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EagleEye Director PowerPoint Presentation
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EagleEye Director

EagleEye Director

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EagleEye Director

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  1. EagleEye Director

  2. Communicating Over Distance • 80% of all communication is non-verbal • Seeing distinct facial expressions and reading subtle body language is critical to absorbing the message • Organizations deploy telepresence solutions to fill these voids in communicating over distance • Yet all too often, participants are lost in a crowded room, off camera or too small to really interpret • Many users will not pick up the remote control to properly frame participants in the room • The meeting continues…but the communication falters

  3. Usability in the Conference Room • Experience in a typical video conference is rarely optimum • Cameras are zoomed-out to show whole room during entire meeting • Communication is impersonal, unnatural and not fully productive • Adjusting the camera interrupts natural flow and can often be difficult Impersonal

  4. Polycom EagleEye Director • Immersive Experience Personalizes Everyday Telepresence Conferencing • Delivers a groundbreaking shift in the telepresence experience • Affordably transforms every telepresence meeting into an immersive experience with close-up views of every speaker – regardless of their position in the room • Leverages patent-pending innovation – only from Polycom – to accurately locates active speakers by voice triangulation and face-finding techniques – system acts as the ‘production director’ • Training becomes more engaging, user adoption increases and delivers faster ROI

  5. Unique, Personalized Experience • High impact engagement and focus • Unlike outdated solutions there is nothing special for users to wear or do • System will find voice, detect facial features and properly zoom in and frame the active speaker • Dual-camera ‘Director’ will automatically position one or more active speakers properly in the field of view Impersonal Direct Impact

  6. Accurate Voice Detection • Seven microphone array built into the EagleEye Director quickly and accurately triangulates on the active speaker • Unlike any other, EagleEye Director will seamlessly transition between active speakers giving up-close views, complete perspective of the room and a breakthrough ‘studio production’ feel to the conference

  7. Importance of Facial Detection • Active algorithms accurately find active speakers in room • Innovative face-finding detects eyes, nose and mouth –eliminates false positives from audio waves ‘bouncing’ • Automatically determines if speaker is talking to far-end • Director makes smooth, clean transition to the speaker

  8. EagleEye Director with HDX Room Systems Affordable, Personalized Telepresence Leadership • Time-critical executive communications have greater impact with immersive experience • Team meetings are more productive when workgroups have improved understanding through personalized communications • Remote education loses distance when students and instructor can interact and move naturally – and not be tied down by the technology

  9. Polycom: Delivering UC Innovations with Purpose • Polycom is delivering groundbreaking innovation that resolves an age-old usability issue that has been ignored for too long • Polycom is the ONLY manufacturer to offer this level of enhanced, personalized, telepresence communication where every speaker in the room is seen ‘up-close’, expressive and direct • Intelligent Polycom solutions allow users to remain 100% focused on their communications and participate fully in their meeting – enhancing training and increasing user adoption and ROI • Other, outdated tracking systems are really not viable options – requiring users to deploy special “IR targets” with limited and often ineffective tracking to just a single speaker

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  12. Specifications • Polycom EagleEye Director • For ALL HDX Room Telepresence Systems (6000 – 9000) • Installation is quick and easy with a single camera cable to HDX • HDX version 3.0.1 or higher must be used (not included with accessory purchase) • Available as base-only, base + 1 camera & base + 2 cameras • Users should be within 25 feet of cameras