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ID Badge Help Desk

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ID Badge Help Desk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ID Badge Help Desk. By Jeana McCants Velocity Credit Union Austin, Texas. INTRODUCTION. Security concern created by rapid growth No procedure to monitor on-site activity by: Employees Vendors / Contractors Visitors Decided on mandatory picture ID badges / key cards.

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Presentation Transcript
id badge help desk

ID Badge Help Desk

By Jeana McCants

Velocity Credit Union

Austin, Texas

  • Security concern created by rapid growth
  • No procedure to monitor on-site activity by:
    • Employees
    • Vendors / Contractors
    • Visitors
  • Decided on mandatory picture ID badges / key cards.
Temporary ID badges needed for:
    • New employees
    • Employees who forgot / lost theirs
    • Visitors to access secured areas
    • Vendors / Contractors
  • Required central system to track temp. badges
    • When issued / returned
    • Issued to whom
  • 7 days from concept to implementation
rationale and objectives
  • 2 year period of rapid growth
    • 60% increase in employees
    • Doubled number of branches
    • Increased vendor / contractor presence
  • Must be able to account for all persons on premises, at any branch, at all times.
  • Cost should be minimized
Needed temporary badge process owner
    • Only part-time security personnel available
    • No single department could provide central control
  • Process couldn’t adversely impact operations
  • Help Desk module could be configured to fit our needs
description of functionality
  • Reviewed ID Badge process flowchart
Determined minimum system functionality requirements
    • Issuing a temporary badge to a current employee / vendor / visitor
    • Request vendor be placed on the Approved Vendor List
    • Reissue lost employee ID badge with supervisor approval
Decided which employees would need access to help desk – designated as technicians.
  • Established Issue Types to be created
    • Temporary Badge – Employee
    • Contractor Badge
    • Visitor Badge
    • De-activate / Reissue
    • New Contractor Request
Monitoring vendors on-site
    • Wanted ability to select vendor name from “Requestor” drop down list
    • Created portal User IDs for vendors
    • Grouped vendor names by filling in last name field with “-Contractor”.
Physically identifying employees and vendors
    • Utilize employee photo function in portal
    • Create vendor photo albums as web pages
Developed step-by-step end-user instructions
  • Created “Facilities” page
    • My Work Orders island
    • Documents List island (instructions)
    • List of Links Island (links to photo albums)
  • Trained employees on new procedure
  • End-user participation
    • Employees learned new procedure quickly
    • Utilized on a daily basis
    • Better results than anticipated
    • Increased employee awareness of portal
  • Increased security
    • Collaboration between branches
    • Permanent record of issued badges
Significant cost savings
    • No additional personnel required
    • No additional expense past module purchase
    • No intensive training necessary
project team members

Project Team Members

Jeana McCants

Neil Crump