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Unit 5

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Unit 5 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 5
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  1. Unit 5 Useful things

  2. utensils a knife a fork a spoon a plate a bowl a glass chopsticks

  3. pieces of furniture a chair a table a bed a cupboard a shelf

  4. items of stationery pencil scissors paper clip stapler pencil sharpener ruler

  5. Guessing Game

  6. It’s a piece of furniture, it’s made of wood. Is it a bed? Is it a table? Is it a cupboard ?

  7. It’s a piece of furniture, it’s made of wood. No, it isn’t.

  8. It’s a piece of furniture, it’s made of wood. Yes, it is.

  9. It’s a utensil, it’s made of metal. Is it a spoon? Is it a fork? Is it a knife?

  10. It’s a utensil, it’s made of metal. No, it isn’t.

  11. It’s a utensil, it’s made of metal. Yes, it is.

  12. Reading Funny inventions

  13. Housework socks Who cleans the floor? Now your cat can help you to do the most boring housework. Put these socks on your pet and it will clean the floor when it walks around your flat.

  14. Noodle fan Are the noodles too hot to eat ? This fan can help you. Put it on your chopstick when you lift the noodles, the fan will cool them. It’s small and fits in your bag. You can also use it on spoons to cool other food.

  15. Tissue hat ha-ha-ha-chiu If you have a cold, you need to blow your nose a lot. Sometimes it is difficult to find clean tissue paper. Wear this hat on your head. Then you can pull down the tissue paper any time you need it. The tissue hat is comfortable. Does it look good?

  16. Please wake me up at Mongkok station Have you ever slept on the bus / train? Are you afraid that you will miss the station? • The train sleeper’s notice is very useful. • Put this notice on your head. You can sleep behind it. • No one can see your face. • No one can see if your month is open! • The name of your station is on the notice. A kind passenger will wake you up when you get there.

  17. - Bye -