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Laguna Beach Summary

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Laguna Beach Summary. February 1988 Bernstein, Dayal, DeWitt, Gawlick, Gray, Jarke, Lindsay, Lockermann, Maier, Neuhold, Reuter, Rowe, Schek, Schmidt, Schreff, Stonebraker, Ullman. Future DB Apps. CASE CIM Images Spatial IR. Future Hardware Environment Conclusions.

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Laguna Beach Summary

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laguna beach summary

Laguna Beach Summary

February 1988

Bernstein, Dayal, DeWitt, Gawlick, Gray, Jarke, Lindsay, Lockermann, Maier, Neuhold, Reuter, Rowe, Schek, Schmidt, Schreff, Stonebraker, Ullman

future db apps
Future DB Apps
  • CASE
  • CIM
  • Images
  • Spatial
  • IR
future hardware environment conclusions
Future Hardware Environment Conclusions
  • DB systems would continue to consume hardware resources as fast as they occurred
  • Special purpose DB machines were a dead end
future software environment conclusions
Future Software Environment Conclusions
  • DB and OS types would continue to do battle
    • “we will be stuck with current OS interfaces for a long time just as our clients are stuck with SQL”
  • 4GLs would solve the PL/DBMS impedance mismatch
  • PROLOG+DBMS will yield nothing of lasting value
    • Too many groups doing the same thing
extendible db managers
Extendible DB Managers
  • Heated debate on OR vs. Toolkit (no conclusions)
  • Heated debate on OODBMS
    • “misguided”
    • “highly significant”
    • Guess who was on which side of this debate
    • Approach was lacking a clear definition of the approach
active databases and rule systems
Active Databases and Rule Systems
  • Group strongly endorsed DBMS support for triggers, alerters, constraints with high performance
  • No need for general recursive queries (analogy drawn between its fate and the fate of nth normal form research)
end user interface
End User Interface
  • Universal consensus that we needed better user interfaces to data bases
  • Lamented lack of research
    • Difficult of publishing papers
    • Reviewers hostile because they lack RGE
    • Need to “demo or die”
    • Lack of toolkits (e.g. X11)
single site db technology
Single Site DB Technology
  • Hardware trends would require rethinking optimization, execution techniques, run time
  • CC was dead as a research topic
  • Strong support for parallel DBMS research
  • Little support for new access method research (except spatial)
distributed dbms
Distributed DBMS
  • Enough research. Commercialization was underway
  • Key remaining problems were administration of 50,000 node systems
miscellaneous topics
Miscellaneous Topics
  • Important to work on “no knobs” physical db design tools including index selection, load balancing of tables across disk arms, …
  • Some need for better logical design tools
  • Database support for continuous streams of data
  • No more data models please
  • Data translation was a solved research problem
  • Better support for information exchange