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Introduction to Linguistics. Laughter and Language A short intro to linguistics. Nathalie F. Martin. Introduction to Linguistics. LI 2013 Nathalie F. Martin. Linguists Don’t Necessarily Know Many Languages. Linguists do grammar differently. What Didja Ya Say?.

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Introduction to linguistics
Introduction to Linguistics

Laughter and Language

A short intro to linguistics

Nathalie F. Martin

Introduction to linguistics1

Introduction to Linguistics

LI 2013 Nathalie F. Martin

What didja ya say
What Didja Ya Say?

Linguists Study Language As It Is Spoken

Spoken language slang

Linguists have the tools to study slang!

This also covers non verbal communication
This Also Covers Non-verbal communication

Theoretical linguistics
Theoretical linguistics

  • Phonetics

  • Phonology

  • Morphology

  • Syntax

  • Semantics

  • Pragmatics

(Language Sounds)

(Language Sounds Interaction)

(Word parts)

(Arrangement of Words in a Sentence)

(Word & sentence Meanings)

(Language in Use)

Phonetics language sounds accents
Phonetics (Language Sounds):Accents

Phonetics language sounds pronounciation
Phonetics (Language Sounds):Pronounciation

Phonology analysis of sounds within a language
Phonology:Analysis of sounds within a language

Morphology word parts
Morphology (Word Parts):

Syntax putting speech together
Syntax:Putting SpeechTogether


Arrangement of words in sentences

(spoken language or written language)

Semantics word meanings many words have more than one meaning
Semantics(Word Meanings):Manywords have more than one meaning

Pragmatics language in use
Pragmatics (Language in use)

Pragmatics language in use1
Pragmatics (Language in use)

Applied linguistics





  • Theoretical Linguistics:

    • Phonetic

    • Phonology

    • Morphology

    • Syntax

    • Lexicology

    • Semantic

Language policies and planning






Applied Linguistics


What s it to me
“What s‘it to me?”

Branches and fields of linguistics:

  • Language acquisition

  • Psycholingusitics

  • Sociolinguistics

    • Differences between social classes, gender, age

  • Language preservation

  • Teaching

  • Translation

    Lexicographer: dictionaries

    Foreign language teacher



    Speech therapist


Language acquisition
Language Acquisition

Once in Church, we asked the children in Sunday School to explain the meaning of complicated « christianees » words.

When asked the meaning of « sinner » many of them replied:

« More Sin »

They applied the rule that is used for adjectives like « big » that becomes « bigger », « fat », that becomes « fatter ». They did not yet realize that « sin » is a noun and they did not understand the meaning of the word.

Psycholinguistics language anomalies
Psycholinguistics:Language Anomalies

Sociolinguistics language differences between social classes
Sociolinguistics:Language differences between Social Classes:

Language difference between genders
Language Difference Between Genders

Written or spoken language
Written or Spoken Language?


Texting and it’seffects on writtenlanguage

Preservation of native languages
Preservation of Native Languages


Linguists like the ones working for SIL or Wycliff need a good grasp of Linguistic Theory and Practice.

Difficulties in translation
Difficulties in translation

Doubtful translations

Missionary work
Missionary Work

Somewords of caution concerningmissionarywork: