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Fallhaven. Summary. Government: Oligarchy/Plutocracy Motto: “When we must, we can” Economy: Gold. Laws, Rewards, Punishments. Human Rights. Constitution:

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Government: Oligarchy/Plutocracy

Motto: “When we must, we can”

Economy: Gold

Human rights
Human Rights


We the representatives of the Fallhaven, for the protection of the state, decree that a malicious crime that harms another human being shall result in death. The children of Fallhaven will grow up in education. Academics are used to form a solid foundation for the children and help develop a stable and healthy future. Education is required by ALL children and young adults of Fallhaven. A young adult is not allowed to drop out in any circumstances and is required to obtain a high school diploma. Going to college is recommended but not required.When a citizen needs money, they can exchange wood or coal in for gold. Gold is used for all purchase. Adultery is prohibited and will result in death.If a person wishes to divorce their spouse, they must file a divorce request form and wait for approval. Each couple can have a maximum of 3 children to keep the population stable and in control. Cars are only to be driven in between the hours of 5am-9:30pm. Every citizen should be home by 10pm. Demeaning, mistreating or discriminating people is prohibited. Everyone will be treated equally. Breakfast is required by all citizens of Fallhaven. Deodorant must be used every morning before leaving and every night before bed. Music must be heard on a daily basis.


Fallhaven's economy is based on an exchange program. A citizen of Fallhaven would go to an exchange building with wood or coal, and in return, they would receive a certain amount of gold based on how much the items weigh. A citizen can request how they want their gold, in coins or in sticks. People will receive jobs based on how far they went in school. The minimum wage of Fallhaven is 2 sticks of gold per hour.


Will your utopia follow alienationists or hyperrealists? Why?

We will be an alienation society because we encourage communication and grieve the loss of communication abilities in our society.

What types of technology will you allow? Why?

All types of technology will be allowed for 5 hours a day.

What types of technology will you prohibit? Why?

No types of technology will be prohibited

How does technology relate to the monetary world?

Technology relates to the monetary world because it provides new ways of exchanging money in between different banks or countries electronically.


Fallhaven is founded on the principle that a good education will help develop a healthy and stable future in children. Academics, here in Fallhaven, is our number one priority! With academics as our number one priority, there is no way you can not become successful in life!