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  1. ALADIN BUILDING Ltd. Our company was awarded with ISO 9001-2000Certificate for the System of Quality Managementsertificate registration number: Q060711

  2. Quality in Construction ABAUT US Aladin Building Ltd was established in 2000 with nature of business: design, construction and reconstruction of residential, administrative, trade and industrial buildings It offers complete engineering and full construction. The company has a department which main business is reconstruction of building all over the country. Our main priorities are: • Quality of implementation, style, propriety in the relationships with investors, subcontractors, and other participants in the constructing process. • The company is wide-awake to vanguard world technologies and materials. • We co-operates with companies with proven experience and professionalism. We are the main executor of the construction program of Aladin Ltd. • The company has building mechanization, a fixture yard, a smith and a turneryworkshop. • We also has a modern, full-complex shuttering system for implementation of 15000 square meter as well as all necessary machines - excavators, cranes, equipments and instruments for implementation of all kinds of construction-installation work. • Equipments and instruments for implementation of all kinds of construction-installation work. A team of a hundred highly-qualified experts and worker with long experience in the: field of construction - architecture - engineers - management - advertisement WEOFFER ІІ. Repairs: І. Complete engineering: • Design • Professional implementation • Introduction into use • Reconstruction • shops • houses • apartments ІV. Renting: ІІІ. Full construction: • One-family and multi-family houses • Administrative buildings • Industrial bases • Trade complexes • Suburban houses and hotels • Shops in trade complexes • Offices


  4. Lyulin Center Built up area – 946 m2 Open built up area – 7 950 m2 The building will be situated in L-shape in Sofia in Lyulin center (next to Sikonko club). The building will be on six floors with three entrances as each of them will be with impressive interior, with a lobby, a cart-room, an elevator and stairs, there is underground parking – a garage a ground floor with shops, first floor with studios, 4 residential floors with 5 apartments on each floor, and under-roof floor with 3 apartments. Lyulin 3 Built up area – 544.15 m2Open built up area –3228.40 m2 The building is situated in Lyulin district – 8th mircoarea, Modern Suburbs near Slivnitsa blvd, and the newly built up part of Pancho Vladigerov blvd on the eastern entrance of metro station Slivnitsa. On the basement are situated underground parking and garages. The ground floor has two entrances for the living floors which are six and the three shops. The second, third, fourth and the fifth floors are type floors with four apartments on the floor – two apartments with two-rooms, one with three-rooms and one with four-rooms. On the sixth floors is situated one apartment with two-rooms, one apartment with four-room and attics. On the seventh floor is situated one four-room apartment with richly roof terrace

  5. Ovcha Kupel 2 Built up area – 603 m2.Open built up area – 5446.5 m2. A residential building with shops and underground garages in regulated land property a residential district “3 a”, “Ovcha Kupel 2” The building is designed to be on six floors, with last terrace- type floor. There are 18 apartments, 27 studios, 12 shops, garages and parking places.The storey will include shops with a little commercial street inside wich is all around the block. On the floors apartments and studios are situated. On the terrace- type floor the apartments are at a bigger area than the other apartments. The terrace is richly decorated with green plants overseeing the beautiful view toward The Vitosha Mountain. Tri Ushi 2 Built up area-372,27 м2Open built up area-2760,00 м2 The building will consisting 7 floors as a last 2 floors are consisting of mansard and under roof floor. On the first underground floor are situated basements and underground parking On the first over-ground floor are projected shops. On the second, third and fourth floors are statutable four apartments – 2 – two rooms and 2- three room apartments. The fifth floor will consist 3 – three room apartments, the sixth floor – 2 – three room apartments and on the seventh floor is situated one big studio.

  6. Technocenter Elite Built up area – 960 m2 Open built up area – 3 300 m2 Trade and business center “Aladin” is built in Sofia at 119 Europe blvd. The building is luxury; modern and mainly imported materials have been used for it. The faзade is hanging type, semi-structural, with aluminum joinery and colorful glass-package.It consists of two buildings. The “low building” includes first and second floor, where a big company shop for home equipment of Elite Company is situated.The “high building” is the administrative part of the building, which consists of six floors. The front office is located on the ground floor on three levels.A panoramic-view elevator, which goes out of the glaze-part of the lobby, goes outside along the faзade in a glass lift-shaft to the last floor, connects the floors. The roof is flat with the necessary heat and hydro insulation. Trade complex "Globus" Built up area – 581,36 m2Open built up area – 3107 m2 Trade complex “Globe” is introduced into use on 16 June 2006 and it is situated at 65 Slivnitsa blvd The building has three floors and a basement, where a food shop Fantastico is located. There are four groups of non-food shops and a coffee shop on the first floor. The area is planted with trees and shrubs.

  7. Trebich Built up area – 4 151.60 m2Open built up area – 4 943.85 m2 The building is constructed in Sofia, Stopanski dvor place in Trebich village A one-storey building functioning as a warehouse with all necessary service premises is constructed. There will be a partial two-storey section, added in the total volume. Storage and dispatching of home equipment are the main functions of the building… Otets Paisiy 96 Otets PaisiyBuilt up area – 115.80 m2Open built up area – 1 260.11 m2 98 Otets PaisiyBuilt up area – 121.39 m2 Open built up area – 1 420.05 m2 Residential buildingIt is built in Sofia, at 96-98 Otets Paisiy str., Zone B-5, Vuzrazjdane region. The building consists of a basement with cellars, engine-room for an elevator and storage area to a shop, subscription station; a ground floor with garages and shops; five-storey residential area, and two floors with studios, situated under the roof area. The building is situated in an easterly and westerly direction. There is an inner courtyard intended for parking

  8. Lyulin Built up area – 259.19 m2Open built up area –1 689.85 m2 The building is situated in Lyulin district – 8th mircoarea, Modern Suburbs near Slivnitsa blvd, and the newly built up part of Pancho Vladigerov blvd, on the eastern entrance of metro station Slivnitsa. The building is two-sectional, with six floors and stairs, located in the center from northern-west, which connect the floors. There are 2 or 3 apartment with different size on each floor. Chernomen Built up area – 114.10 m2Open built up area – 1 285.53 m2 The building has been constructing in Sofia at 5 Chernomen str., Zone G-13 district It consists of two residential floors with apartments, two under-roof levels with studios maisonette-type, a floor with two studios and a separate communication connection, an underground lever where a confectionery is situated, a ground floor with two levels: there are food shops and living premises on the first one and a pizzeria on the second one.The joinery will be PVC or aluminum glass-package. The technical infrastructure will be completed – electricity, water-main, sewage, central heating system, telephone service.

  9. Tri ushi A residential building located in Sofia, 125 Tri ushi str. – Wide Center There are five residential floors, shopping area and under-roof level with studios. According to the design project the office building consists of two underground levels, three over-ground levels and an under-roof floor. There are garages and installation premises on the underground floor.There will be trade areas – bazaar type on three levels; on the semi-underground level. Lozenets Open built up area - 513,93 m2

  10. FUTURE PROJECTS OFFICE BUILDING WITH MEDICAL CENTER -“MEDSTOME” • The building will be situated in Lulin district- 8th micro area near Slivnitca blvd and metro station “Slivnica”. • They are projected tow underground and seven over-ground floors. • A residential building which will be build at “Lomsko Shose” – “Nadejda” quarter (between petrol station “Shell” and hypermarket “Billa”, near by restaurant “Shampionite”.) • The project will start at March 2008 and it will be finished in the middle of 2009 • A residential building which will be build near by market of “Dimitur Petkov” near by “Stamboliiski” Str. • The project will start at April 2008 and it will be finished in the end of 2009 • Multitude storehouses will be situated in Kostinbrod town • Mixed complex of trade area and servicing buildings. The complex will be situated in Sofia – “Okolovrusten Put” • New Trade center will be situated in the central zone in Sofia

  11. CONTACT • address: Sofia 1324, Section8 of Lyuilin 328 str. , № 9 Bulgaria • Telephone: +359 2/ 81 222 89 +359 2/ 81 222 98 +359 2/ 81 222 97 • Fax/tel.: +359 2/ 81 222 90 Web: