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CIRCULAR LETTERS. Shirley Taylor. CIRCULAR LETTERS. Used to send the same information to a number of people. Used in sales campaigns and for announcing important developments in business, such as extensions, reorganisations, changes of address, etc. CIRCULAR LETTERS.

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circular letters


Shirley Taylor

circular letters1
  • Used to send the same information to a number of people.
  • Used in sales campaigns and for announcing important developments in business, such as extensions, reorganisations, changes of address, etc.
circular letters2
  • A circular letter is prepared once only and it may then be duplicated for distribution to the various recipients. Names, addresses and individual salutations may be inserted after duplication in order to personalise the letter
circular letters3
  • Word processing with its mail-merge facilities makes it possible for each letter to be an original, with the 'variable' details (eg inside address, salutation, etc) being merged with the letter during print­ing.
  • Although circulars are being sent to many people, it is important to suggest an interest in the recip­ient by giving them a personal touch
circular letters4

Remember the following rules:

  • Be brief - people will not read a long-winded circular.
  • Make the letter as personal as possible by addressing each letter to a particular person, by name if you know it. Use Dear Mr. Smith instead of Dear Reader, Dear Subscriber or Dear Customer instead of Dear Sir or Madam. Never use the plural form for the salutation - remember, one recip­ient will read each individual letter.
  • Create the impression of personal interest by using you, never our customers, all customers, our clients, everyone.
circular letters5
  • Instead of
    • Our customers will appreciate
    • We are pleased to inform our clients Everyone will be interested to learn
  • Say
    • You will appreciate
    • We are pleased to inform you
    • You will be interested to learn
circulars announcing changes in business organisation

Changes in a firm's business arrangements may be announced by circular letters such as those which follow. Where the salutation has been left blank, it has been presumed that the letter would be word processed and individual names, addresses and salutations would be merged to add a personal touch.

expansion of existing business
Expansion of existing business

Dear Customer

To meet the growing demand for a hardware and general store in this area we have decided to extend our business by opening a new department.

Our new department will carry an extensive range of hardware and other domestic goods at prices which compare very favourably with those charged by other suppliers.

We would like the opportunity to demonstrate our new merchandise to you and so are arranging a special window display during the week beginning 24 June. The official opening of our new department will take place on the following Monday 1 July.

We hope you will visit our new department during opening week and give us the opportunity to show you that the reputation enjoyed by our other Departments for giving sound value for money will apply equally to this new department.

Yours sincerely

opening of a new business
Opening of a new business

Dear Householder

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new retail grocery store on Monday 1 September.

Mrs. Victoria Chadwick has been appointed Manager. She has 15 years experience of the trade and we are sure that the goods supplied will be of sound1 quality and reasonably priced.

Our new store will open at 0800 hours on Monday 1 September. As a special celebration offer a discount of 10% will be allowed on all purchases made by the first 50 customers. We hope we can look forward to your being one of them.

Yours sincerely

establishment of a new branch
Establishment of a new branch


Owing to the large increase in the volume of our trade with the Kingdom of Jordan, we

have decided to open a branch in Amman. Mr Faisal Shamlan hasbeen appointed as


Although we hope we have provided you with an efficient service in the past, this new branch in your

country will result in your orders and enquiries being dealt with more promptly.

This new branch will open on 1 May and from that date all orders and enquiries should be sent to

Mr Faisal Shamlan Manager

Tyler & Co Ltd

18 Hussein Avenue


Tel: (00962)6-212421

Fax: (00962)6-212422

We take this opportunity to express our thanks for your custom in the past.

We hope these new arrangements will lead to even higher standards in the service we provide.

Yours sincerely

removal to new premises
Removal to new premises


The steady growth of our business has made necessary an early move to new

and larger premises. We have been fortunate in acquiring a particularly good

site on the new industrial estate at Chorley, and from 1 July our new address

will be as follows:

Unit 15

Chorley Industrial Estate

Grange Road


Lines CH2 4TH

Telephone 456453 Fax 456324

This new site is served by excellent transport facilities, both by road and rail,

enabling deliveries to be made promptly. It also provides scope for better

methods of production which will increase output and also improve the quality

of our goods even further.

We have very much appreciated your custom in the past and confidently expect

to be able to offer you improvements in service when the new factory moves

into full production.

Yours sincerely

reorganisation of a store s departments
Reorganisation of a store's departments


In order to provide you with even better service, we have recently

extended and relocated a number of departments in our store.

On the ground floor we have a wide selection of greetings cards,

including both boxed and single Christmas cards.

In the Children's and Baby wear Department on the first floor there is a new

'Ladybird' section.

Our Fashion Fabrics and Soft Furnishings Departments are together on the

second floor. Light Fittings and Electrical Goods are relocated on the third floor.

The basement displays a good collection of wallpapers, most of which we are

able to supply within 24 hours.

We thank you for your past custom and hope we may continue to be of service

to you.

Yours sincerely

death of a colleague
Death of a colleague


It is with much sadness that I have to tell you of the sudden

death of our Marketing Director, Michael Spencer. Michael

had been with this company for 10 years and he made an

enormous contribution to the development of the business.

He will be greatly missed by all his colleagues.

I am anxious to ensure continuing service to you. Please contact me

directly with any matters which Michael would normally deal with.

Yours sincerely

circulars announcing changes in business partnerships
  • When a change takes place in the membership of a partnership, suppliers and customers should be informed by letter. For retiring partners this is particularly important since they remain liable not only for debts contracted by the firm during membership but also for debts contracted with old creditors in retirement.
  • The correct signature on such letters is that of the name of the firm without the addition of any partner's name.
retirement of a partner
Retirement of a partner


We regret to inform you that our senior partner, Mr. Harold West, has

decided to retire on 31 May due to recent extended ill-health.

The withdrawal of Mr. West's capital will be made good by contributions

from the remaining partners, and the value of the firm's capital will there

fore remain unchanged. We will continue to trade under the name of

West, Webb & Co, and there will be no change in policy.

We trust that the confidence you have shown in our company in the

past will continue and that we may rely on your continued custom. We

shall certainly do everything possible to ensure that our present

standards of service are maintained.

Yours sincerely

appointment of a new partner
Appointment of a New Partner


A large increase in the volume of our business has made necessary an

increase in the member­ship of this company. It is with pleasure that we

announce the appointment of Mrs. Briony Kisby as partner.

Mrs. Kisby has been our Head Buyer for the past 10 years and is well

acquainted with every aspect of our policy. Her expertise and

experience will continue to be of great value to the company.

There will be no change to our firm's name of Taylor, Hyde & Co.

We look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial business relationship with


Yours sincerely

conversion of partnership to private company
Conversion of partnership to private company


The need for additional capital to finance the considerable growth in the

volume of our trade has made it necessary to reorganize our business

as a private company. The new company has been registered with

limited liability in the name Barlow & Hoole Limited.

We wish to stress that this change is in name only and that the nature

of our business will remain exactly as before. There will be no change

in business policy.

The personal relationship which has been built up with all customers in the past

will be maintained; we shall continue to do our utmost to ensure that you are

completely satisfied with the way in which we handle your future orders.

Yours sincerely

letters announcing change of representatives

Dismissal of firm's representative


We wish to inform you that Miss Rona Smart who has been our representative

in North-West England for the past 7 years has left our service.

Therefore she no longer has authority to take orders or to collect accounts on

our behalf.

In her place we have appointed Mrs. Tracie Coole. Mrs. Coole has for many

years had control of our sales section and is thoroughly familiar with the needs of customers in your

area. She intends to call on you some time this month to introduce herself and to bring

samples of our new spring fabrics.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you

Yours faithfully

dismissal of firm s representative
Dismissal of firm's representative

If the representative left of her own free will and was a valued member of staff

the first paragraph of the above letter would be more suitably expressed as



It is with regret that we inform you that Miss Rona Smart who has been our

representative for the past 7 years has decided to leave us to take up

another appointment

Therefore she no longer has authority to take orders or to collect accounts on

our behalf.

In her place we have appointed Mrs Tracie Coole. Mrs Coole has for many

years had control of our sales section and is thoroughly familiar with the needs

of customers in your area. She intends to call on you some time this month to

introduce herself and to bring samples of our new spring fabrics.

We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you

Yours faithfully

appointment of new representative
Appointment of new representative


Mr. Samuel Goodier who has been calling on you regularly for the past 6 years, has now joined our firm as junior partner. His many friends will doubtless be sorry that they will see him much less frequently and we can assure you that he shares their regret.

Mr. Goodier hopes to keep in touch with you and other customers by occasional visits to his former territory.

Mr. Lionel Tufnell has been appointed to represent us in the South West and Mr Goodier will introduce him to you when he makes his last regular call on you next week. Mr. Tufnell has worked closely with Mr. Goodier in the past and he will continue to do so in the future.

Mr Goodier will continue to offer help and advice in matters affecting you and other

customers in the South, West, and his intimate knowledge of your requirements will be of great benefit to Mr Tufnell in his new responsibilities.

Our business relations with you have always been very good, and we believe we have

succeeded in serving you well. It is therefore with confidence that we ask you to extend

to our new representative the courtesy and friendlines you have always shown to Mr


Yours faithfully

internal circulars to staff

Many circulars are written to staff regarding

various matters concerning :

  • the general running of business,
  • safety and security,
  • administrative matters and
  • many other things.

A memo is some used for more day-to-day

matters, but for some matters a formal letter may

be printed on the company' s letter headed paper.

announcement about new working hours
Announcement about new working hours


With effect from 1 September 200_ working

hours will be amended to 0930 to 1730

Monday to| Friday instead of the present

working hours of 0900 to 1700.

I hope you will find these new hours convenient. If

you anticipate experiencing any difficulties please

let me know before 14 August.

notice about new car park
Notice about new car park


You may be aware that some old buildings on our site have been

demolished. A piece of land in this area has been cleared so that it may

be used as a car park.

The new car park should be ready for use by 28 October. It will be

available between 0730 and 1830 hours Monday to Friday. The

company takes no responsibility for loss or damage to vehi­cles or

contents while in the car park.

If you wish to use the car park please obtain an agreement form from

Mr John Smithson, Security Officer. This form must be completed and returned

to him before using the car park.

Copy John Smithson, Security Officer

information about store discount
Information about store discount


An agreement has been reached which will allow all our employees to

take advantage of the special discount scheme operated by Quantum


As an employee of Omega International you will receive 10% discount

on any goods which are not already reduced in price. A discount of 2f%

will be given on reduced price or sale goods. If you wish to claim the

discount you must show your Omega identification badge.

These discounts will take effect from 1 September 20__

security information to heads of department
Security information to Heads of Department


In view of recent bomb threats received by several competitors, please

brief your staff on the following points of security.

1 All employees must wear a name badge at all times.

  • All areas must be kept as clean and tidy as possible. This will

reduce potential areas where bombs may be hidden.

3 Do not tamper with or move any suspicious object. The manager should be informed and the police notified.

4 Evacuation should follow estabhlished fire drills.

All incidents must be taken seriously and a detailed report must be

submitted to me.

Please stress to all your staff that they have an important part to play in

maintaining a high level of security in all areas at all times

circulars with reply forms

A tear-off slip is often used when a reply is required from

people to whom a circular is sent. Alternatively a separate

reply form may be used. The important points to remember

with such reply sections are:

  • Always begin with 'Please return by__to __.This is a safeguard in case someone separates the tear-off portion or reply form from the main letter.
  • Use double spacing for the portion which will be completed.
  • Leave sufficient space for completion after each question/heading.
  • Use continuous dots where answers are required.

Omega International is celebrating its 10th year of providing quality

communications equip­ment. Approximately 50 representatives from

Omega clients are expected to attend a special loth Anniversary

Celebration on Friday 29 October 20—.

The directors have decided to invite all employees who have been with

Omega for at least 5 years to attend this special function. I am pleased to

extend to you an invitation to join us at Omega's 10th Anniversary

Celebration. Cocktails and a buffet supper will be provided.

This special function will take place from 1800 to 2300 hours at The

Mandarin Suite, Oriental Hotel, West Street, London.

Please let me know whether you will be attending by returning the tear-off

portion before 31 August.

I hope you will be able to join us.

example of tear off slip
Example of tear-off slip

Please return to Mrs Judy Brown, Administration Manager, before

31 August.

I shall/shall not* be attending the 10th Anniversary Celebration on Friday 29 October.

Name .......................................................................................................................................





Date .........................................

*Please delete as applicable.

reply form
Reply form

Reply form accompanies a letter sent to clients of a training organisation.

Clients are asked to specify whether or not they would like to attend a one-day management conference, when accommodation will be required, and enclose a cheque to cover the cost.


Please complete and return by 15 February 200— to

Mr F J Fredericks Personnel Manager Professional Training Pte Ltd 126 Buona Vista Boulevard KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia


1 I wish/do not wish* to attend this conference.

  • I require accommodation on D Friday 2 April D Saturday 3 April

(Please tick)

  • My cheque for M$400 is attached (made payable to Professional

Training Pte Ltd)

Signature ...........................................................


Name (in caps) .............................................................

Title .........

Company Address...

Post code.

Telephone ......................................................... Fax

*Please delete as necessary.

checklist for circular letters
  • Personalise circular letters by merging

individual inside address

  • Address the recipient by name if you know it, otherwise use singular form 'Dear Customer', 'Reader' - NOT 'Customers', 'Readers'
  • Insert a handwritten salutation if appropriate
  • Show a personal interest - use 'you' instead of 'all customers', 'everyone'.
checklist for tear off slip
  • State reply date
  • Mention to whom the form should be returned:
    • Internal forms - name/title only
    • External forms - name/title/company name and address
  • Use same heading as covering document
  • Use double spacing
  • Use personal terms - I wish, I shall/shall not
  • Use options/boxes where appropriate
  • Leave sufficient space for completion
  • Ensure the form contains everything you need to know