace Supplier Initiative Programme in December 2004. Mainly automotive and ICT component manufacturers were invited to the programme. In March 2006 HAIF initiated and organized the establishment of theHungarianAerospace Cluster. Now it has 25 membersIn 2008/09 HAIF launced an AS9100 Quality Mgmt program for 30+ SMEs, mainly members of HAC Total 133 organizations, 2600 people with 30+ companies with AS9100 cert.

  11. 2. Introducing the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster

  12. 2.1. Creation of the Hungarian Aerospace Cluster • Organized by HAIF, founded in March 2006 by four small aircraft developer: • Corvus Aircraft Ltd. – UL & LSA manufacturer • Halley Ltd. – UL manufacturer • Composite One ltd.- amphibian design & prototype developer • Hungarocopter Ltd. – small helicopter developer • Joined members: • Design & Engineering companies (9)Idea-Aircraft Ltd. – Amphibian design&prototype development • eCon Engineering Ltd. – Computer Aided (CAE) solutionsCAD -Terv Engineering Ltd. – Engineering services, Catia Delta -Tech Engineering Ltd. – Special tool&machine design • Meshining Engineering Ltd. – CAE solutions • C3D Engineering Ltd. – 3D CAD design, virtual simulations • CFD Engineering Ltd..- CAE services, virtual testing • Hungaro-Copter Ltd. – Design of small helicopter • SkyCruiser Autogyro Ltd. – Design of autogyros HAC was established to provide an organizational framework for faster growth

  13. Prototyping companies (2)Varinex Informatics Plc. – rapid prototypingTechnoplast Ltd. – rapid prototyping • Part manufacturing companies (11)Sulzer-Hungaerotech Ltd. - machiningDendrit Ltd. - machiningBorsodi Műhely Ltd. - machiningAvana Industries Ltd – composite partsProduktum Ltd. – aluminium standsOstorhazi Ltd. – special coatingsElektro-Metall Paks Ltd. – wire harnessesELTEC Hungary Ltd. – wire harnessesMacher Ltd. – wire harnessesGravitas 2000 Ltd. - machining ABF Bowdentechnika Ltd. – mechanical control cables • Software development & avionics (5)Allied-Visions Ltd. – flight simulator software developmentAviatronic Ltd. – avionics & embedded systemsARTIFEX Ltd. – training and simulation systemsBUTE Department of Measurement and Information Systems – embedded systemsEvopro Plc. – system integration&embedded systems,

  14. 2.2. Objectives of the Cluster • Speed up the development of the Hungarian Aerospace Industry • Diversification of the best part manufacturers to aerospace • Creation of a network of aerospace and related industries • Development of new Hungarian designed small aerospace vehicles • Organize the production of these vehicles internationally - JVs • Organize and develop complementary capabilities among Hungarian firms to be able to manufacture higher assemblies for large aircraft • Achieve sinergies and economies of scale using networking in the fields of design, development, training, logistics, quality (AS 9100), IT, marketing and certification • Introduction of modern management methods and principles to the SME sector – six sigma, lean manufacturing • Develop new supplier relationships with other countries • Replace expensive foreign suppliers with local, low cost ones • Increase the Hungarian participation in EU founded aerospace projects

  15. 2.3. Main Characteristics of the Cluster • Organized on bottom up principle • Non-profit, not a legal entity but with formal membership • Led by 3 managers - 2 founders and HAIF chairman • Barter-type financing • 99% privately owned -21Hungarian SMEs, 5 foreign SMEs and 1 University • 99 % SMEs • Focusing on product development and manufacturing • Good engineering background • Equipped with modern softwares – Catia, Solidworks, Ansys, etc. • Competences : composites, machining turbine parts, space avionics, CAE, wire harnesses, embedded systems • Young, dynamic management • Supported by HAIF, NIH and HITA • Collaboration agreement with Pannon Automotive Cluster, Hungarian Ship Industry Cluster, Aviation Valley Poland and Hanse-Aerospace Collaboration with local automotive-, ship-, energy-, ICT-, space industries

  16. 2.4. Our main industrial partners Aviation Valley 2006 Hanse Aerospace 2006 PANAC Autocluster 2006 HSI Cluster 2012 HAC is a founding member of European Aerospace Cluster Partnership EACP

  17. 3. Creation of the Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform Created: November 2007 • Founders: • 2 Universities (BUTE, ELTE) • 1 Research organization (KFKI AEKI,) • 4 Companies • Bonn Hungary Ltd. • SGF Ltd. • BL Electronics Ltd. • Slot Consulting Ltd. • Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation • Members: 32

  18. 3. Hungarian Aerospace Technology Platform – cont. Objectives: To provide organizational framework for Aerospace research in Hungary To close the gap between the EU and Hungary in Aerospace technologies To help the best research organizations to diversify into Aerospace To devise a national strategy for aerospace research To develop and test small aerospace vehicles To launch integrated research projects To participate in space missions,FP7 and Clean Sky research programmes To establish new R&D relationships with other countries Rosetta incorporates several Hungarian ICT components…

  19. 3.1. Example of domestic R&D results: • The system developed by SGF Ltd. measures and evaluates loads during flight • After landing data can be downloaded into a PC for evaluation • Numerical evaluation and graphical display is performed by the software developed by SGF Ltd. • The system can also be used for health monitoring purposes The DABAS central onboard unit The DABAS onboard system can also be adapted to any sport aircraft

  20. 3.2. Example of domestic R&D results - cont.: The BXAP15 electric motor powered UAV by Bonn Hungary Electronics

  21. 4. Establishment of a new electronics R&D center in Budapest In July 2010 the ELTEC R&Đ center launched an Aerospace Incubation House for SMEs

  22. 5. Our main research participations in EU programs In FP7 framework program: SINBAD: Safety improved by new functionality for better awareness on airport approach and departure traffic domain, BEARINGS: New generation of aeronautical bearings for extreme environmental constraints, X3-NOISE: Aircraft external noise research network and coordination, ADDSAFE: Advanced fault diagnosis for safer flight guidance and control, PPlane: Personal plane: assessment and validation of pioneering concepts for personal air transport systems, AEROPORTAL: Support for European aeronautical, SMEs, CEARES: Central European aeronautical research initiative EMBROIDERY - Development of energy efficient / lightweight composite parts and tooling based on Tailored Fibre Placement technology / self heating technology GABRIEL - Integrated Ground and on-Board system for Support of the Aircraft Safe Take-off and Landing CHATT - Cryogenic Hypersonic Advanced Tank Technologies In CleanSky program: BME Clean Sky 032: Resin, Laminate and Industrial Nanoparticles Application BME Clean Sky 027 : Development of an innovative bio-based resin for aeronautical applications

  23. 6. Main focus areas of the National Aeronautical Strategy: • Development and manufacture of aircraft for General Aviation • Development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) • Development of systems and equipment for general aviation and UAVs • Development of space systems in cooperation with foreign partners • Manufacture of passenger cabin component and systems • Testing of components and systems for aerospace applications • Manufacture of composite parts • Manufacture of turbine parts • Software development and testing – embedded systems, simulation&training • Establish and ramp up collaboration between local and international clusters and • platforms – HARP, HATP, Artemis Hungary ‘08, MMP‘08, EACP’09 • Find JV partners to manufacture engines for GA in Hungary • Find a strategic „Mentor country” to start our own TAKE OFF program We need to start a TAKE OFF program similar to the Austrian program

  24. In our website presentations, brochures, databases and articles are available for download

  25. 7. Industry publications issued by Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency HITA: The two brochures are complementing each other describing both industry and academia

  26. Contact : Mr. Mihaly HidegM.B.A. M.Sc. Chairman Tel:+36 1 2941351 Fax:+36 1 2941351 Mob:+36 30 3748145 Email:

  27. Attachments

  28. The evolution of our industry has led to the emergence of new modern vehicles

  29. Apollo Fox was the first ultralight aircraft manufactured in Hungary - 1999

  30. Corvus Racer 540 acrobatic aircraft debuted in Canada Windsor in June 2010

  31. Corvus Fusion 2 seat composite LSA aircraft debuted at Aero 2012 in Germany

  32. The 2 seat SkyCruiser SC-200 gyrocopter debuted in 2012 in Hungary

  33. The 2 seat Apollo Gyro debuted at Aero 2012 Friedrichshafen in Germany

  34. The 2 seat Apollo Gyro with closed cabin debuted at Aero 2013 exhibition in Germany

  35. The BXAP15 electric powered UAV by BHE at Aero 2013 exhibition Germany

  36. The one seat Hungarocopter prototype debuted in 2012

  37. Flight testing of Hungarocopter started in summer 2012

  38. Prototype of the „Hydropteron” composite amphibian by Idea-Aircraft Ltd.

  39. Prototype of the „Avana Larus” composite amphibian by AVANA Industries

  40. Avana Larus flight testing starts – in the summer of 2013 Hydropteron water tests

  41. Hydropteron flight tests are in progress

  42. Collaboration agreement with the Hungarian Ship Industry Cluster Cluster managers Sándor Götz and Mihaly Hideg signed the agreement in November 2012 The two clusters intend to develop amphibians together