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Passport 8600 Routing Switch. Release 3.3. Tactical Strategic. CIO’s Priorities. Do more with less Drive employee productivity with IT Use IT to grow revenues Use IT to anticipate customer requirements. Consistent customer experience everywhere. Business connectivity

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Presentation Transcript

Cio s priorities

Tactical Strategic

CIO’s Priorities

  • Do more with less

  • Drive employee productivity with IT

  • Use IT to grow revenues

  • Use IT to anticipate customer requirements

Needs of the future enterprise network

Consistent customer experience everywhere

Business connectivity

via the internet


Security for all


and services

Storage and networking

at light speed

IP telephony succeeds

traditional telephony

Needs of the future enterprise network

Key requirements
Key Requirements

  • High Availability

    • 99999s Reliability means uptime all the time. Bandwidth, Security and Quality of Service ensuring application delivery with fail-over schemes that preserve application integrity.

  • Operational Simplicity

    • Simple to install, Simple to maintain, Simple to manage. Reduced complexity through a ‘leaner’ more integrated intelligent infrastructure design.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    • Reduced purchase, installation and maintenance costs through reduced complexity, the ability to consolidate resources and a lower box count.

Applications drive infrastructure
Applications Drive Infrastructure

  • Streaming Video

    • Constant stream of data – no pauses or interruptions

    • Unidirectional – server to client

    • Low bandwidth – 2-4Mbps

  • VOIP (IP Telephony)

    • Constant stream of data – no pauses or interruptions

    • Bi-directional – client to client or peer-to-peer

    • Very low bandwidth – 8kbps-64kbps

  • Email

    • Sporadic bursts of traffic – varying size (attachments)

    • Bi-directional – client to server to client

    • Varying bandwidth - greedy, will take all available

Two tier infrastructure design
Two Tier Infrastructure design


High density 10/100 Ethernet ports for user connections and Gigabit Ethernet for riser connections. Access security controls and QoS mapping.


High Density Gigabit Ethernet for riser connections. ATM, SONET and Optical connections for MAN/WAN access and L4-7 Applications switching for Data Center integration.

What is required in a core switch
What is required in a core switch ?

  • Connectivity

    • Campus – Gig/10 Gig LAN

    • Metro –XD Gig, WDM, Optical

    • WAN – ATM,SONET, 10 Gig WAN

  • Features

    • QoS enforcement and Queuing

    • Redundancy with Hot Swap

    • Application Switching (L2-7)

  • Performance

    • Cross connect bandwidth

    • Low Latency & Jitter

    • Consistent throughput

Everywhere Else

Passport 8600 routing switch1

Modular Platform

Passport 8000 family

Layer 2 Switching

Layer 3 IP, IPMC and IPX Routing

Layer 4-7 Application Switching


10/100TX, 100FX

Gigabit SX, LX, ZX, XD & CWDM

10 Gigabit LR & LW


DS3, OC-3 and OC-12

Gateway functions

Switching/Routing done in Ethernet

Passport 8600 Routing Switch

Flexible platform
Flexible Platform

It fits in the wiring closet delivering high density (384) 10/100 Ethernet ports for user connections

It fits in the network center delivering high density (128) Gigabit Ethernet ports for aggregation, riser and MAN connections

It fits in the data center delivering high density L4-7 application switching for server selection & load balancing

It fits in MAN/WAN delivering Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gig E, CWDM , ATM and SONET connections

Resilient platform

Connections are made and packets are processed in hardware here by up to 8 I/O modules

Heat is removed here by 2 hot swappable cooling modules

Packets are transported to the egress port here through 2 load sharing CPU/Switch Fabric modules

Power is Supplied here by up to 3 hot swappable AC or DC load sharing P.S.U.s

Resilient Platform

Scalable platform
Scalable Platform here by up to 8 I/O modules

Sparing Option 3 Slot 6 Slot 10 Slot 10 Slot CO

Power 

CPU/Switch Fabric 

Cooling 


10/100 96 192 384 384

Gigabit 32 64 128 128

Passport architecture

CPU/Switching Fabric Modules here by up to 8 I/O modules

CPU/Switching Fabric Modules


Forwarding Table Processing


Forwarding Table Processing


I/O Module Cross Connect


I/O Module Cross Connect

I/O Module

I/O Module


Lookup & Packet Processing


Lookup & Packet Processing


Forwarding & Filtering Tables


Forwarding & Filtering Tables

Passport Architecture

All Packets take same path through shared memory switching fabrics to the egress port ensuring consistent low latency and jitter and unmatched multicast scaling

All Packet Processing occurs on the I/O Modules with lookup from in memory ensuring scalability and wire rate performance

Custom ASICs (RAPTARU) per port perform Packet filtering, forwarding, routing, security & QoS functions

Passport l2 switching
Passport L2 Switching here by up to 8 I/O modules

Outer Switches dual-homed using standard link aggregation protocols.

  • HA Mode

    • CPU mirroring ensures zero impact failure

  • Distributed MLT

    • Link aggregation over multiple modules removes single point of failure.

  • Split-MLT

    • Link aggregation used for network resiliency

    • Two switches act as one

    • All links active and passing traffic

    • No need for the additional complexity of multiple VLANs

Two Passport 8600s share forwarding tables and act as one through the IST.

“Split-MLT is the only mechanism that will protect sensitive applications like VOIP from network outages.”

Passport l3 routing

A Single Gateway address is now balanced across both Passport 8600s.

Passport L3 Routing

  • Routing Protocol Support

    • RIP1,2, OSPF and BGP4

  • VRRP Backup-Master

    • Simplifies network configuration

    • Better network utilization

  • VRRP fast interval timers

    • Faster VRRP fail-over

    • Sub-second to match Split-MLT

  • IP and IPX routing policies

    • Improved control of routes

    • Increase security and control.

Backup-Master allows an 8600 that is in backup mode to route traffic

“Backup-Master simplifies network design by balancing traffic and reducing the number of subnets/DHCP scopes.”

Passport l4 7 application switching
Passport L4-7 Application Switching Passport 8600s.

  • Improved Network Utilization

    • Load balancing of IP applications

    • Server selection with Health-checking

    • Metering and controlling bandwidth usage

  • Improved Performance

    • Appliance (Cache,SSL) redirection

    • Streaming media (Language splicing)

    • Providing fault tolerance

  • Tighter Security

    • Network Address Translation

    • DoS Attack buffer

    • Processing traffic filters

“The Alteon Web Switching module brings Alteon’s market leading L4-7 capabilities to the Passport 8600.”

Passport multicast

PIM-SSM acts like a static route for multicast. Passport 8600s.

Passport Multicast

Shared memory architecture delivers superior multicast performance

  • Passport 8600 shared memory architecture is the basis of unequalled Multicast scaling and performance.

  • PIM-SSM allows source specific multicast trees to be created, essential in mass multimedia (TV) applications.

  • Fast join and leave capability improves stream setup time and reduces bandwidth.

Fast join and leave allows selection of multicast stream just like TV channel hopping

Passport qos

ASIC Based Flow Filters Passport 8600s.


Wire Speed QoS

Multi-level capabilities

Layer 2,3,4 and 7

802.1p (L2)

Granular Queuing

8 Hardware queues ensure application delivery

Multi-media filters

Pre-set VOIP and Multi-media filters simplify QoS deployment.









“Passport Xpress Classification performs wire-speed lookup and packet classification on a per port basis.”

Passport QoS

“With 8 hardware queues per port the Passport 8600 has QoS granularity for the most demanding environment.”

Passport configuration 1 2 3
Passport Configuration 1 2 3 Passport 8600s.

  • Pick any starter pack.

    • 3, 6 or 10 slot chassis

  • Add redundancy options

    • Add additional power supplies

    • Add a second switching fabric

  • Choose the I/O modules

    • ‘E’ or ‘M’ Modules

    • Ethernet 10/100, Gigabit and 10Gigabit

    • ATM/SONET DS3, OC3 and OC12

    • Application Switching

Passport advantage
Passport Advantage Passport 8600s.

  • High Availability

    • Industry leading reliability features deliver the only networking solution capable of protecting sensitive applications like VOIP form network outages.

  • Operational Simplicity

    • The simplistic approach to network design and deployment with embedded intelligence further enhances reliability and at the same time reduces costs.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    • High Availability and Operational Simplicity combine to deliver the best platform for One Network and increased ROI for the business.

Campus lan solution

Campus LAN Solution Passport 8600s.

Campus architecture

Access Layer Passport 8600s.

PCs, Printers, etc.

High Density 10/100

L2 Ethernet switching

Aggregation Layer

Consolidation point

Mixture 10/100 & Gigabit

L2/L3 Ethernet switching


Nucleus, Servers, Metro

High Density Gigabit

L3 Routing

Campus Architecture

Floor 1…………..Floor x

Design Issues

At layer 2 these extra links need to be blocked to prevent network loops. This is usually implemented using a protocol called spanning tree (802.1d)

Spanning tree protocol prevents these loops by deciding the best links to use and blocking all the rest.

Basically you’re paying for stuff you can’t use !



Spanning tree features
Spanning Tree Features Passport 8600s.

  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

    • Provides redundant paths and detects loops in L2 networks

    • Redundant links are activated after failure

    • Redundant links are not utilized for data traffic

    • Slow network convergence - minimum of 30 seconds

    • Fast L3 redundant protocols like VRRP and OSPF depend on slow STP convergence

  • Spanning Tree Protocol - Proprietary Hacks and Fixes

    • Uplink Fast, Port Fast, Fast Start

    • Improves convergence time by 15-30 seconds

    • Bandwidth is still wasted by blocked ports

  • 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

    • Faster convergence, 5 seconds on failure

    • Same re-convergence, 30 seconds plus on repair

    • Same restriction on redundant links

Spanning Tree will not protect applications

S mlt link aggregation
S-MLT Link Aggregation Passport 8600s.

Our Fresh approach to the spanning tree problem

“Extends reliability benefits to attached 3rd party switches through 802.3AD link aggregation”

  • Description

    • Split MLT makes the two core switches act as one at Layer 2

    • Standard Link aggregation protocols used for network resiliency as well as bandwidth

    • Both Links are active, appear as one, with traffic balanced across all available links.

  • Advantages

    • Less complex than spanning tree

    • Better bandwidth utilization

    • Faster Fail-over and recovery

    • Protects applications from outages

    • In service hitless upgrades

“Maintains state of voice and video sessions through fail-over”

Passport 8600 campus
Passport 8600 Campus Passport 8600s.

3 Slot chassis with SX Gig blades, configured as an L2 aggregator device with QoS enforced through Diffserv interrogation and hardware queuing

10 Slot CO chassis with mixture of SX, LX and XD Gig, configured as on ramp to Service provider OE network.

10 Slot chassis with mixture of SX and LX Gig blades, configured as an L3 core routing device with IP routing and QoS enforced through Diffserv interrogation and hardware queuing

10 Slot chassis with 10/100 blades, configured as an L2 edge device with QoS enforced through Diffserv marking and hardware queuing

6 Slot chassis with mixture of SX Gig and 10/100 Gig blades, configured as an L2 edge device in the server farm. Intelligent content switching through WSM blade.

Metro bandwidth challenge
Metro Bandwidth Challenge Passport 8600s.

  • New multimedia applications require more bandwidth

    • Multi channel Gigabit metro solution is the answer, but…

    • Normally this would require

      • Multiple expensive leased fiber runs for resilience or

      • Expensive and complex DWDM equipment to reduce fibers

  • Challenge is to provide High bandwidth services, while….

    • Keeping leased fiber costs to a minimum

    • Without wasting fibers (dead sparing)

    • Maintaining reliability (Application state)

3 part metro optical solution

16 Gigs On a Single Fiber Passport 8600s.

3 Part Metro Optical Solution

  • Colored GBICs in Switches

    • Standard interface

    • 8 ‘flavors’ Long reach (90km)

  • Optical MUX

    • Fiber Saver

    • Distributed 10 Gig Solution

  • Optical Add/Drop MUX

    • Splits Wavelength in two

    • Doubles the bandwidth

One fiber Out

8 Gigs in

Breakout one, pass the rest

Cwdm metro design

OADM Passport 8600s.





CWDM Metro Design

Gigabit channel bonded together with MLT for high bandwidth and faster fail-over




1 Gigabit East and 1 Gigabit West deliver resiliency

Simple plug and play operation reduces deployment costs

‘RED’ channel used for additional IST link to increase bandwidth and redundancy in a distributed POP environment.



Backup information

Backup Information Passport 8600s.

Ethernet modules
Ethernet Modules Passport 8600s.

  • Hot swappable

  • Wire speed routing

  • Gigabit connectivity with copper and fiber

Atm and sonet modules
ATM and SONET Modules Passport 8600s.

  • Hot Swappable

  • RFC 1483 routed and bridged PVCs

  • 512 PVCs per Module


To I/O card Passport 8600s.

To I/O card


To I/O card


Switch Fabric/

CPU Module

1. Packet arrives

2. Queue Manager sends packet header to XC



To I/O card



3. XC implements packet policy, sends packet to Queue Manager

To I/O card


4. Queue Manager sends packet to Switch Fabric



I/O Module


5. Switch fabric schedules packet forwarding into one of eight queues based on priority






6. Packet is sent to outbound I/O card and buffered if necessary





7. Packet is transmitted on outbound interface

This Entire Process Always Takes Less than 10uS


To I/O card Passport 8600s.

To I/O card


To I/O card


All updates performed

out of band


Switch Fabric/

CPU Module

1. Policy downloaded by CPU to all XCs at startup



To I/O card




To I/O card

2. Route/SPT updates and unknown addresses passed to CPU


3. CPU copies new information to all XCs simultaneously

I/O Module