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Funky monkey

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Funky monkey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Funky monkey. Joe vahle.

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Funky monkey

  • Joe vahle

Welcome to our show called “Everything You Need to Know” where we tell you everything you need to know. Today’s topic is drum roll pleases… monkeys we are going to tell you everything you need know about monkeys like What is group of monkeys called? Are monkeys smart? How many species of monkeys are there? Well, we have those answers on …We interrupt this program to tell you that there is a severe storm watch in your area. Take caution, severe storms can be dangerous. We now return you to your show…Was the weather alert system on while I was talking? Well, everything you need know where you are the contestant. Just raise your hand if you think you know the answer ok Let’s Play! Question 1: What is a group of monkeys called? A troop! Correct! Question 2: Are monkeys smart? Yes! Correct! Monkey Fun Fact: Monkeys rank among the most intelligent animals. Scientists classify monkeys together with human beings! Monkeys are usually the favorites at zoos because they are so much like us humans - WOW! Question 3: How many known monkey species are there? There are 264! Correct!!! Question 4: How long could a monkey live in captivity? 45 years! Correct! Monkey Fun Fact: Monkey’s main predators are eagles, hawks, and humans! So be careful!


Question 5: What are the two groups called that monkeys are separated into? New World Monkeys and Old World Monkeys! Correct! Question 6: Where do monkeys live? Monkeys live in forests, grasslands, high plains and mountain areas. Correct! Question 7: What does arboreal mean? Spending most of their time in trees. Correct!

Thanks for watching “Everything you need to Know!” We’ll see you next time on “Everything you need to know!” We’ll be back in a thousand years! Please enjoy these pictures of some species of monkeys until we come back on. And the monkey did it… (Name of the picture this arrow is pointing to…)

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