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www.DoubleYourDecompression.com. D.C.’s, Finally an Effective & Affordable Decompression Marketing Program!. Double Your Decompression (DYD) Has Created a Spinal Decompression MKGT & Lead Generation Program We Are So Confident In We Will:

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d c s finally an effective affordable decompression marketing program
D.C.’s, Finally an Effective & Affordable Decompression Marketing Program!

Double Your Decompression (DYD) Has Created a Spinal Decompression MKGT & Lead Generation Program We Are So Confident In We Will:

Personally Finance 100% of the Cost of Our Program for You with Zero Interest!


“The Double Your Decompression:

Guaranteed Marketing Program”

generating new patient leads
Generating New Patient Leads…
  • We Give You a Lead Generation & Newspaper Display Ad and Show You How to Use It.
  • Receive Occasional, Free Leads from The American Back Pain Association.

Visit www.AmericanBackPainAssociation.com

how else through referrals
How Else? Through Referrals…

External Referrals - DYD Also Provides You With an

MD Referral Program Including a New MD Referral

Letter & Email Each Month. We Also Train You On How to Present Decompression to MD’s to Get New Referrals.

Internal Referrals – We Give You a Program to Start

Getting Your Existing Patients to Refer You New Patients.

the three main ways dyd helps you convert your new leads
The Three Main Ways DYDHelps You Convert Your New Leads
  • The “Sure Scheduling System” – Front Desk Program Which Includes Phone Scripts, Training, Patient Logging, Insurance Protocols, and much more…
  • Our “A-Z Closing Files” Program – DYD Will Train You on Our Incredibly Simple, Yet Leading Consultation & Financial Close

(a $3,500 Value Alone)

  • Patient Financing - We Provide Our Own, Exclusive Patient Financing In Which You Can Convert 100% of Your New Patient Cases!
finance 100 of your new patient leads
Finance 100% of Your New Patient Leads!

You No Longer Need to Deny a New Lead Care

because they Cannot Get Financed. With this

New Program You Can Literally Approve 100%

of Your New Patients Leads as Long as They Have a Bank Account.

This is a Breakthrough In Patient Financing!

you also receive
You Also Receive…
  • Free Setup Fee for This New Patient Financing Service ($1,000 to Everybody Else)
  • 1 Hour Free Initial Training & Consulting
  • $1,000 Discount on Any Used Table Purchase
  • Free Subscription to Our Monthly:Chiropractic Guru Consulting Program

(Go to www.ChiroPMSystem.com)

  • Regular Updates, News, Discounts, etc.
option a we finance your cost
Option A – We Finance Your Cost
  • $272/Month for 18 Months w/ Zero Interest! Everybody Gets Approved ($4,900 Total)
  • We Pay Your $1,000 Financing Startup Fee for You
  • FREE 1 Hour Consultation to Get You Started
  • Monthly Reactivation, and Referral Marketing
option b save by paying cash
Option B – Save by Paying Cash
  • Save $1,000 off the Original Price of $4,900 and Pay Only $3,900 by Cash or Credit Card!
  • We Pay Your $1,000 Financing Startup Fee for You
  • FREE 1 Hour Consultation to Get You Started
  • Monthly Reactivation, and Referral Marketing
your new profit potential
Your New Profit Potential

New Patients Additional New Income You Can Earn

1 $3,000 - $246 (Monthly Payment) = $2,754

2 $6,000 - $246 (Monthly Payment) = $5,754

3 $9,000 - $246 (Monthly Payment) = $8,754

4 $12,000 - $246 (Monthly Payment) = $11,754

5 $15,000 - $246 (Monthly Payment) = $14,754

6 $18,000 - $246 (Monthly Payment) = $17,754

7 $21,000 - $246 (Monthly Payment) = $20,754

check out a few of the mktg mgmt strategies you will learn
Check Out a Few of the MKTG & MGMT Strategies You Will Learn?
  • How We Use the Concept of Tupperware Parties to Increase Patient Referrals
  • The 80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle) of Why All Patients Are NOT To Be Treated Equally
  • How to Increase the Number of Patient Schedules by Up to 20% Just in Your Phone Scripting
  • What You Must Set Up with Your Front Desk Person that Can Increase Your Decompression & Chiropractic Income by 20-35%
  • How to Legally Price Discriminate to Capture the Most Dollars
  • How to Reduce Your Advertising Budget By 30% and Still Get the Same Results
  • The Two Mistakes Costing You $10,000 a piece per Year
more strategies you receive
More Strategies You Receive…
  • What Media is a Waste of Money, and What Media Works Best
  • Why Decompression Needs to Be Packaged or "Bundled" with Other Services to Increase Your Closing Rates
  • How You Can Avoid Even the Appearance of "Selling"
  • What You Need to Give Away to Attract New Patients, Why FREE GIFTS Are Extremely Powerful, and How to Use Them
  • How to Know if You are Charging Enough or Charging too Much In Order to Increase Collections by Up to 18%
  • Improved Patient Financing Service Offering Lowering Interest Rates to Patients
  • A Wall Decoration that Can Become Your Greatest Patient Conversion Resource
  • The Reasons You are Losing Patients In the Consult Room Comes Down to Just One of Two Problems, & How You Can Correct It
what duane clemons had to say
What Duane Clemons Had to Say…

“Double Your Decompression’s marketing program has made me more money off the field for my chiropractic clinic than I ever imagined possible.”

  • Duane Clemons

Former NFL Football Star for the Minnesota Vikings

And Cincinnati Bengals

what one ceo said
What One CEO Said…

"Other companies have come to us wanting to participate in the Physicians Choice Concierge vendor network for their decompression marketing services, however, the program that Double Your Decompression has developed is a innovative model that has worked well for our clients.  We have been waiting for something as comprehensive, affordable, and risk free as Double Your Decompression's marketing program and lead generation services.  We feel confident in introducing this program to all of our client's doing decompression or interested in starting decompression.”

– Dr. Lisa GoldbergPresident of All Care Consultants (a multi-million dollar consulting firm)

know anybody who wants to buy a table or get rid of their table
Know Anybody Who Wants to Buy a Table or Get Rid of Their Table?

DYD Also Brokers the Sale of Doctor’s Spinal Decompression Tables.

Whether You Want a Table,

or if You Want to Get Rid of a Table Just

Visit Our Table Sales & Brokering Web Page at: http://www.doubleyourdecompression.com/tables.php

need to move a table or need maintenance on a table
Need to Move a Table, or Need Maintenance on a Table?

DYD Can Move Your Table for the Most Affordable Prices Available.

We Can Also Put You In Touch with Somebody Who can Repair and Service your Table.

d ouble your d ecompression would love to hear from you
Double Your Decompression Would Love to Hear From You!

Whether You Could Benefit from Our Services

Or Somebody You Know,

Please Contact Us Toll Free at:

1(800) 749-5804

Visit Our Website at:


Or Email Us at decompressionleaders@gmail.com