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Showcasing Your Brand The Online Experience Big Picture Marketing in a Multi-Channel World Marriott Boston Newton Newton, MA ● Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008. My Perspective: B2C eCommerce. Boost Your Website’s Performance. Increasing your conversion rate Using analytics and A/B testing tools

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Showcasing Your Brand

The Online Experience

Big Picture Marketing in a Multi-Channel WorldMarriott Boston NewtonNewton, MA ●Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008

Boost your website s performance l.jpg
Boost Your Website’s Performance

  • Increasing your conversion rate

  • Using analytics and A/B testing tools

  • Strategies for search-engine advertising and organic SEO

  • Protecting and supporting your brand online

1 what is your site for l.jpg
1. What Is Your Site For?

  • Develop clear goals for your Web presence Are you trying to:

    • Sell products?

    • Generate catalog requests or business leads?

    • Build the brand image for your business?

  • Design the site to drive your visitors toward the results you want

Gain the customer s trust l.jpg
Gain the Customer’s Trust

  • Express your unique selling proposition

  • Back it up with a strong guarantee

  • 69% say credit card security is a major concern when shopping online

  • Conversions go up when you add security messaging like HackerSafe (now McAfee). Case studies show 9-13% lift

Bigger better buttons l.jpg
Bigger, Better Buttons effective one

  • That little gray button doesn’t cut it anymore!

  • Desired action should be clearest navigational choice on the page

  • Big, bright, 3-D, with forward arrows

Lead customer to the goal l.jpg
Lead Customer to the Goal effective one

  • What am I supposed to do?

Best practices in graphic design for your site l.jpg
Best Practices In Graphic Design for Your Site effective one

  • Best sellers & submit buttons above the fold

  • Prominent calls to action

  • Perpetual Navigation w/search & e-mail signup

  • Clean, appealing, with clear hierarchy

  • Homepage images and message should echo current catalog or other offline marketing

Before l.jpg
Before effective one

After l.jpg
After effective one

Before14 l.jpg
Before effective one

After15 l.jpg
After effective one

Redesign the crucial stuff l.jpg
Redesign the Crucial Stuff effective one

  • You don’t need to do a total site redesign

  • Critique your checkout or inquiry pages as “order taking machines”

  • Think above the fold

  • Bigger buttons, forward motion

  • Better product images

  • Test paid-search landing pages as prelude to a site redesign

Before17 l.jpg
Before effective one

After 14 conversion rate lift l.jpg
After effective one14% conversion rate lift

2 measure against your goals l.jpg
2. Measure Against Your Goals! effective one

  • Put measurement systems in place

    • Google Analytics is the easy choice

  • Good News/Bad News: Keep It Simple

  • Track Actionable Data Only

  • Focus on Most-Wanted & Least Wanted Responses

Sitewide kpi benchmarks l.jpg
Sitewide KPI Benchmarks effective one

  • Site conversion rate (1.9 to 6.5%)

  • Cart abandonment rate and trend (25-51%)

  • Visits from natural search as a percentage of total search visitors (21-52%)

  • Number of unique visitors & trend

  • Average e-commerce order amount

  • Revenue from natural search vs. paid search

Marketing channel benchmarks l.jpg
Marketing Channel Benchmarks effective one

  • E-mail ROI (including fees; 1.3x - 12.7x)

  • E-mail open rates (18 - 33%)

  • Revenue per e-mail message & trend

  • Pay Per Click ROI (1.2x - 20.8x)

  • Revenue attributable to organic search

Beware of averages l.jpg
Beware of Averages! effective one

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. – Mark Twain

  • Different channels have very different metrics

    • High-converting, qualified traffic: Direct entry, searching by name, email program

    • Lower-converting but important: Paid search, SEO, incremental business, new customers

Use a b testing to drive sales l.jpg
Use A/B Testing to Drive Sales effective one

  • Test and improve your most important elements: navigation, forms, landing pages

  • Google Website Optimizer is a well-designed, no-cost tool

  • Test paid-search ad copy and landing pages

  • Keep the formulation of your tests simple

  • Test one concept at a time

Test paid search copy offers and landing pages l.jpg
Test Paid Search Copy, effective oneOffers and Landing Pages

  • A “Free Shipping” offer boosted conversion 22X

  • Ad cost decreased 95%

  • Even with lost shipping revenue, net margin improved 5X

  • However: In a different product category, free shipping offers proved a detraction!

5 tune up your seo and sem l.jpg
5. Tune up your SEO and SEM effective one

  • For best results, integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or “Paid Search”

  • SEO typically has a large ROI, but it must be done well using “white hat” techniques

  • Hire a reputable, experienced firm first, but also learn more about it yourself

Slide27 l.jpg

Paid Search Results effective one

Natural Search Result

Slide29 l.jpg

Monetize the Tail effective one

Slide30 l.jpg

Broad, high-volume generic terms effective one

Monetize the Tail

Slide31 l.jpg

Highly specific, multi-word search terms effective one

Monetize the Tail

6 protect support your brand online l.jpg
6. Protect & Support Your Brand Online effective one

  • Beware of:

    • Copycat URLs

    • Fake profiles in Social Media

    • Being flamed in reviews or video

    • Phishing emails in your name

  • Launch Ratings & Reviews

  • Be Active in Your Online Community

Brand pitfalls in cyberspace l.jpg
Brand Pitfalls in Cyberspace. . . effective one

  • Flea Bag“At check in the room was filthy and beds unmade. We asked for our money back but they would not give it to us. We opened the fridge and roaches were running around inside . . .

Budweiser profile on myspace l.jpg
Budweiser Profile on MySpace effective one

  • You've just endered the wonderful world of Budweiser. Being a beer built on taste, qulity and most of all tradition, Budweiser encorporates all aspects of beer drinking needed to keep its drinkers happy, satisfifed, and DRUNK.

A comcast technician sleeping on my couch36 l.jpg
A Comcast Technician Sleeping on My Couch effective one

  • See the YouTube video, rated 4.6 stars

  • First page on Google, Yahoo organic results for “Comcast”

  • Viewed 1.2 million times

    (update: recently disappeared from top ten)

Launch customer ratings and reviews l.jpg
Launch Customer effective oneRatings and Reviews

  • Conversions go up when you add reviews

  • Bad reviews are okay—they add credibility

  • Use “Star Ratings” in your other promotions such as e-mails

  • Offer incentives for buyers to review your products

  • Allocate the staff to do this well

Customers trust each other l.jpg
Customers Trust Each Other effective one

  • 70% of online shoppers say user reviews and ratings are extremely or very important

  • Bass Pro Shop’s “Top Rated Products” page: 59% higher conversion rate, 16% higher AOV

  • Petco: 49% higher conversion rate, 63% higher AOV

  • Using star ratings in emails, Petco saw 5X increase in click-through rate.

  • Golfsmith top-rated product emails drove 46% more revenue per campaign

Be active in your online community l.jpg
Be Active in your effective oneOnline Community

  • If you don’t establish a presence, scammers, pranksters or your competitors will

  • What would happen to your business if you cannot send catalogs or e-mails?

Real world examples l.jpg
Real-World Examples effective one

  • blogs, and podcasts the owners’ local public radio show

  • Eesa snowboard apparel has about 6,000 friends on MySpace and Facebook

  • Dartmouth Coop advertises to alums on Facebook

  • created its own social network

Now the good news l.jpg
Now, the Good News effective one

  • Done well, participation in your online community is VERY low-cost, high-return

  • Website improvements offer lots of low-hanging fruit

  • Customer Interaction + Web Analytics + Testing = Perfect Environment for Direct Marketers!

Slide43 l.jpg

Thanks for Your Attention! effective one

Tom Funk