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Coordination «Tools » for Investment PowerPoint Presentation
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Coordination «Tools » for Investment

Coordination «Tools » for Investment

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Coordination «Tools » for Investment

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  1. Coordination «Tools » for Investment M O’Mahony, IFI Coordination Office Regional Cooperation Council Western Balkans and Europe 2020 - Towards Convergence and Growth 31 March 2011

  2. Content of Presentation • Western Balkan Investment Framework • Support to EC and IFI Coordination in the Western Balkans and Turkey • WBIF Website • Database of Investment Flows

  3. WBIF Objectives • Combine/Leverage grants and loans to improve project financing • Coordinate donor support in the Western Balkans: a single entry point for projects to improve coherence, synergy, efficiency and visibility • Support EU Accession process and regional and national policies and strategies Stakeholders • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244) , FYR Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia • European Commission • CEB, EIB, EBRD • Bilateral financial institutions e.g. KfW and bilateral donors • World Bank and RCC (observers)

  4. WBIF Background • European Council called in 2008 for a wider cooperation framework • Negotiations between EC, EIB, EBRD, CEB • Built upon the EC-financed Infrastructure Project Facility & Municipal Window • Terms of Reference approved officially by EU MS on the 8-12-2009 Sectors • To date: Energy, Environment, Transport and Social Infrastructure • Now eligible: Private Sector Development and Energy Efficiency Structures • Project Financiers Group • Steering Committee

  5. WBIF Project Selection Process Single Entry point Project Identification, Programming, Screening Assessment PROJECT FINANCIERS’ GROUP Single strategic orientation Strategy definition, Operations approval, Supervision of action STEERING COMMITTEE Implementation 5

  6. Results to Date

  7. Results to Date

  8. Results to Date

  9. Results to Date

  10. Calls for Proposals – Round 5

  11. WBIF Key Facts • Projects must be submitted by/or endorsed by National IPA Coordinators • A financing institution must have demonstrated interest in the project • Projects that contribute to implementation of a regional policy/strategy are a priority • Recommendation from regional initiative (e.g. Energy Community Secretariat, SEETO, RENA etc) further enhances approval potential • Grant funding from EC, IFIs and bilateral donors being replenished • Further info

  12. Support to EC & IFI Coordination Overall Objective • Ensure co-ordination between the EC and IFIs at policy, technical and operational level in the area of socio-economic development of the beneficiaries Specific Objectives • Improved coordination of information exchange, advice and policy actions focusing on horizontal and sectoral issues • Improved coordination of investment support to beneficiaries • Increased involvement of beneficiaries in the IFI and donor coordination process • Improved public awareness

  13. EC & IFI Coordination – Sample Activities Horizontal Activities (Reports) • Impact of Austerity Measures on the Investment Programmes of the Western Balkan Countries • Synopsis of Views on the Need for a New Growth Model in the Western Balkans Sector Based Activities • Review of Financial Support Mechanisms for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Western Balkans • Organisation of Joint SEETO/IFI review of priority transport projects in the Western Balkans • Review of Investments in Water and Waste Water Sector in the Western Balkans • Socio-Economic Working Group Meeting (EC, IFIs, RCC)

  14. Communication Tools WBIF Website • Portal for activities involving EC, IFI and donors in the Western Balkans • Particular focus on the WBIF (background, key documents, up date on project pipeline • Strategy and Policy Section for each sector • Links to all stakeholders • Investment Flows Database • Major revision of original stocktaking database • Relational database has been constructed to allow more flexibility and analysis • Records actual investment flows (i.e. loans signed, grants approved) • Covers the main WBIF sectors and includes TA projects • Report and analysis features • Available on –line by end April

  15. Thank you for your attention!