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Countdown Contributed by Mary Thompson PowerPoint Presentation
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Countdown Contributed by Mary Thompson

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Countdown Contributed by Mary Thompson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Countdown Contributed by Mary Thompson.

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Contributed by Mary Thompson

I have prepared a countdown power point. I know it is very simplistic, however, I'm a cover supervisor, and this is something that I need to address in my cover classes. I find it very difficult to focus the class at the beginning of a lesson. Often I come in after the class has been seated. There is always a lot of commotion and I need to get them started. I thought if I have a power point to start out at "5" and have written messages like, "you should be writing in your planner the date and learning objective." This gives me time to get the register taken without shouting over and over what they are doing.

Then on the countdown slide 4, I would have open your book (or a variety of commands clearly identified on the powerpoint.) Then 3 would be something like focus on the instructions for today's task. By now they should be settled and quiet. Then 2, thank you for your attention and the 1, now we can begin.

I am going to have various choices of commands I can choose from designed into the power point. Also I can back up the power point with my verbal directions. Also I will put a different sound for each number, or music, again to try to get them to settle down. My idea is that once they have seen my count down power point and hear the drum roll sound , then when they see me in a different cover class, they would know by maybe number 4 to be quiet.

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get ready
Get Ready


Exercise Books OUT!!

all eyes here
All Eyes Here


Open your book to…

today s task
Today’s Task


Copy the date, title and lesson objective .