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SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine PowerPoint Presentation
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SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine

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SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

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SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine

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SQUID Tactile

Activities Magazine


SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

Purpose: SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine is intended to be deceptively fun—that is, while your child or student enjoys solving a variety of activities in each SQUID issue, he will actually (secretively—Shhh!) build and acquire skills that will enable him to become a more proficient tactile reader. Intended for children ages 5 and older, these puzzles, games, and brainteasers will foster the following:


SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

  • texture discrimination
  • systematic searching skills
  • shape identification
  • tracking various line paths
  • pattern building and recognition
  • spatial concepts
  • and an understanding of symbols

SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

  • Another important goal of SQUID is to familiarize young tactile readers with a variety of tactile modes including:
  • thermoformed graphics
  • embossed paper
  • thermography

SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

Each issue of SQUID will provide 25 activities such as:

-- tactile mazes

-- pattern-completing puzzles

-- counting/math tasks

-- coloring pages

-- connect-the-dots

-- word searches

-- word play

-- brainteasers,

-- break the code

-- interactive games


Without flipping or rotating the shapes, which two shapes, when put together, make the first shape in each row?


SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

Most of the tactile puzzles, games, and activities included with each SQUID issue are reusable and are intended to grow with the child as she acquires new skills and tactile understanding. Activities that are fun today from a 5-year-old’s viewpoint, may be appreciated and enjoyed differently by the same child years later.


SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

This Premier Issue of SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine (as well as each future issue) includes the following items:

1. Large Print/Braille Activity Booklet with

-- a Parent Letter (overview of magazine’s purpose)

-- SQUID Tips (extended uses for the activities)

-- Tackle Box (suggested tools and materials)

-- full-color print counterpart for each tactile activity

-- Solutions

2. Packet of 25 3-hole punched tactile activities

Price: $45.00 per issue


SQUID: Tactile Activities Magazine

SQUID issues will be published biannually—a Summer and a Winter issue

Each issue will receive an APH catalog number so that all published issues will be available for purchase for future generations or for multiple order purposes.

SQUID Premier Issue [Issue 1]:

Catalog # 1-08862-01

SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine, Issue II: Catalog # 1-08862-02