geomagnetic measurements in 2004 in the republic of macedonia l.
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Geomagnetic measurements in 2004 in the Republic of Macedonia PowerPoint Presentation
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Geomagnetic measurements in 2004 in the Republic of Macedonia

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Geomagnetic measurements in 2004 in the Republic of Macedonia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Geomagnetic measurements in 2004 in the Republic of Macedonia. M. Delipetrov, T. Delipetrov, S. Panovska, B. Delipetrov. Abstract.

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geomagnetic measurements in 2004 in the republic of macedonia

Geomagnetic measurements in 2004 in the Republic of Macedonia

M. Delipetrov, T. Delipetrov, S. Panovska, B. Delipetrov

  • In this presentation are presented geomagnetic investigations on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia up to now. Also is given tectonic composition which is divided into three blocs: Eastern Macedonia zone, Vardar zone and Western Macedonia zone. The ending part of the presentation is performed with the geomagnetic measurements during 2004. The network of repeat stations is shown.
  • After the declaration of independence of the Republic of Macedonia, activities started for establishing a geomagnetic observatory in the country. In that regard, the project entitled Establishing a Geomagnetic Observatory on the Territory of the Republic of Macedonia According to the INTERMAGNET Standards started implementation as a joint project between the Faculty of Mining and Geology - Department of Geology and Geophysics and the Royal Meteorological Institute - the Observatory in Dourbes.
  • Project leaders are Prof. Dr. Todor Delipetrov and Dr. Jean Rasson.
historical data on the geomagnetic field study
Historical data on the geomagnetic field study
  • During the sixties, the territory of Yugoslavia was overhauled with a relatively thick terrestical net of stations and a map on the vertical Z component was made in Yugoslavia, with a scale of 1: 500.000.
  • Following the period after 1997, the project: Europe Magnetic Project (EEMP) was realised, and in that frame, Report 8 is included for Macedonia, with the cooperation with GETECH - Geophysical Exploration Technology (reference).
tectonic setting of macedonia
Tectonic setting of Macedonia
  • The Macedonian territory belongs to the Dinarian and Rodopian system.

Regional tectonic setting of the Republic of MacedoniaI - CukaliKrasta zone, II - Western Macedonian mass, III - Pelagonianhorstanticlinorium, IV - Vardar Zone, V - Serbo Macedonian massif, VI - Kraishtide Zone

geomagnetic research
Geomagnetic research
  • For a complete following of the geomagnetic field on a given territory, a basic net of stations for periodical measurements is needed and a geomagnetic observatory which permanently measures the chronological changes in the geomagnetic field.
  • For the defining of the coefficients for dependency of the geomagnetic field from a geographic longitude and latitude on a given territory, a relatively homogenous net of geomagnetic stations is needed. Performed extent terrain analysis during the realization of the project, made possible the defining of 15 places on the territory of Macedonia, which consist the net of geomagnetic stations.
  • The basic net of geomagnetic stations serves for periodic measurements of those places on a time frame from 3-5 years on a base from the following equitation below and a model is defined of the values of the elements from the normal geomagnetic field is defined:

In August 2004 measurements of D, I and F were carried out on the grid of repeat stations. The names and the geographic coordinates of the 15 repeat stations are given, and the maps are shown below.


Measurements carried out in 2004 on the existing network of repeat stations have been presented in maps. Each component varies within those intervals

Max. and min. values of repeat stations

  • Analysis of the presented maps shows that the declination is most susceptible on the local changes in the geological structure of the terrain. Global neotectonic setting has its own part on map in the total field T, while the same thing is far less expressed on the map of inclination I.
  • Contributed maps from the measurements in 2004 are a good basis for profound analyses of the geomagnetic field, when at the same time they can serve to a wide spectrum of useful information’s.