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Reusable and Multiple Actions PowerPoint Presentation
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Reusable and Multiple Actions

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Reusable and Multiple Actions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reusable and Multiple Actions. USINGQTP65-STUDENT-01A. Recall the Objective – Test a Business Scenario . Create automated tests to test a business scenario. Windows Flight Application. Mercury Tours Web Site.

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Reusable and Multiple Actions


recall the objective test a business scenario
Recall the Objective – Test a Business Scenario

Create automated tests to test a business scenario

Windows Flight Application

Mercury Tours Web Site

Verify that the user name and password created during registration is used to sign into the web site



Verify that the order number generated in Insert New Order is used to open and update an order

Insert New Order


Update Order

Add New Reserv

lesson objectives
Lesson Objectives

At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Create a reusable action
  • Call a reusable action from an external test
  • Discuss how reusable actions affect data and parameters
a test can have multiple actions
A Test Can Have Multiple Actions

TEST – Purchase Requisition

TEST – Purchase Requisition

Action 1

Action 1

Main Menu Screen

Main Menu Screen

Action 2

Input Purchase Info

Input Purchase Info

Select Source of Supply

Select Source of Supply

Save the test

Save the test

Return to Main Menu

Return to Main Menu


Action 3


one action repeatedly recorded
One Action Repeatedly Recorded

TEST – Create New Entry

Three tests, three times login was recorded. Can the same action be recorded once and reused?


Create a new entry

TEST – Update Order


Update an existing order

What are the advantages of using only one login test?

TEST – Cancel Order


Search order number then cancel order

set an action as reusable
Set an Action as Reusable

A reusable action has blue arrows.

calling reusable actions from a main test

My Plan for my Test

  • John made a reusable Login test.
  • I can make Update Order reusable.
  • I can call both tests.
Calling Reusable Actions from a Main Test

QuickTest test

Action 1

CALL Login

CALL UpdateOrd

call a reusable action

Select a test with reusable actions

Select from the list of reusable actions

Specify where the action will be inserted

Specify local editable copy if you want to edit parameter values

Call a Reusable Action
things to consider when using multiple reusable actions
Things to Consider when Using Multiple/Reusable Actions
  • Actions can be called or copied
  • Run settings have to be set per action
  • Each action in a test with multiple actions has its own Object Repository
  • Parameters and data are reflected into the calling test