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Hồ Ly Vọng Investment Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Hồ Ly Vọng Investment Company

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Hồ Ly Vọng Investment Company
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Hồ Ly Vọng Investment Company

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  1. Joint Venture Development Opportunity Pristine Beachfront Site HolyVong, Vietnam Hồ Ly Vọng Investment Company

  2. LOCATION CHARACTERISTICS By Land • Vĩnh Hy bay 30 km far away from Phan Rang – Tháp Chàm city • Ninh Thuan have the main highway South-North Vietnam go through • Highway 27 connect Ninh Thuan and Da Lat which very convince for 2 tourist cities • The main rail way Hanoi- Saigon also go through Phan Rang- Tháp Chàm • The Government also approved to restore the rail way from Da Lat to Phan Rang which support and push the two tourism city • The bus from Phan Rang to Vinh Hy available every hour

  3. LOCATION CHARACTERISTICS (CONT) By sea route • The boat to Vinh Hy available 24/24 • Vinh Hy is on the key place on the sea route for tourist when they visit Vietnam • Ba Ngòi is one of the top 10 of seaport and one of the biggest of deep-water port in Vietnam By Plane Only 25km from Cam Ranh international airport to Vĩnh Hy. It is very convince for the businessmen or the customer

  4. LOCATION MAP & SITE CHARACTERISTICS • Vĩnh Hy is one of the top 4 the most beautiful bay in Vietnam. It is around 42km Phan Rang - Tháp Chàm city and only 25km from Cam Ranh airport • Vĩnh Hy Bay is surrounded by many mountains, cavern & original forests. This is one of the best bay & beachs with white sand & clear water, wonderful sea & so quite and peaceful. The important is not commercial area and keep many original features. • Vĩnh Hy bay has more than 307 kind of different coral, some of which were discovered 6 months ago. More than 50 kind of coral just found out in Vietnam only which make Vinh Hy very unique. The coral here is famous locally and it is a key point to attract the tourist. • Núi Chúa – national park- has dry ecosystem original and very special in Vietnam with some hundred special trees. The forest here is very rich and multiform about quality and quantity • Besides, Vinh Hy has many historical monument in the Vietnam war Holyvong

  5. LOCATION CHARACTERISTICS NATURAL • Ninh Thuận has a coastal line more than 18 thousand square meter & this is one of the very important fishing ground of Vietnam • Cà Ná beach has clean water & a pristine beach, besides Ninh Chữ have special white sand and both beach are one of the top 9 wonderful beach in Vietnam • On top of that, the special Bay is Vĩnh Hy which is one of the top 4 the most beautiful bay in Vietnam because have very clean water, deep, mountain around and the important is the still very original. Vinh Hy also has many coral reefs which are unbelievable with more than 300 kind of coral. Some just found out 1-2 years ago