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Service Oriented Architecture + SOAP PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Oriented Architecture + SOAP

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Service Oriented Architecture + SOAP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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-Robin John. Service Oriented Architecture + SOAP. Service Oriented Architecture:. Group of services that communicate(data passing or 2 or more services coordinating some activity) with each other to build applications out of software services.

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Presentation Transcript
service oriented architecture
Service Oriented Architecture:
  • Group of services that communicate(data passing or 2 or more services coordinating some activity) with each other to build applications out of software services.
  • Services as basic constructs.(Service-oriented paradigm to programming utilizes services as the basic constructs to support development of rapid low-cost and easy composition of distr applications.)‏
  • 'Service-oriented' approach to programming(based on idea of composing applications by discovering and invoking network avlbl services rather than building new applications or by invoking avlbl applications to accomplish some task.)‏
service oriented architecture1
Service Oriented Architecture:
  • Logical way of designing SW system to provide services to either end-user app or to other services distributed in a network via published and discoverable interfaces.
principles of soa
Principles of SOA:
  • Guiding principles:
    • Reuse, interoperability, modularity
    • Standards compliance
    • Services identification and categorization, provision and delivery & monitoring and tracking
  • Specific architectural principles:
    • Service Encapsulation
    • Service loose coupling
    • Service contract
    • Service abstraction
    • Service Reusability
    • Service composability
    • Service Autonomy
    • Service Optimization
    • Service Discoverability
challenges of soa
Challenges of SOA:
  • Managing services meta-data
  • Lack of testing in SOA space
  • Appropriate levels of security
soa to conclude
SOA to conclude:
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural approach (or style) for constructing complex software-intensive systems from a set of universally interconnected and interdependent building blocks, called services.
  • Simple Object Access Protocol:
  • a light-weight messaging protocol for information exchange in a decentralized, distributed environment built on XML.
  • consists of 3 parts:
    • envelope:(message format)‏
    • encoding rules:
    • representation convention:
4 main areas covered
4 main areas covered:

4 main areas covered:

  • Message format:
  • Description:
  • Set of rules:
  • Set of conventions:

Main functionalities:

  • Send & receive HTTP transport protocol pkts
  • Process XML messages

Heavy weight protocol example:

  • ORPC
  • RPC: Remote Procedure Call
  • EDI: Electronic Document Interchange; basis of automated business transactions.
soap faults
SOAP faults::
  • Used to carry error and/or status information within a SOAP message.
  • 4 elements:

Fault code:

Fault string:

Fault actor:

Fault details

soap adv and disadv
SOAP Adv and Disadv:
  • Adv:
  • Platform, language independent
  • Use standardised HTTP
  • Runs over HTTP, and hence avoids firewall filtering
  • Handles decentralized and distributed environment
  • Disadv:
  • Security
  • Statelessness
  • Serialization by value, not by reference.
SOAP: Future