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Structured Innovation Processes with use cases of railway - and hospital - systems

S OKRATES . Structured Innovation Processes with use cases of railway - and hospital - systems. G ROUP. Apps & Maps to get a „Think Focus Systems“ for Innovation. Hold the Big Picture based on Details. Content of the presentation. Innovation: Problems to solve

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Structured Innovation Processes with use cases of railway - and hospital - systems

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  1. SOKRATES Structured Innovation Processeswithusecases of railway-and hospital-systems GROUP Apps & Maps to get a „Think Focus Systems“ for Innovation Hold the Big Picture based on Details

  2. Content of the presentation • Innovation: Problems to solve • Why SokratesMapConcept? Big Picture / Details • SokratesGroup? • A use Case: - Innovation Cockpit for Railways- Innovation Cockpit for Innovators: FACES

  3. Innovation: Problems to solve? • Extremely complex decision making process • Contribution from each stakeholder is requested • Hard to enlighten the main issues • Challenging to illustrate interrelations between tasks • Problematic to perform a convincing root cause analysis • Tough to get all actionable alternatives considered • Not easy to qualify and quantify the various options • Difficult to measure the impact of the results • Missing effective continuous improvement process • Improving safety while reducing costs

  4. Hold the Big Picture based on Details Innovation: Problems to solve • The complexity of running systems is enormous • Changing a running system needs insights and overview • Visualization with the SokratesMapConceptmaximize individual and collective intelligence • Integrated pretests of collateral use and damage of innovation is a part of an integrated governance • Testing the economic impact of innovation needs overview

  5. SOKRATES GROUP Login Passwort SokratesGroup helps to collect know-how and to take innovative usage of it. • Partners are big and small companies, governments, universities, individuals, groups. • Goal is using the collective knowledge of the group to solve problems. • Main instruments are methods, which improve individual and collective insight and will provide overview for the participants. • The main part of library of the map and the apps is open for use and scaling up the individual and collective intelligence.

  6. I.A.M. Sokrates SOKRATES GROUP.com ... A powerful Development of Morphological Methods, The SOKRATESMAPCONCEPT® Visual Innovation Process Hold the Big Picture based on Details

  7. Visual Innovation Process Hold the Big Picture based on Details Improvement of Individual and Collective Insights

  8. Innovation- and Riskcockpit of an Hospital: „Hold the Big Picture, based on Details“ BoD – Top Management BCM Facility mgt Medicin Hospitality HR Care 1 Kittchen Technic Care2 Cafeteria Through visualization with zoom and drill-down functionality, time and money wasting sources are identified much faster and can be act upon. Your organization will save money and become stronger because more options for improvements will be analyzed. The management expertise thanks to this tools will be recognized among employees, customers and the media. The SokratesMapConcept uses information from existing management tools and generates massive cost savings. Organizations are entitled to expect a productivity increase of 3-10% in the first year - while at the same time increasing employee’s motivation. On top of that the liability risk of the management is largely reduced.

  9. Innovation Process: structured, visualized, fast, safe, based on collective intelligence

  10. Use Case Energy System of a Rail Infrastructure: How to check the adding value of an innovation: E.g. “FACES” Automated Fault Analysis System for High Voltage Network Wheredoesthe new solution impact my business process?

  11. Short description of the innovation “FACES” Automated Fault Analysis System for High Voltage Network: For additional information pleasevisit the following web site: http://www.systemseurope.be/faces/index.en.php

  12. Use Case: Structured Innovation Processes for Rail Systems Where does the new solution impact my business process?

  13. Impact of the Innovation on running System Visulized Specifications of the Innovation ? Powerful Decision Making Process for Innovation

  14. Ticket to Dispatching Centre: Ph-G fault on line # 2, at 12.5 km due to Crane Contact, Protection relay # 7 failed to detect the fault on Distance Protection Main features Multiplication of data makes interpretation challenging … FACES helps with … Prioritization to isolate the most critical events Location of the fault to reduce recovery time Identification of the root cause to optimise counter measures ContinuousImprovement of Protection System

  15. Why automation? infrastructure • Power system gets more stressed • Getting focus in the most important events • Reduce outage duration and power system vulnerability • Take advantage of operational data (SCADA) and non-operational data (IED) • Malfunctions due to accidental changes in relay settings • Detect mistake after commissioning like phase permutation, loose contact, polarity inversion of CT and VT – Latent faults may go unnoticed • Avoid repetitive work, retrieving files, converting files formats, simple calculations • More cooperation among personnel in different areas • Fast recovery change positively public perception • Regulator demands for information from utilities are increasing failure human resourses external ISBN: 978 – 2 – 85873 – 112 – 1

  16. Benefits • Improving power system performance: cost of power not delivered and reduction of restoration time • Efficiency and response time of the company personnel: time of analysis vs quality of outcome • Operationalstatistics: reporting to regulatory bodies and internalasset management tasks • Integrationof data frommany points should call for standardization efforts ISBN: 978 – 2 – 85873 – 112 – 1

  17. FACES™ offers significant advantages … for operations, maintenance and protection personnel and help answering the questions: • What are the mostcriticalevents ? • Where or what is the problem? • Can the line be safely returned to service? • Did the right relays respond the right way? • … are there any hidden wrong settings ? t

  18. Detect hidden failures • Inconsistency between Main and Backup protection • Detection of contacts discrepancy between circuit breaker poles • Wrong relay reset time • Auto-reclose initiated whereas the fault involves another phase during the dead time • Wrong behavior of the transfer scheme (teleprotection) NERC: protection relays are involved in about 75% of all major disturbances. Relay hidden failures causes relay malfunctions and blackouts in the past. IEEE 13 DEC 2010: ISBN: 978-1-4244-5938-4

  19. Whoisconcerned? analysis available within 5 minutes notification within 2 hours adequate time to collect data and complete evaluation Operator Operating personnel are responsible for returning to service as much of the electric system as practical within the shortest time possible. Maintenance personnel are charged with repairing and returning outages equipment to service. Protection personnel are responsible with the final assessment of the response correctness to a given fault condition. Fault clearing or equipment failure. Maintenance planning Protection Asset Management Maintenance Field Service t

  20. Where does the new solution impact my business process? Hold the Big Picture based on Details

  21. „Hold the Big Picture, based on Details“ Included Zoom-, Drilldown and other Functions Better decision making process in complex situation, reduce risks Integrate the intellectual contribution of each stakeholder Easier to explain the main issues More efficient to show interrelations between tasks Perform a root cause analysis without stress More creative to develop suitable actionable alternatives Qualify and quantify the options in a holistic way Effective measurement of implementation and results Support continuous improvement process Reduce costs Very easy and fast implementation of SokratesMapConcept … and have a look on “FACES”

  22. SOKRATES GROUP Login Passwort • Map Factories • Map Entwickler • Pro Bono Projekte • Wissenschaft • Akademie / Ausbildung • Applikationen/Karten nach - Branchen - Themen • Sokrates Fachbücher • Eigenverlag, Verlagspartner „We need your brain capacity“ • Methoden Entwicklung • IT Entwicklung und Betrieb • Marketing / Marktentwicklung / Angebote • Partnerbetreuung • Projektvermittlung • Investorenbetreuung, Mäzene • Über uns, Kontakt • Anwender • - Branchen • - Themen • Projekte • Zertifizierte Partner • Hochschulen Partner • Mitgliedschaften www.sokratesgroup.com Thomas Braun, Thomas.Braun@sokratesgroup.com, 0041 44 724 2686

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