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Choose your own ending. . . The Internet Escapade PowerPoint Presentation
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Choose your own ending. . . The Internet Escapade

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Choose your own ending. . . The Internet Escapade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Choose your own ending. . . The Internet Escapade. --Me.

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You sit down at the computer after a long day at school. You turn it on and try to pull up the internet, but it’s not working! You search through your networks, and find that if you sit right under the window, you can leech off one of your neighbour’s wireless connection. First, though, you need to guess the password for one of the two networks they have-which both have rather strange titles. You try to hack ninjas.You try to hack whyisaravenlikeawritingdesk.


Next door, your neighbour peeks out his window. He watches as your head flies out your window, followed by a black blur that runs down the street. He turns back inside and calls, “Honey! The new security system works!” It should, especially after all the money they spent on it. After all, ninjascannotdie.THE END


You click on the wireless connection network labeled ninjas. The password box pops up. You think for a moment, then type in arepwnedbypirates. You always did love Johnny Depp- you even have a lucky poster of him hanging on you bedroom wall. But no amount of luck could save you as the window above your head shatters, and black blurs fly through it. You cower on the ground with your arms over your head, and do not see the blade that whisks downward. For some strange reason, the last thought in your head is a memory of the movie Alice in Wonderland, which you just saw: the Queen of Hearts shouting “Off with her heeeaaaadddd!!!!”Continue. . .


You click on the wireless network connection labeled whyisaravenlikeawritingdesk. You smile and type in ihaven’ttheslightestidea, remembering Alice in Wonderland- you do love Johnny Depp. Bingo! You have wireless connection. You pull up internet explorer and go to FFN. The homepage doesn’t seem to be loading- in fact, it seems to have given you the black screen of death! After all that, and the internet still isn’t working. You groan and bang your head against the computer screen. But instead of hitting a cold, hard surface, you are sucked headfirst through a black hole and into the realms of fanfiction dot net.You try to stop yourself from being pulled into another dimension.You let yourself be pulled along. . .


You try to stop yourself from being pulled into the another dimension by grabbing both sides of the computer screen and pulling with all your might. But a portal does not give up so easily that which it takes, and so you succeed in escaping the portal- most of you, anyways. Your head is sucked through and spit out the other end of the portal, its eyes blank and unseeing, and your body collapses over the keyboard.THE END


You seem to be falling down headfirst, but your hair is sticking straight up. You hit the ground feet first somehow. You’re in a strange room, surrounded by doors. They’re all locked though- except for two. One opens to a white light, and the other opens to darkness. You can go in either one… choose wisely!You fade into the darkness. . .You head towards the light. . .


You march through your chosen door. You fall again (people around here don’t seem to know what a floor is) through a swirling vortex of color. You land hard on your butt in a cluttered hallway. Gravity is strange here- things are floating through the air, but some things seem to be subject to the laws of Earth’s gravity. There is a girl sitting on a green, grassy hill in the middle of the tiled floor. She is holding a bunch of colorful balloons, and her hair floats up in the air with them. You go up and talk to the girl.You turn and walk away.


You take a step, and end up at the bottom of the hill. How strange! You experiment a bit, and find that every time you walk a few steps away from the hill, you mysteriously end up back where you began. Shrugging your shoulders, you turn and trudge up the small hill. Before you know it, you’ve reached the girl. She turns and looks at you, and says simply, “I will be your guide. Do you trust me?”You say yes.You say no.


You say yes. After all, do you have a choice? The girl looks at you with bright eyes and exclaims, “Yay!” like a small child. She gets up and walks away, her balloons bobbing up and down above her. You follow as she skips down the cluttered hall, her white dress blending in with the walls. Its seems as if you’ve been walking for hours when you notice little. . . things floating through the air. You go up and investigate!You keep your cautious distance. . .


You say no, and the girl looks at you for a moment. Her expression is blank, her eyes impossible to read. It is a long moment before she says, “Fine,” and turns away, becoming as still as a statue. You stand there for a moment, feeling lost, before turning and trudging down the hill- or at least, trying to. But you are unable to move! You look down, and see your feet slowly turning grey. The grey spreads up your legs, engulfing your body, and soon you are unable to move at all. THE END


You turn and follow the girl. “You’re not lost, are you?” you ask her worriedly. “Of course,” she replies, “you have to be lost to find the grove of bookdoms.” The what? You follow helplessly, and soon the two of you come to a brick wall. The girl takes out a key and taps some of the bricks. “Like Diagon Alley?” you ask incredulously. “Well, where do you think JKR got the idea?” the girl replies, before stepping confidently through the new opening. You follow (after all, what choice do you have?) and find yourself in an. . . orchard, of sorts.You go explore on your own.You follow the girl with the balloons.


As you get closer, you see that the little floating things are actually mice, flying through the air, holding onto. . . dandelions? “What are these?” You ask the girl. She barely spares a glance before turning back around. “Muses,” she replies over her shoulder, “and the things they are holding onto are inspiration flowers. The muses carry inspiration to fanfiction writers- together, the muses and inspiration flowers are called dandemouselings. Fortunately, this is a good batch of them. Some of them are corrupt.” Curiouser and curiouser. . . . You go up and touch one!You go back and follow the girl with the balloons, who is getting further away. . .


You follow the girl with the balloons as she skips through the trees. You look closer, and you see that the trees are growing. . . books! You look at the girl for an explanation. “They’re bookdoms!” she exclaims, as if everyone should know that. “You can write fanfictions for different fandoms- movies, mangas, tvshows,and books. This is where books are grown. The muses harvest inspiration flowers from them when they’re only seedlings, and carry them to the authors in the human world. The authors are inspired and write their books. When they’re published in the human world, they bloom in the Grove of Bookdoms.”Continue. . .


You run off on your own through the orchard. Now you know what the balloon girl meant when she called it the grove of bookdoms- the trees appear to be growing books! You turn back to the girl, eager to learn more. . . But she’s gone! You run around and try to find her.You try to find your way back to the brick wall.


You go up to the dandemouslings, stretching out your hand to touch one. “No!!!” the balloon girl screams, but it’s too late now. As your fingers brush the dandemouslings, they explode into puffs of white dandelion seeds. The girl rushes up and collects the seeds, her balloons bobbing behind her, before turning to you with a furious expression. “You killed the dandemouslings!” she screams, before opening her cupped hands and blowing. Hard. You cower in fear, and the next thing you know, you’re being blown away in the wind. . .THE END


Your best bet is to run around and try to find the balloon girl-so that’s what you do. But after a while, you’re tired and hopelessly out of breath from running and calling out. You stop to rest in a small clearing, and sit underneath one of the strange book trees. Suddenly, you hear a noise across the clearing, behind one of the trees. It sounded like a person-or thing-shuffling around. You go investigate.You run for your life!


You decide to go back to the brick wall in the hopes that the girl is waiting for you there. After a while, you’re hopelessly lost, even though you thought you knew the way. You wander for a bit. It’s getting dark when you hear music, and see lights in the distance. It’s only a few minutes before you see figures heading your way from where the lights are. You hesitate, unsure of what to do. They get closer and you see that they all have their faces hidden somehow.You head towards the figures.You run away.


You head towards the figures. As you get closer, you can see that they’re all different- everything from a girl in jeans and a hoodie pulled low to a person in a beaked mask, dressed up in feathers. (At least, you think it’s a mask.) But each and every one remains anonymous as to their faces. They do not speak, but beckon you forth. Somehow you know that they are inviting you to dance and be merry with them.You go with them-they seem to mean you no ill will.You turn and run- what a bunch of creeps!


You follow the figures. They lead you to a carnival, full of lights and music and festivities. They hand you a mask, and you put it on and join in the festivities. You never want to leave, so you dance the night away.And the next night. And the next.And so you never leave.THE END


You turn and run for your life! It’s dark and you can’t see where you’re going, but you swear you can hear footsteps following you. You look back over your shoulder in the hopes of seeing something reassuring. But you aren’t watching where you’re going, and run into something. . . or someone. You look up, and there are two faceless men in suits. You feel as if their gazes are piercing your soul. . . even though they have no eyes.And then there is darkness.THE END


You walk cautiously towards the tree. There is no sound from behind it. You reach the tree and see. . . nothing! You walk around the tree a few times, when suddenly the ground collapses underneath you and you’re falling. . .THE END


After walking for a while, you exit the Groove of Bookdoms. You’re in a clearing full of what appears to be bubbles. “What are these?” you ask the girl. She looks at you sadly and replies, “Portals back to your dimension. You can go now, if you wish. Just touch one.” As you contemplate this, she says miserably, “I’ll miss you. I don’t fin friends very often.” Wth? You don’t even know her name! Speaking of which. . as you reach out to touch a bubble portal, you turn back to the girl. “What is your name?” She gives a melancholy smile and answers just as your fingers brush the portal.“Trivia.”And you are back home again.The End


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