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The Windsor Report

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The Windsor Report
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The Windsor Report

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    Slide 1:The Windsor Report

    St. Pauls Episcopal Church January 26,2005

    Slide 2:We will discuss

    Why the report was written What the report says What it doesnt say Where things currently stand, if we can figure it out

    Slide 3:Why the report was written

    The Lambeth Commission was established in October 2003 By the ABC, at the request of the Anglican Primates Headed by The Most Rev. Dr. Robin Eames it requested consideration of the ways in which communion and understanding could be enhanced where serious differences threatened the life of a diverse and world wide church.

    Slide 4:Why the report was written page 2

    In response to the Election of V. Gene Robinson by the diocese of New Hampshire and the GCs ratification of that election The acknowledgement by the American Church that liturgies were being used to celebrate same sex blessings The actions of the Diocese of New Westminster to allow the blessing of same sex unions

    Slide 5:The Mandate (page 8 of the report)

    Examine and report on the legal and theological implications of the actions of the American and Canadian churches Practical recommendations for maintaining the highest degree of communion Identify circumstances under which the ABC should exercise extraordinary oversight Take due account of work already done by other bodies

    Slide 6:What the report says: Grounds of our unity

    The gospel itself Ten Principles: Local Initiative, mutuality, responsible stewardship, interdependence, cross-fertilization, integrity, transparency, solidarity, meeting together, acting ecumenically

    Slide 7:What the report says: Recent mutual discernment

    The ordination of women Exhaustive record of the intense, open and honest dialogue that went on in the world wide Anglican communion and the tools used to inform the actions of the affirmative churches

    Slide 8:What the report says: How the current issue is different

    None of the tools of communion were called forth None of the previous work done within the communion was referred to None of the honest pleas from around the communion were heeded

    Slide 9:Fundamental Principles

    The grounds of communion Bonds of affection, growing from our relationship with God and our shared identity Mutual relationships: It subsists in visible unity, common confession of the apostolic faith, common belief in scripture and the creeds, common baptism and shared eucharist, and a mutually recognised common ministry. (25)

    Slide 10:The bonds of communion

    The authority of scripture Scripture and interpretation The Episcopate Discernment in communion and reception Diversity (acknowledging adiaphora)

    Slide 11:The Instruments of Unity

    The Archbishop of Canterbury The Lambeth Conference The Anglican Consultative Council (lay peoples voice) The Primates Meeting

    Slide 12:Recommendations

    An enhanced role for the Archbishop of Canterbury -central focus of both unity and mission -articulate the mind of the communion -speak directly to any provincial situation on behalf of the communion

    Slide 13:Recommendations cont

    A Council of Advice composed of suitable persons, who would possess a knowledge of the life of the Communion, and of the theological, ecclesiological and canonical considerations which might apply to any given situation This would provide support for the ABC when hard decisions needed to be made.

    Slide 14:Recommendations cont

    An Anglican Covenant The Covenant would deal with the acknowledgement of common identity; the relationships of communion; the commitments of communion; the exercise of of autonomy in communion; and the management of communion affairs

    Slide 15:Recommendations cont

    Revise the way episcopal elections are evaluated ECUSA express regret for the pain its actions have caused Ask bishops not to authorize Rites for same sex blessings until some new consensus is reached Alternative pastoral oversight with the approval of the diocesan bishop Rejects bishops acting beyond jurisdiction without invitation

    Slide 16:What the report doesnt say

    It does not call for repentance (i.e. Robinson stepping down or ECUSA somehow undoing the election) It does not take a position on the issues of human sexuality, only on the processes of the decisions discussed above.

    Slide 17:One last thing to consider

    This report is to the ABC alone. What he will do with it and which of its recommendations he will implement is yet to be determined.

    Slide 18:Group Discussion Questions

    What does the bonds of our mutual affection mean to you? Has the Windsor report helped you clarify your thinking on these issues? Through all of this, what do you see are the strengths of Anglicanism? Its weaknesses?

    Slide 19:Next Week

    Where we are currently What the House of Bishops had to say about it What Bishop Wimberly had to say about it More time for discussion amongst yourselves

    Slide 20:Wednesday Adult Programs during Lent

    Holy Living, Holy Dying The Gospel according to Matthew