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Island Surf Company

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Island Surf Company. Local Surf Board company based in Parksville. Island Surf Company. Private company owned by Scott Barbour who bought it after twelve years of business from Colin and his wife Sabine. Island Surf Company. Colin. Scott Barbour. Island Surf Company. Island Surf Company.

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island surf company

Island Surf Company

Local Surf Board company based in Parksville

island surf company1
Island Surf Company
  • Private company owned by Scott Barbour who bought it after twelve years of business from Colin and his wife Sabine
island surf company2
Island Surf Company


Scott Barbour

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Island Surf Company

History of the Business

In the Spring of 1998, they opened The Surf Shop in Qualicum Beach. After two and a half years at that location, the economy was struggling and their lease was about to expire, so they decided to close the retail store and continue renting gear to their many loyal customers directly from their own home.

In 2001, they were fortunate enough to buy some acreage in the country, which just happens to be situated beside the only Highway leading over to the West Coast of Vancouver Island. They renovated the existing Barn and were pleased to announce the opening of ISLAND LONGBOARDS in the Spring of 2003.

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Island Surf Company

Heading to Tofino for a day or more of surfing?Stop in on your way and catch up on the latest news and pick up some new gear or a rental from a buddy.

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Island Surf Company

Table 1: Demographics of surfers, beachgoers and their communities

1) King 2001 2) Hanemann et al. 2004 3) 2000 Census (weighted by % of respondents per city)

a) Median within range b) 51.1 percentile household income

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Island Surf Company

Why Do I think it is Successful business?

island surf company10
Island Surf Company

It caters to a demographic that can afford their services.

The average surfers have well paying jobs and post secondary education

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Island Surf Company

It has flexible hours that makes it convenient for the customer

This company prides it self on customer service with actual 24 hr board rentals and pick up/drop off services as late as 11 pm

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Island Surf Company

Island Surf Company

Cost surf board $25/ 24hrs

Business hrs 9 to 5

Web Reservations yes

Pick up/ drop off till 11 pm

Long Beach Surf Shop

Cost surf board $20/ 24hrs

Business hrs 9 to 5

Web Reservations No

Pick up/ drop off Business hrs only