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Learning how you learn. Personal Learning Styles or… VAK to the future Talk 5. Review of last week. Teaching Others – 90%. Practice by doing – 75%. Discussion – 50%. Demonstration – 30%. Audio-Visual – 20%. Reading – 10%. Copying – 5%.

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Learning how you learn l.jpg

Learning how you learn

Personal Learning Styles or…

VAK to the future

Talk 5

The Class of 2003

Review of last week l.jpg
Review of last week

Teaching Others – 90%

Practice by doing – 75%

Discussion – 50%

Demonstration – 30%

Audio-Visual – 20%

Reading – 10%

Copying – 5%

Figures shown are amounts of information remembered after revision session

The Class of 2003

Slide3 l.jpg


La Maison




Visible Light

Ultra violet


Gamma Rays

The Class of 2003

Preferences for taking in information vak l.jpg
Preferences for taking in information - VAK






The Class of 2003

V isual learners l.jpg
Visual Learners

  • Learn well when they are taught and revise using images

  • Like to record information in words and symbols

  • Appreciatetheuseofcolour

The Class of 2003

A uditory learners l.jpg
Auditory Learners

  • Prefer to hear an explanation of something rather than read about it

  • Find it helpful to record notes of audio cassette and play them back

  • Are easily distracted by noise

The Class of 2003

K inaesthetic learners l.jpg
Kinaesthetic Learners

  • Like to learn by trying things out rather than following any instructions

  • Remembers things by physical repetition e.g. flashcards

The Class of 2003

Vak proportions l.jpg
VAK Proportions

Most people can work in all three modes but have a preference for one and will learn best if they use methods which emphasise these characteristics

The Class of 2003

How can you determine your preferences l.jpg
How can you determine your preferences

  • Anecdotally

  • You have bought a new hi-tech TV set, do you…

    • Read all of the instructions in the booklet and follow a step-by-step procedure

    • Ask a friend to explain to you how to do it

    • Play with the settings until it works

The Class of 2003

How can you determine your preferences10 l.jpg
How can you determine your preferences

  • Asking specific questions:

  • For example, how do you spell…


The Class of 2003

How can you determine your preferences11 l.jpg
How can you determine your preferences

  • Observations

  • Visual learners tend to follow you with their eyes, talk quickly and have relatively shallow breathing

  • Auditory learners often tilt their head to the side when listening and repeat phrases in their minds

  • Kinaesthetic learners speak slowly, breathe deeply and tend to fidget – always need something in their hands

The Class of 2003

How can you determine your preferences12 l.jpg
How can you determine your preferences

  • Learning Style Questionnaires

  • A series of questions which allows you to determine your learning preference

  • Outcomes which give you guidance of which revision techniques should work best for you!

The Class of 2003

Tomorrow morning registration l.jpg
Tomorrow Morning Registration

  • You will all be completing a VAK questionnaire and identify your personal learning preference

  • You will be able to see the methods of revision that should be best suited to your own personal learning styles

The Class of 2003

Next session l.jpg
Next Session

You’ve learnt information in your preferred learning style…

How do you keep it there?

The Class of 2003