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Information services Nace Rev.2 63. Ulf Jonstad Statistic Sweden. Includes. 63.1 Data processing, hostings and related activities; web portals 63.11 Data processing, hostings and related activities 63.12 Web portals 63.9 Other information service activities:

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Information services nace rev 2 63

Information servicesNace Rev.2 63

Ulf Jonstad

Statistic Sweden


  • 63.1 Data processing, hostings and related activities; web portals

    • 63.11 Data processing, hostings and related activities

    • 63.12 Web portals

  • 63.9 Other information service activities:

    • 63.91 News agency activities

    • 63.99 Other information service activities n.e.c

63 1 data processing hostings and related activities web portals
63.1 Data processing, hostings and related activities; web portals

  • Background

    • 63.1 NACE Rev.2 include parts of 72.3 and 72.4 in the old NACE

    • Those two groups were previous combined together with 72.1 and 72.6 to one product group 72A in Statistic Sweden.

    • Index for this group were produced from 2003

    • In 2009 Statistic Sweden began to produce SPPI according to the new NACE and the survey for 72A were used for 63.1

    • The survey needed a review and this began in August

Industry in sweden
Industry in Sweden

  • Structure

    • There are about 600 companies classified in group 63.1

    • Turnover in 63.1 are approximately 8.5 billion SEK or 900 million Euro

    • Of those 600 are about 500 companies classified in 63.11 with a turnover of 7.6 billion SEK

    • 4 large companies cover about 40% of the turnover in 63.11

    • Class 63.12 are rather small and there is only 12 companies with more than 20 employees.

    • Many off the companies classified in 63.12 gets most of their revenue from advertising.

Old survey
Old survey

  • Survey through web, examples

    • Give the average hourly charge out rate for expert support.

    • Provide us with the average price per quarter for the supervision of your choice of server. With the highest security and simple daily checks of the server should be included in the supervision.

    • Give the infrastructure cost per rack unit and per month for a computer in a computer room. Regulated temperature and humidity, were electricity and connection to the network should be included.


  • We are currently doing a review on comissioned by the Swedish central bank

  • To obtain knowledge of the industry visits to companies were performed

  • The companies gave their opinion about the survey questions

  • For some large companies the present specified questions were suitable

  • Specialized companies had problems answering the present questions

  • There is sometimes difficult for the companies to separate between services in 63.11Data processing etcand 62.03 Computer facilities management

Outcome of review
Outcome of review

  • Open questions for the some companies

  • Others would continue with pre-defined questions

  • Minor changes of the pre-defined questions

  • No measuring of 63.12 Web portals

63 91 news agency
63.91 News agency

  • According to NACE rev.2 this class includes “news syndicate and news agency activities furnishing news, pictures and features to media”.

  • SPPI for news agency was developed during 2008

  • 2009 was a test year and it worked out well

  • Published first time in 2010 with the base year 2009

  • The news agency sector in Sweden consists of around 300 companies, but is dominated by a few big enterprises and a number of middle-sized companies. The four largest ones make up more than 60 % of the industry’s total turnover.


  • Subscription

    • Quarterly or yearly

    • Both standard products and special solution

  • Price mechanism

    • The price on subscription depends on the customer(newspaper, company or web site)

    • List prices exist

    • Prices are sometimes adjusted by Labour cost index (AKI)

Pricing methods

  • Contract pricing

    • Two to five representative services/contract per respondent. Each contract have different duration.

    • When a contract ends a new one is chosen but quality aspects are considered.

    • There are weights between services and between respondents.


  • According to representatives from the industry, price setting is similar and the largest enterprises are price leading.

  • Since Statistic Sweden is obliged to lower the reporting burden. This lead to the conclusion to only include the four largest enterprises in the sample


  • ulf,

  • Tel +46 8 506 945 39

  • SPPI Sweden