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Health Care Agency/Behavioral Health Services. MHSA Steering Committee. Monday, June 1, 2009 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Sharon Browning. Welcome. Keven O’Brien. Consumer Perspective. Mark Refowitz. Local/State Updates. Jenny Qian. Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI).

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Presentation Transcript
Mhsa steering committee

Health Care Agency/Behavioral Health Services

MHSA Steering Committee

Monday, June 1, 2009

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Keven o brien

Keven O’Brien

Consumer Perspective

Mark refowitz

Mark Refowitz

Local/State Updates

Jenny qian

Jenny Qian

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

Prevention and early intervention program development information
Prevention and Early Intervention Program Development Information

Organizations interested in participating in the development of PEI programs may refer to the websites listed below:

County of Orange On-line Bidding:


    Department of Mental Health PEI Website: Info Notice 07-19:


    County of Orange PEI Plan:


Training technical assistance and capacity building pei statewide project
Training Technical Assistance and Capacity Building: PEI Statewide Project

  • Counties may utilize training technical assistance and capacity building methods that have demonstrated the capacity to increase skills and promote positive skills consistent with the MHSA and PEI guidelines

  • Request for funding was submitted and approved along with the PEI Plan

  • Funding Orange County is requesting

    • FY 08/09 - $493,300

    • FY 09/10 - $493,300

Casey dorman

Casey Dorman Statewide Project

Innovation Component of MHSA (Prop 63)

Overview of an innovative project
Overview of an Innovative Project Statewide Project

  • An innovative project is defined, for purposes of the DMH guidelines, as one that contributes to learning rather than a primary focus on providing service.

  • By providing the opportunity to “try out” new approaches that can inform current and future practices/approaches in communities, an Innovation contributes to learning in one or more of the following three ways.

    • Introduces new mental health practices/approaches including prevention and early intervention that have never been done

    • Make a change to an existing mental health practice/approach, including adaptation for a new setting or community

    • Introduces a new application to the mental health system of a promising community-driven practice/approach or a practice/approach that has been successful in non-mental health contexts or settings.

Essential purposes of innovation
Essential Purposes of Innovation Statewide Project

  • Counties must select one or more of the following purposes for each Innovative Project:

    • Increase access to underserved groups

    • Increase the quality of services, including better outcomes

    • Promote interagency collaboration

    • Increase access to services

  • Innovative projects that demonstrate effectiveness cannot continue to be funded by Innovation, they must be moved to

    • PEI

    • CSS

    • Or other stable source of funds

Funds Statewide Project

  • FY 2008/2009 plus FY 2009/10 Innovation Estimate is:

    • $11,575,200

    • We have received 25% of this, or $2,893,800 for planning activities

    • Planning money can be used for stakeholder meetings, planning staff, plan writing and extends through the end of FY 2009/10

Components of community planning process
Components of Community Planning Process Statewide Project

  • Meetings with BHS staff and consumer groups to identify unmet MHSA goals and develop topic areas for stakeholder groups

  • Stakeholder meetings based on Topic Areas (e.g. consumer employment, access for underserved groups, services for veterans, adoption of culturally specific practices, funding of client run businesses, etc.)

  • Open stakeholder meetings to entertain new ideas, not captured by Topic Area meetings

    • by geographic areas

    • by special interest

  • Staff work to determine scope, feasibility, timeline, etc for suggested projects.

  • Advisory Committee composed of BHS staff and community representatives to prioritize projects

  • Steering Committee discussion and selection of final projects to be included in plan

  • Post planning process
    Post-Planning process Statewide Project

    • 30-day local review

    • MHB Hearing following 30 day review

    • BOS Approval of submission of plan to DMH

    • Plan Submission

    • Communicate results (what is in the plan) back to stakeholders

    Kate pavich

    Kate Pavich Statewide Project

    MHSA Program

    Mhsa update
    MHSA Update Statewide Project

    • NAMI Family to Family Class in Vietnamese

    • Community Action Advisory Committee Elections (CAAC) 6/2/09

    • Spirituality Conference 6/4 and 6/5/09

    • 2nd Annual Vietnamese Family Fun Day ~ Health & Resource Fair 7/25/09

    401 s tustin street
    401 S. Tustin Street Statewide Project

    401 s tustin street1
    401 S. Tustin Street Statewide Project

    Wellness/Peer Support Center

    Education and Training Center

    Crisis residential
    Crisis Residential Statewide Project

    2009 mhsa art fair
    2009 MHSA Art Fair Statewide Project

    2009 mhsa art fair1
    2009 MHSA Art Fair Statewide Project

    2009 mhsa art fair2
    2009 MHSA Art Fair Statewide Project

    2009 mhsa art fair3
    2009 MHSA Art Fair Statewide Project

    Sharon browning1

    Sharon Browning Statewide Project

    Steering Committee Comments

    Public Comments

    Next steering committee meeting

    Next Steering Committee Meeting Statewide Project

    Monday July 6, 2009

    1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    Delhi Community Center

    505 East Central, Santa Ana, CA 92707