ads o n t he internet invade people s privacy n.
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Ads O n T he Internet Invade People’s Privacy

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Ads O n T he Internet Invade People’s Privacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ads O n T he Internet Invade People’s Privacy. Advertisement is everywhere on the internet, and it is where a big part of marketing salaries for advertising companies goes.

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ads o n t he internet invade people s privacy

Ads On The Internet Invade People’s Privacy

Advertisement is everywhere on the internet, and it is where a big part of marketing salaries for advertising companies goes.

Privacy should be taken into account at all times in the internet, and using peoples personal information to target internet ads at them is common practice.

Many ads appear on social networking cites, and the privacy of person information on those cite is often in question.

advertisements on f acebook
Advertisements on Facebook
  • Advertisements are on every page that you can visit on Facebook, and they are becoming more obtrusive into people’s privacy.
  • Users do not realize the potential of Facebook being able to take advantage of their personal information and compromising their privacy.
  • Facebook could be sharing personal information with
  • advertising companies, or perhaps others that many people using Facebook would not want to give that information to, and it is most certainly an invasion of their privacy.
advertising companies track their audience
Advertising Companies Track Their Audience
  • Advertising companies can examine the browsing data of their audience, and this should not be allowed on the internet whatsoever.
  • Behavior tracking is an invasion of an individual’s privacy on the internet, and not a fair practice of advertising companies.
advertising companies and your personal i nformation
Advertising Companies and your Personal Information
  • Advertising companies could use the personal information they obtain for their ads to hurt your future.
  • Having your identity stolen can easily happen over the internet, and this danger can be very real when it comes to advertisements on the internet.
  • As advertising companies discover clever uses of the internet to get at your personal information, it becomes harder to protects one’s privacy on the internet.
  • Facebook and other social networking cites do very little to protect the privacy of their users, and protect themselves with fine print agreed to upon making an account.
  • Social networking cites and advertising companies are overstepping their bounds that should be limiting their invasion of privacy on the internet.
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