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Newport International Group Runway, Tokyo Fashion News: Japa PowerPoint Presentation
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Newport International Group Runway, Tokyo Fashion News: Japa

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Newport International Group Runway, Tokyo Fashion News: Japa
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Newport International Group Runway, Tokyo Fashion News: Japa

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  1. Newport International Group Runway Tokyo Fashion News: Japanese and International Brands adore Vibrant Aoyama

  2. The fashion scene in Tokyo is awash with many diverse districts and the attraction of this sector in Aoyama is based on style and sophistication. Therefore, areas like Aoyama, Ginza, Yurakucho, and a few other districts, are known throughout Japan and internationally for stunning boutiques, elegance, and architecture which highlights prestige and confidence. The beauty of Aoyama which is located in an exclusive part of Tokyo is that the contrasting styles of European, North American and Japanese fashion can be felt throughout this district. Also, the emphasis on architecture, elegant displays, latest essential items, individual styles, and other fascinating areas, means that you can feel the natural energy of Aoyama. This reality means that many of the most famous boutiques in the world have an outlet in Aoyama or nearby in Omotesando, which is also a very exquisite fashion zone in Tokyo. Roberto Cavalliwho opened up a new store in Aoyama in 2011 commented that “Tokyo is on the world’s stage of fashion, glamour, and sophistication. This is a city of energy and inspiration.” This statement by Roberto Cavalli is factual because fashion is a very powerful sector in Tokyo and the same applies to other major cities like Osaka. Therefore, exquisite fashion companies from all over the world desire to either maintain their visibility or to enter the market.

  3. Roberto Cavalli continued in his praise of Tokyo by stating that “I wanted to create a boutique in which elegance dominates, for both women and for men, in a welcoming and exclusive atmosphere, in which each person can totally fulfill their dreams and desires. I have always been extremely interested in Japanese culture…..” In 2014 the Aoyama district continues to be a magnet because many international brands fully understand the power of this buzzing part of Tokyo. Therefore, MaleneBirger is following in the footsteps of many exquisite brands by deciding on Aoyama to be the natural stepping stone. Not surprisingly, 2014 will see an array of different luxury brands opening for business in Aoyama and the same applies to new expansion projects for brands that are firmly established in this part of Tokyo. Another important aspect of fashion in Tokyo and amazing districts like Aoyama is that despite several decades of minor economic growth and times of stagnation in Japan, it is true that this didn’t stop the fashion scene from growing in reputation in this country. Not only this, but for many famous boutiques then Japan was often a saving grace during lean times. Therefore, while Europe and America were being hit by endless negative economic news in 2011, this didn’t prevent companies from desiring to expand or enter the Tokyo fashion market. This reality continued in 2012 and in 2013 because many international brands made plans to either expand in Japan or to enter this very powerful market. Of course, the same is happening in 2014 and once more Aoyama is getting a fair slice of the market.

  4. Roberto Cavalli, MiuMiu, Akris, Bally, Freitag, and many others, simply entered or expanded their operations in Tokyo despite the global economic slump of 2013 and the same will apply to 2014. This in itself shows the importance of Tokyo for famous international boutiques. Also, it highlights the tenaciousness of fashion within “the soul” of many Tokyoites who value fashion dearly. The nature of Aoyama also meant that Roberto Cavalli decided on this exclusive district and the path chosen by Roberto Cavalli makes complete sense given the exquisite reality of fashion in this part of Tokyo. After all, within international fashion circles it is abundantly clear that Aoyama means sophistication and elegance. This is based on crème de la crème boutiques throughout this fashion district and the refinement of the architecture is also highly appreciated.

  5. Therefore, you will find stunning boutiques in Aoyama which includes Comme des Garcons, Gucci, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, 10 Corso Como, Donna Karan, Loveless, Michael Kors, L’eclaireur, Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miyake, A Bathing Ape, Jil Sander, Yohji Yamamoto, Artisan, Stella McCartney, Red Valentino, Paul Smith, Cynthia Rowley, Helmut Lang, Hanae Mori, Mark Jacobs, TsumoriChisato, Costume National, Carbane de Zucca, Diane Von Furstenberg, Undercover, Frapbois, Design Works, and many other refined companies like DeuxiemeClasse. Aoyama is also famous for the stunning architecture of many famous boutiques and shopping malls. This appealing aspect of Aoyama enhances the fashion buzz of this sophisticated district. Famous shopping stores in Aoyama include Boutique W, Dress Camp, Flair Aoyama, and Loveless.

  6. Newport International Group Runway