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Registering Equipment On-Line An Introduction to Telecoms Licensing System Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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Registering Equipment On-Line An Introduction to Telecoms Licensing System Portal

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Registering Equipment On-Line An Introduction to Telecoms Licensing System Portal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Registering Equipment On-Line An Introduction to Telecoms Licensing System Portal. Revised 25 Nov 2005. The Telecom Licensing System (TLS) provides an integrated environment for telecom eqpt dealers to register their equipment online

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Registering Equipment On-Line An Introduction to Telecoms Licensing System Portal

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Registering Equipment On-LineAn Introduction to Telecoms Licensing System Portal

Revised 25 Nov 2005


The Telecom Licensing System (TLS) provides an integrated environment for telecom eqpt dealers to register their equipment online

  • A user submitting an application for registration should note of the following functional parts of TLS for the registration of equipment:
    • E-Registration of Eqpt
    • E-Payment
    • Equipment and Licence Searches
    • E-notification of Registration
      • e.g. G1234-05 or S1234-05

Supplier Action

In registering an equipment, Suppliers must meet the Technical and Administrative requirements of the scheme type before submitting an application for registration.

The requirements for online registration is similar to that of the paper based method and these are:

a) Technical Requirement

  • Must be compliant to relevant IDA technical specifications

b) Administrative Requirement

  • Must apply through online portal TLS
  • Must be aware of Equipment Registration scheme type, procedure and fees
  • Must fulfill documentary requirements required of scheme type.


Go to IDA website and look for relevant

tech spec for eqpt seeking registration


Read Guide to Registration of Telecom Eqpt

For Scheme type, procedure and fees


Compare the Technical Specification

For the Scheme type


Read User Guide to Online Registration of

Telecom Eqpt


Register online

online equipment registration suppliers and dealers registering telecommunication eqpt on line

Equipment Registration flow

Access TLS and create new application

To complete online form & submit to IDA

Rec'd notification to make payment electronically

Applicant e- pays & receive e- receipt

Applicant Downloads Registration no & certificate

Online Equipment RegistrationSuppliers and Dealers registering Telecommunication Eqpt on-line

Suppliers should refer to the Guides as indicated below for details on scheme types, procedure and fees:

–for scheme type, procedures, fees and table of technical specs.

User Guide to On-line Registration of Telecommunication Equipment

–for detailed instructions for registering on-line

Users using TLS for the first time are to note the following:

All Singapore based Users are to use SingPass to login. Foreign based entities are allowed to use TLS User ID to login.

Users should have the business registration numbers (e.g. ACRA, CR, UEI and Telecom Dealer’s Number) ready to complete the applicant registration.

Guide for Registration of Telecommunication Equipment

Location of common items in TLS Home page:
  • Overhead Menu Bar
  • “Request to include Authorised Person to Access TLS”
  • Singpass and TLS User ID login box

First time users should select “online application” from the overhead Menu bar

Select “Equipment Registration”, Add to cart and Proceed.




User registering equipment should select according to the sequence given below:
  • Select “Equipment Registration”
  • Add to cart
  • Select Proceed







Users who are registering equipment themselves for the very first time are required to do the following:
  • Select “Applicant”
  • Select an ACRA reg. organisation
  • Provide the ACRA number.
  • Click “proceed”.

Agents are to complete this page twice first as an Agent and then as an “Applicant” for the client.

Employees of the locally registered company that are based overseas are to complete this page as an “Applicant”

Select your or your client company, the company name and client ID would be displayed
  • If it is not displayed, Stopdo not proceed. Ensure that the authorization form has been completed and there is IDA confirmation on the Client ID
  • Select “Declare and Comply”, Check the details for currency and accuracy, amend where applicable

CABs or Homologation bodies are to

view instructions to register a client.




Look for your or client's Organisation Name & ID

DIY -Self help



Verify n Update details


Download the “Request to Include Authorised Person To Access TLS” form and send it to IDA

Add new User

User exits from organisation

Inform IDA to delete

Screen provides the status of the application. Status changes only after all components of the registration has been submitted to IDA.
  • Select “update contact details” from the Menu bar if need to add an additional authorised user to access TLS




First time users are to do the following:

  • Check your or your clients details are updated. In the case of an Agent, he/she would have completed this section twice once for himself and the other time for his client.

Users can add additional users to make a registration on the company behalf

  • To add an additional user. Provide details of the new authorised user and click on “Save” as illustrated in the diagram.
  • To delete a user, an authorised user has to provide a note to inform IDA of the name to delete.

Fill in authorised user details


The “Pending Applications” page provide an overview of the status of equipment to be registered with IDA.

When the application has been submitted to IDA, the status would have changed from “ Incomplete” or “Pending” to “Submitted”

  • To begin registration, Users select by clicking on the header as shown in the diagram
The TLS online registration form is divided into 5 pages, namely:
  • Page 1: Application Particulars
  • Page 2: Equipment Info
  • Page 3: Technical Info
  • Page 4: Contact Info
  • Page 5: Attachment Info

Users must complete all 5 pages of the registration form before submitting to IDA.

Users select the scheme type and complete all details of the application accordingly. Users can intermittently save the data entered by clicking on the save button.
  • For detailed explanation on the scheme type, Users are to refer to the Guide for a more complete explanation.

Users can provide additional information including Manufacturers name in the Remarks boxes as indicated should the name not appear in the drop down box in Page 2: Equipment Info.

Click here

to access Guide

Key any additional info

The equipment registration form contains a compilation of all equipment types and its respective technical specifications.

Common Categories of Eqpt

  • WLAN & Bluetooth devices would be categorized as Private Mobile Radio (PMREQ).
  • GSM Mobile Terminal as Public Radio Eqpt (PRNEQ).
  • Equipment with several interface would be categorised as COMBI e.g. GSM MT with Bluetooth or WLAN
  • Wireless Mics, Alarm Detection is categorised as Low Power Radio Eqpt (LPREQ).

Annex A of the User Guide to Online Registration provides a detailed breakdown of the categories of equipment

Users are to provide details on devices that have been tested. The name of the testing laboratory need to be given.
  • Details of wire-line and radio interfaces would need to be also provided in this page.
  • Equipment that has no applicable technical specification would need to contact IDA for eligibility to register.
A local technical contact should be provide for technical clarification.
  • An Agent who is authorised to act on the client’s behalf should complete the portion on “Authorised Agent”.
Important !

Page 5 is organised according to schemes type. A Users must meet the administrative requirement fully for that scheme before submitting the application. Incomplete or applications with irrelevant information will be rejected and the evaluation fee will apply.

Users should pay particular attention to the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity as it has some legal bearing.

Click here for Sample SDoC

Click here for Sample Views of Photos

Use a compression software to collate all files into a single file whenever possible except for SDoC
  • Have all the required photo views of the eqpt in a single file. Have two photos in a single page
  • Ensure that the photographed object occupy at least 50% of the available space in the photo.
  • Ensure the documentary requirements for the scheme has been met. Refer to the Guide to Equipment Registration if necessary.
  • New users should submit only one application first to familarise themselves with the online registration process. When the registration is successful, to continue with the rest of the applications.

Scheme requirements

When a User is certain that the information provided is correct. The User can submit the application to IDA.

Users are encouraged to print a copy of Application summary for record purposes.

TLS generates an acknowledgement for applications sent to IDA.

IDA will contact the User if there is a need for clarifications and, will reject the application when the technical or administrative requirement is not met. A evaluation fee may be also be imposed for applications that have been rejected.

TLS offers three modes of payment for the registration of equipment and these are:
  • FlexiPay
  • Credits Card (VISA & MasterCard)
  • Internet Banking

For more information on Flexipay,

Upon completing the payment process, Applicants should print the receipt and the acknowledgement page for their own reference.

Click here

further explanatory notes on attachment info
Further Explanatory Notes on Attachment Info.
  • Updating client & applicant infor
  • How to complete page 5 of Attachment info Satisfactorily
  • For info on Flexipay
  • Registering for a client (i)
  • Registering for your client (ii)
  • a)Completing a SDoC correctly
  • b)Providing Correct Photo Views of Eqpt

registering for your client
Registering for your client

Step 1: Create a record as an “Agent” and provide your details as an Agent.

Step 2: Create a record as an “Applicant” and key in the details of your client.

Step 3: Return to Existing/New Client Selection. Select the name of your client. Select “Equipment Registration”.

Complete the eqpt registration pages 1 – 5.

Step 3

Step 1

Step 0

Step 2

completing sdoc correctly
Completing SDoCCorrectly

Suppliers are to complete all sections numbered 1-9 as indicated in the specimen SDoC

Click here for enlarged view


providing correct photo view of equipment
Providing Correct Photo view of Equipment

Suppliers are to provide photos according to the number of planes shown. Irregular shaped objects may require more photos

Click here for enlarged view of the illustration