pre proposal conference project title here rfp rfq n.
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Pre-proposal Conference Project Title Here (RFP/RFQ #) PowerPoint Presentation
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Pre-proposal Conference Project Title Here (RFP/RFQ #)

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Pre-proposal Conference Project Title Here (RFP/RFQ #) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pre-proposal Conference Project Title Here (RFP/RFQ #). Issuing Officer: Your Name Date/Time. Pre-proposal Conference Template Revision 2-3-2011. Agenda. Introductions Housekeeping Supplier Development and Support Bureau of Small Business Opportunities (BSBO) COSTARS (if applicable)

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pre proposal conference project title here rfp rfq

Pre-proposal Conference Project Title Here (RFP/RFQ #)

Issuing Officer: Your Name


Pre-proposal Conference Template Revision 2-3-2011

  • Introductions
  • Housekeeping
  • Supplier Development and Support
  • Bureau of Small Business Opportunities (BSBO)
  • COSTARS (if applicable)
  • Overview of RFQ/RFP
  • RFQ/RFP Requirements
  • Areas of Interest/Attention
  • Review of Submitted Questions and Answers
  • Additional Questions and Answers

Agency Representatives

  • Department of General Services
    • Your Name, Issuing Officer
    • Gayle Nuppnau, BSBO, Procurement Liaison
  • Agency Name
    • Agency Representative, Representative Title
house keeping
House Keeping
  • In the event of a fire drill:
    • Exit building via stairs
    • Cross Walnut Street
    • Gather in grass at Forum Building
  • Restrooms through secure door to the left
  • Sign attendance register
  • Provide business card
  • Sign in sheet will be posted to eMarketplace
supplier development support
Supplier Development & Support

Your Gateway to All Procurement Information

Links to:

  • Supplier Service Center
  • PA e-Marketplace
  • PA Supplier Portal
  • Procurement Handbook
www emarketplace state pa us

Supplier Development & Support

Your Gateway to Contract Information

  • Solicitations
  • Tabulations
  • Awards
  • Contracts
  • Sole Source
  • Upcoming Procurements
  • Links:
      • Supplier Service Center
      • Treasury Contracts
www pasupplierportal state pa us

Supplier Development & Support

Your Gateway to Procurement

    • New Supplier


    • Manage company data
  • Link:
    • Supplier ServiceCenter
supplier service center

Supplier Development & Support

Supplier Service Center


  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Register
  • E-Alerts
  • Reset Password
  • Resource Toolbox
      • Brochures
      • Guides
supplier development support1
Supplier Development & Support

Pamphlets available on Table:

  • Doing Business with the Commonwealth
  • Vendor Registration
  • CoStars Information

Supplier Development & Support

  • Telephone - Toll Free: 877-435-7363
  • Telephone - Harrisburg: 717-346-2676
  • Web:
  • e-Mail: RA-PSC Supplier
  • Vendor Registration Guide
  • Bidding Reference Guide
  • eAlerts
  • W-9 Form
proposals due
Proposals Due

Sealed proposal must be received on or before XXXXXXXX, XXXX, X:00 PM EST to the Issuing Office at the following address:

Department of General Services

Bureau of Procurement


555 Walnut Street, 6th Floor

Harrisburg, PA  17101

REF: See next slide for important information to include



Proposal Package Notes


Please include:

  • RFQ/RFP Number
  • Number Multiple Package

(i.e. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.)

  • Must be Sealed
  • Allow time for delivery

If the proposal is delivered in person at DGS-BOP, Forum Place, you will receive a receipt for your proposal.


What is COSTARS?

  • COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, a service provided by the Department of General Services for Local Public Procurement Units within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as established by Section 1902 of Act 57 on May 15, 1998, as amended by Act 142 of December 3, 2002, 62 Pa. C.S. Section 1902, and Act 77 of July 15, 2004, 62 Pa. C.S. Sections 1902 and 2107. These acts authorize Local Public Procurement Units to participate in those contracts for supplies and services made available by the Department of General Services.
  • Eligible Local Public Procurement Units are defined as:
    • Any political subdivision;
    • Any public authority;
    • Any tax-exempt, nonprofit educational or public health institution or organization;
    • Any nonprofit t fire, rescue, or ambulance company;
    • And to the extent provided by law, any other entity, including a council of government or an area government that expends public funds for the procurement of supplies and services.

For more information regarding the COSTARS Program:

  • Department of General Services, Bureau of Procurement, COSTARS Program.
    • Toll-Free: 1-866-768-7827 Fax: 717-783-6241
    • E-mail:
    • Please visit the COSTARS Web site at
bureau of small business opportunities

Small Diverse Business Program (SDB)

Bureau of Small Business Opportunities

Program designed to encourage participation of Small Diverse Businesses (SDB) in state contracting and is one of the below:

  • Department of General Services, Bureau of Small Business Opportunities (BSBO)-certified minority business enterprises (MBEs), women business enterprises (WBEs), veteran business enterprises (VBEs) and service disabled veteran business enterprises (SDVBEs) that qualify as small businesses; and
  • United States Small Business Administration (SBA) certified 8(a) small disadvantaged business concerns

Small Diverse Business Program (SDB)

  • Grosses less than $20 million annually or $25 million for companies involved in Information Technology (IT) services or sales. Proof of annual sales can be one of 3 items listed below:
      • Copies of audited financials
      • Copy of recent federal tax form
      • Letter from a CPA attesting to company's annual sales
  • Employ no more than 100 full-time or full-time equivalent employees Proof of number of employees can be one of 2 items listed below:
      • Copy of 941's
      • Letter from company attesting to number of employees
  • Is able to do the work in question
  • Must be for profit
  • Must be owned by a U.S. Citizen

Important Information to Note: Section II of the RFP

  • To receive credit for being a Small Diverse Business or for subcontracting with a Small Diverse Business (including purchasing supplies and/or services through a purchase agreement), a Offeror must include proof of Small Diverse Business qualification in the Small Diverse Business participation submittal of the proposal, as indicated in section II of the RFP.
    • Copy of active certification
    • Proof of annual sales
    • Proof of number of employees
    • If using a company in the 8(a) program must show proof of US Citizenship
    • All Offerors must provide a numerical percentage for commitment based on the base term of the contract
    • Small Diverse Business (es) must be named including address and phone
    • Specify the type of goods or services the Small Diverse Business(es) will
    • provide
    • You will not receive credit by stating that you will find a Small Diverse Business after the contract is awarded or by listing several companies and stating you will select one later
bureau of small business opportunities1
Bureau of Small Business Opportunities

Bureau Of Small Business Opportunities


Ms. Gayle Nuppnau

Procurement Liaison

Telephone: (717) 346-3819


procurement background
Procurement Background
  • Background.[Outline the basic problem or problems that caused the agency to issue the FP. Relate the problem to the organization mission and explain how the work to be done by the selected contractor is expected to help solve the problem. Explain any unusual organizational interrelationships that affect the problem or the work to be performed].
  • History
    • Why we need this procurement
      • Services and Functions
  • History data
    • Current Supplier
    • Current Contract #
    • Spend
    • Quantities


what have we done
What have we done

Met with key stakeholders to review IT and business requirements

  • Discussed prevalence of existing solutions and agency challenges.
  • Developed an RFQ that follows the DGS procurement process, analyze current industry best practices and enter a competitive bid.
  • Other


goals and objectives
Goals and Objectives
  • Goals for the procurement
    • Enter Goals
  • Scope of the Procurement
    • Enter Scope
  • Objectives for the Procurement
    • Enter Objectives


areas of attention
Areas of Attention
  • Example…
  • Lot 1, Lot 2, Phase 1, deliverables, etc.
  • Costing
  • Other


rfq rfp structure
RFQ /RFP Structure

Critical Points in the RFP. [Call attention to specific portions of the RFP you would like the Offeror to note. These may refer either to contractual or administrative matters or to the work that is to be done. The following is illustrative only].

  • Proposal is divided into the following three parts that must be submitted in separate individual sealed envelopes:
    • Technical Requirements = 50% of total points
    • Small Diverse Business Submittal = 20% of total points
    • Cost Submittal = 30% of total points
    • Bonus Points: Domestic Workforce Utilization
  • Proposal Submission Deadline- Put in date and Time
  • Proposal Quantities
    • 5 paper copies and 2 electronic copies of Technical submittal
    • 2 paper copies and 2 electronic copies of Cost submittal
    • 2 paper copies and 2 electronic copies of Small Diverse Business submittal
  • Award structure: Single award by lot or may award to a single supplier for multiple or all lots


submittal response
Submittal Response

Proposal Technical Submittal Response

I. Two (2) Paper copies of Offeror’s Technical response



  • The Offeror’s Technical response shall include:
  • Proposal document –(pdf)
  • Domestic Workforce Utilization Form
  • Trade Secret Form (pdf)
  • Proposal Cover sheet
  • Offeror & Personnel Information
  • Company’s Financial Information (electronic)
  • Dun & Bradstreet Comprehensive Report
  • SAS 70 Report

II. Electronic responses



Flash Drive


submittal response1
Submittal Response

Small Diverse Business Submittal Response

I. Two (2) Paper Copies of Offeror’s SDB Submittal Response


II. Electronic Response



rfq rfp requirements
RFQ/RFP Requirements
  • Mandatory Response Requirements
    • Financials
    • Personnel Qualifications
    • Solutions
    • Other
  • Contract Requirements
    • Signed by an official authorized to bind the company to a contract
    • Must obtain 70% of total available technical points to advance
    • If you specify that the proposal is not firm for the time period specified in Section I-12 of the RFP, your proposal may be rejected.
    • If there are any assumptions included in the cost submittal, your proposal may be rejected.
    • If you state that the proposal is contingent on negotiation of offeror terms and conditions, your proposal may be rejected.
  • Review of Questions
  • Additional Questions
    • Please be sure to write down all your questions on the Q&A sheets provided.
questions answers
Questions & Answers

Answers provided today are considered unofficial and not binding.

All questions and responses will be posted on the DGS Emarketplace Website:

Thank-you for attending today’s

Pre-proposal conference