Welcome to dr hutcherson s room
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Welcome to Dr. Hutcherson’s Room. Rules. 1. Follow directions the first time. 2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself. 3. Raise your hand and wait to be called on before talking. 4. Use kind words and actions. 5. Come to class prepared (paper,

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Welcome to dr hutcherson s room

Welcome to Dr. Hutcherson’s Room


  • 1. Follow directions the first time.

  • 2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to


  • 3. Raise your hand and wait to be called

    on before talking.

  • 4. Use kind words and actions.

  • 5. Come to class prepared (paper,

    sharpened pencils, and completed



We use the Clip Chart. Everyone starts the day on Green. Good behavior earns “clipping up”. Starting from green, the clipping up goes in succession to the following:

  • Yellow - praise

  • Orange – a special priviledge

  • Red

    When a student reaches red, he/she gets a sticker for his/her clothespin, and I wear the clothespin on my nametag for all to see!

    The clipping down, in succession

    goes as follows:

Consequences cont
Consequences cont.

  • Poor choices earns consequences as well. Clipping down, in succession, goes as follows:

    • Blue – warning

    • Purple – sits alone for 15 minutes at lunch

    • Pink- sits entire lunch alone and email home

  • Missing homework earns a clip down. If this continues to happen, student will earn zeros.

Grading policies
Grading policies

  • In all Subjects

    • Subtract 1point for punctuation

    • Subtract 2 points for no name

    • Subtract 5 points for every day assignment is late.

    • Subtract 5 points if work is complete, but just not turned into the homework box on time, which is before 8:00 the morning after the work was assigned.

Additional grading issues
Additional Grading Issues

  • Most subjects include

    • Homework

    • Classwork

    • Tests/Quizzes

    • participation

  • Grades circled in red are averaged toward report card grades

    • What looks like a fraction is the number correct over total possible number

Take home folders and 3 ring binders
Take Home Folders and 3 Ring Binders

  • Binder Contents:

    • All corrected papers from present 9 weeks

    • Review contents with your child on Tuesdays and return binder to school the next day.

    • Leave papers in binder

  • Take Home Folder

    • Student’s homework on left

    • Notes to home on right.

      • Keep notes home

  • Contact me if you have concerns. 264-6543


  • Please check your child’s agenda every night and initial that night.

  • Check for my handwritten notes.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to fill out his/her agenda every day.

Spelling and wordly wise
Spelling and Wordly Wise

  • Spelling

    • Final Test on Wednesday

  • Wordly Wise for the rest of the week.

    • Final test is multiple choice.

      • Test day of week will vary.

Odds and ends
Odds and Ends

  • Math

    • Speed drills

    • Envision Math

  • Snack

    • Please nothing with a spoon

    • Good snacks

      • Fruit, crackers, cheese, yogurt

      • No peanut butter

    • Cheese

  • Water Bottles

    • Pop tops

    • Unbreakable bottle


  • Research

    • Homework/reading over notes helps students retain newly learned information longer.

    • Specify a homework/study place away from distractions.

    • Expect an average of an hour nightly.

Pets in the classroom
Pets in the classroom????

  • Two guinea pigs

    • Ginger

    • Nutmeg

  • Anyone with animals allergies???

  • Ball Python

    • Medusa

    • Anyone object to a snake in the classroom???

  • Welcome to dr hutcherson s room