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Visualize Your Understanding

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Visualize Your Understanding. Ann Shlapobersky Eric Cohen Books – ETAI: Eilat 2012. What will we do?. Define what is a graphic organizer Discuss the purpose of a graphic organizer Look at samples of graphic organizers Activate you minds… Discuss how it helps the reader/learner.

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visualize your understanding

Visualize Your Understanding

Ann Shlapobersky

Eric Cohen Books – ETAI: Eilat 2012

what will we do
What will we do?
  • Define what is a graphic organizer
  • Discuss the purpose of a graphic organizer
  • Look at samples of graphic organizers
  • Activate you minds…
  • Discuss how it helps the reader/learner
what are graphic organizers
What are Graphic Organizers?

visual learning tool that uses symbols to express ideas and concepts

knowledge maps, concept maps, story maps, cognitive organizers, advanced organizers or concept diagrams

“form a powerful visual picture of information and allow the mind ‘to see’ undiscovered patterns and relationships.” Instructional Strategies Online

when teaching a text we
When teaching a text we…
  • Pre-reading comprehension activities
    • title
    • pictures
    • proper nouns
  • Teach vocabulary
  • Read to them, stop, ask questions
  • And…..
how do i use a graphic organizer
How do I use a graphic organizer?
  • Before reading the text
    • elicits prior knowledge (what you already know)
    • helps discover what else you want to know
  • While reading
    • organizes information
  • After reading
    • helps interpret what was read
    • identifies relationships between ideas/concepts
    • connects concepts
    • recognizes new knowledge
how do they help the students
How do they help the students?
  • organize their ideas and let them ‘visualize’ connections between the ideas
  • gain a better understanding of the underlying concepts 
  • give structure the most essential ideas
  • improve reading and vocabulary knowledge and understanding
looking at a few
Looking at a few….

KWL - knows (K), wants to know (W), and has learned (L)

KWHL - knows (K), wants to know (W), how to find (H) and has learned (L)

Venn Diagram– compare and/or contrast

Persuasive Map- formulate ideas for a persuasive argument: goal, reasons to support it and conclusion

Sequence Chart- clarify the sequence of events or to infer cause and effect relationships

Story Map– defines setting, time, place, characters, conflict, events and resolution

Cause and Effect– cause to effects

Mind Map – organize thoughts or ideas

  • Amina and the Animal (Our World Stories)
  • Flowers are Red by Harry Chapin(Mind Matters)
  • Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins (Literature for 4pt and 5th Option 1)
available from the web
Available from the Web

Think Technology

Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension (Scholastic)

Graphic Organizers (Education Oasis)

Story Map (ReadWriteThink)

Interactive Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers Maker

Graphic Organizers (Education Place) (search ‘graphic organizer”)

reading about
Reading about….

Graphic Organizers (Teacher Tap)

How To Use Graphic Organizers To Enhance Learning

Instructional Strategies Online

Using Graphic Organizers as Study Guides

Graphic Organizers