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  2. The similarity between Taiwan and Japan. The age → In Taiwan, Men have to wait until 18 that you have the right to get married!! Women legal age to get married is 16. It is the same as Japan!! How different between Taiwanese wedding and Japanese wedding??

  3. Japan → At a hotel, church, shrine or temple We can choose the place you want!! Taiwan →At the big hotel or restaurant or just in front of their house They need a big place to invite all the friends and relatives of the groom and bride. They have a custom to share the happiness with many people. Where do you usually hold the wedding ceremony??

  4. Japanese brides Dress → Shiromuku Our traditional wedding costume is white "Kimono". When a bride wear it, she should powder her face. Nowadays, a bride wear lots of wedding costume in one time, so she wear some different beautiful color Kimonos, gold and black and pink and so on. The wedding garment It is just as the American styles. Not a white one, but also lots of colors! Taiwanese brides Dress → "Chi-Pao" It’s the traditional dress in Taiwan. They used to wear the color "Red" as the color of marriage for the costumes. But now they also have many different colors like blue, orange, pink, purple, light green, and etc... The wedding garment They wear white American style wedding gowns. What kind of costumes do you wear in the wedding??

  5. ―Do you have the arrenged marriage?― Taiwanese doesn't have the arranged marriage. Long time ago, maybe 10,20 years ago, there was still the arranged marriage in Taiwan. But now, this generation, they deeply believe "truly love". Sometimes, the relation between arranged marriage doesn't have the true love. Therefore, the relation becomes meaningless. ―What do you do if you can’t find the partner??― And if someone want to get married, but they can’t find their ideal mate, they would attend a club. The club will gather a lot of men and women, playing some games or eating lunch and dinner. By those activities, those single people would find their ideal candidate for wife or husband. They don’t care whether he looks good or not. They only care whether he has the true heart to keep our relationship. How do you find the partner??

  6. 1. Celebrate to display fireworks. 2. Pick up the broom and the bride by Benz or BMW. 3. After a bride take a car, she has to throw a fan away. 4. The bride has to hide her head by parasol. ①The Taiwan Wedding

  7. 5. A broom and a bride go jump the small fire stove to eliminate the bad luck. 6. After a bride enters the a groom’s house, she prays to his ancestors. 7. A groom and a bride drink sweet tea. 8. The guests put a monetary gift into a red envelope. ②The Taiwan Wedding

  8. 9. A groom, a bride and their parents invite drinks to the guests. 10. They have to wear gold ornaments which were given by old people. 11. After the party finished, they gave the candy at the exit and saw them off. The guest who was given the candy says, “If you eat sweets, you could bear a boy next year.” ③The Taiwan Wedding

  9. The Taiwanese Religion • In the ceremony, they receive an absolute respect. And all of the religion in Taiwan and a foreign religion are growing favorably under protection of the constitution of Chinese laws. Main religions in Taiwan are Buddhism and Taoism. From