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Introduction to SAE in Pennsylvania

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Introduction to SAE in Pennsylvania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to SAE in Pennsylvania. Read this carefully!. Wanted: Landscape Maintenance worker, Operate a lawn mower and power blower. Need a person who can work with out supervision. Experience required. Call 515-7743. Read this carefully!.

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Presentation Transcript
read this carefully
Read this carefully!

Wanted: Landscape Maintenance worker, Operate a lawn mower and power blower. Need a person who can work with out supervision. Experience required. Call 515-7743.

read this carefully1
Read this carefully!

Vet Assistant needed. Mayflower Animal Hospital needs an experienced individual to work 20 hours a week. Duties including bathing animals, grooming and feeding of animals. Apply in person at 316 Walnut Street.

read this carefully2
Read this carefully!

Wanted: Dependable person to handle over the counter sales in a busy garden center. Pay is $7.50 an hour. Neat appearance important along with the ability to work with people. Experience in working with plants a must. Call 515-2396 for an interview.

what was the same in all 3 ads
What was the same in all 3 ads?
  • Each advertisement wanted the person to be experienced. People who have experience have the edge in landing a job. But:
    • How do you get experience without first having a job?
    • How do you get a job without first having experience?



gaining experience
Gaining Experience!!
  • Question:
    • How can you gain experience to get a job (or prepare for college)?
  • Answer:


  • Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)
what is sae
What is SAE?
  • Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Programs consist of planned practical activities conducted outside of class time in which students develop and apply agricultural knowledge and skills.
how does a sae help me
How Does a SAE Help Me?
  • Develop skills that can be used in getting a job
  • Provides the opportunity to make money
  • Develops skills that can be used in starting you own business
  • Helps develop management skills
  • Develop computer skills.
how does a sae help me1
How Does a SAE Help Me...?
  • Learn record keeping skills
  • Improves analytical and decision making skills
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Provides the opportunity to explore possible careers
how does a sae help me2
How Does a SAE Help Me...?
  • Develops knowledge and skills that could be helpful in college, as a hobby or for recreation.
  • Provides the opportunity to win awards: FFA proficiency awards are based on the SAE program. In addition to winning awards, money can be won at regional, state and national levels
how does a sae help me3
How Does a SAE Help Me...?
  • FFA degrees are partially based on the SAE. You must have a SAE program to advance.
  • In order to be a state or national officer, you first must have an advanced FFA degree which is partially based on SAE.
  • Could help the grade in Agriculture class.
types of sae in pa
Types of SAE in PA
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Placement
  • Conservation
  • Improvement
  • Practicum Skills
  • Research
  • The student plans, implements, operates and assumes financial risks in a farming activity or agricultural business.
  • In Entrepreneurship programs, the student owns the materials and other required inputs and keeps financial records to determine return to investments.
entrepreneurship examples
Entrepreneurship examples:
  • Growing a garden or a crop
  • Operating a Christmas tree farm
  • Raising pigs, sheep or cattle
  • Running a pay-to-fish operation
  • Raising vegetables or flowers to sell
  • Owning and operating a lawn care service
  • A group of students growing a crop of poinsettias
entrepreneurship examples continued
Entrepreneurship Examples (continued)
  • Raising poultry – chickens, ducks, etc
  • Raising rabbits or guinea pigs
  • Having a pleasure horse
  • Breeding show dogs
  • Raising goats
  • Operating a corn maze
  • Growing strawberries or blueberries
  • Creating and selling floral arrangements
  • Employment programs involve the placement of students on farms or in agricultural businesses, to provide a "learning by doing" environment.
  • This is done outside of normal

classroom hours and may be paid

or non-paid.

employment examples
Employment Examples
  • Working in a florist shop
  • Working after school at a farm supply store
  • Working on Saturdays at a riding stable
  • Working in a small animal hospital
  • Placement on a farm
  • Working in the produce or meat department of a grocery store.
more employment examples
More Employment Examples
  • Working in a small engine repair shop
  • Working in the nursery of a department store
  • Working at a local kennel
  • Working at a local orchard
  • Working at a livestock or produce auction
  • Working in a state or county park
  • Working for the Conservation District
  • Working at the local hardware store
  • The student studies wildlife and the environment and conducts activities to improve the environment and provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Conservation projects usually include multiple activities throughout the year.
conservation examples
Conservation Examples:
  • Build, erect and monitor bird boxes
  • Place bird feeders and maintain a log of birds seen
  • Plant a butterfly garden
  • Make casts of animal tracks
  • Design a conservation exhibit for a local fair.
  • Raise pheasants or quail
  • Plant evergreens for wildlife cover
  • Plant apple or crabapple trees for wildlife food
conservation examples1
Conservation Examples:
  • Construct brush piles for wildlife
  • Do a stream improvement project
  • Plant a tree seedling nursery
  • Develop a PowerPoint to identify trees and wildlife common to your area.
  • Do a stream study.
  • Mow strips in a field to improve habitat
  • Plant wildlife food plots – corn, sunflowers, etc
  • Trap nuisance wildlife (muskrats on a dam)
conservation project opportunities
Conservation Project Opportunities

The Pennsylvania Game Commission provides regional (Game Commission regions) and state level monetary awards for outstanding conservation projects.

  • Improvement activities include a series of learning activities that improve the value or appearance of the place of employment, home, school or community; the efficiency of an enterprise or business, or the living conditions of the family.
  • An improvement activity involves a series of steps and generally requires a number of days for completion.
improvement examples
Improvement Examples:
  • Landscaping the home
  • Building a fence
  • Remodeling and painting a room
  • Overhauling a piece of equipment
  • Building or reorganizing a shop
  • Renovating and restocking a pond
  • Computerizing the records of an agricultural business
practicum skill
Practicum Skill
  • These projects allow students to gain knowledge through:
  • Non-experimental research
  • Exploring various areas of agriculture
  • Exploring agricultural careers.

To qualify for the Keystone degree with a practicum skills project, you must work and document 300 hours outside of class time.

practicum skill examples
Practicum Skill Examples:
  • Develop a marketing plan for an agricultural commodity
  • Write a series of newspaper articles about the environment
  • Design a land use plan for your school district
  • Develop a landscape design for a community facility
  • Design an advertising campaign for an agribusiness
  • Attend a county or state conservation camp
practicum skill examples1
Practicum Skill Examples:
  • Observe and/or assist a florist
  • Grow plants in a milk jug "greenhouse"
  • Assist on a horse farm for a day
  • Interview an agricultural loan officer in a bank
  • Prepare a scrapbook on the work of a veterinarian
  • Attend an agricultural career day
  • Volunteer at a zoo
school related practicum skill examples
School Related Practicum Skill Examples
  • Work in the school greenhouse or land lab
  • Serve as a school lab assistant.
  • Develop and or maintain the FFA chapter website.
  • Develop and/or participate in a recycling or litter pick up program
  • Plant a butterfly garden at an elementary school
  • An extensive activity where the student plans and conducts a major agricultural experiment using the scientific process. The purpose of the experiment is to provide students "hands-on" experience in:
    • 1. Verifying, learning or demonstrating scientific principles in agriculture.
    • 2. Discovering new knowledge.
    • 3. Using the scientific process.
research examples
Research Examples
  • Comparing the effect of various planting media on plant growth
  • Determining the impact of different levels of protein on fish growth
  • Comparing three rooting hormones on root development
  • Determining if phases of the moon have an effect on plant growth
research examples continued
Research Examples, continued
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of different display methods on plant sales in a garden center
  • Demonstrating the impact of different levels of soil acidity on plant growth
  • Determining the strength of welds using different welding methods
  • Determining the effectiveness of using earthworms to recycle various wastes – leaves, paper, cafeteria waste
research project opportunities
Research Project Opportunities

Your research project is eligible for competition in the Agriscience and Agri-science Fairs at the FFA state and national levels as well as at your local fairs and the state Farm Show in Harrisburg.

sae and you
SAE and You

After reviewing this PowerPoint, talk to your parents and agriculture teacher and decide the type of SAE that will work for you.

sae and you1
SAE and You

After you decide which type of SAE you will do:

  • With your agriculture teacher’s help decide if you will be doing your records by hand (paper and pencil) or on the computer.
  • With your agriculture teacher’s help select the appropriate record book section for your SAE.
  • If you are using the computer records, download the appropriate sections from the state FFA website.
  • Remember every SAE record book MUST include a common pages section.
sae and you2
SAE and You
  • Each February the Pennsylvania FFA sponsors a state record book CDE.
  • The best SAE books from your chapter may be entered.
sae and you3
SAE and You

The best SAE books entered in the state CDE will receive gold, silver and bronze awards.

The PA FFA Foundation awards a cash prize for the top record book in each county.

sae and you4
SAE and You
  • Mid Atlantic Farm Credit and Ag Choice provide:
  • $250 for the top record book in each of the 4 FFA regions.
  • $500 for the top record book in Pennsylvania
  • These awards are presented on stage at the PA FFA Summer Convention in June at Penn State
sae and you5
SAE and You

As stated before:

The PA Game Commission also provides regional (Game Commission regions) and state level monetary awards for outstanding conservation projects.

sae and you6
SAE and You

State and National Proficiency Awards

Students with outstanding record books are encouraged to complete a proficiency award application by the beginning of April.

sae and you7
SAE and You
  • State Regional Proficiency winners receive $25 and a plaque.
  • State Proficiency winners receive $100 and a plaque and represent Pennsylvania in national competition.
sae and you8
SAE and You

While a SAE program may contain just one type of activity, the goal should be to show growth each year, either by improving or expanding your original project or adding an additional SAE. This maximizes learning and your chances for awards.

sae which one is for you
SAE: Which One is for You?


Practicum Skill





turning sae into a job
A “word ladder” is an activity where one letter in a word is changed to form a new word. You change one letter at a time until you have a new word. See if you can change SAE into JOB.Turning SAE into a JOB

• J O B

• __ __ __

• __ __ __

• __ __ __

• S A E


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test your knowledge
Test Your Knowledge
  • All Pennsylvania SAE record books require a _________ section:
  • Common pages
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Improvement
  • Research

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test your knowledge1
Test Your Knowledge

If you are restoring an antique tractor and will be keeping track of your time and expenses, you would use a ____ record book section.

  • Research
  • Improvement
  • Practicum skills
  • Entrepreneurship

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test your knowledge2
Test Your Knowledge

Your SAE is taking care of the rabbits and other small animals in the school animal laboratory. You are not paid and the school pays all the expenses. You will keep a _____ record book.

A. entrepreneurship

B. Placement

C. Practicum skills

D. research

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test your knowledge3
Test Your Knowledge

If you keep your record book on the computer, you may download it directly from the ________________.

A. National FFA website

B. State FFA website

C. PA Dept. of Agriculture website

D. Penn State website

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test your knowledge4
Test Your Knowledge

You are doing your SAE on the effects of acid rain on the growth of oak tree seedlings. You would use a ______ record book.

A. entrepreneurship

B. placement

C. conservation

D. research

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test your knowledge5
Test Your Knowledge

You have elected to raise chinchillas to sell to local pet stores for your SAE. You will use a ______ record book.

A. Entrepreneurship

B. Research

C. Conservation

D. Practicum skills

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test your knowledge6
Test Your Knowledge

At the state record book CDE, your records are selected as the best in your county, you will receive a check from the ______.

  • Pennsylvania FFA Association

B. Pennsylvania FFA Foundation

C. Penn State University

D. National FFA Association

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test your knowledge7
Test Your Knowledge

You are working with your local watershed association to monitor the quality of water in a local stream. This will be part of your _______ record book.

  • research

B. employment

C. practicum skills

D. conservation

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test your knowledge8
Test Your Knowledge

Your mother comes home and says that her friend is looking for someone to work at their produce market. If you take this job you would use a ______ record book.

A. entrepreneurship

B. employment

C. practicum skills

D. research

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test your knowledge9
Test Your Knowledge

If you do an outstanding job with your record book and SAE you may be encouraged to apply for a ____________ award.

A. American

B. conservation

C. computer literacy

D. proficiency

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test your knowledge10
Test Your Knowledge

For your SAE you will be helping your parents to convert the garage into a family room. You would use a(n) _____ record book.

A. entrepreneurship

B. employment

C. improvement

D. practicum skills

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Now that you have decided on your SAE
  • And you have selected the appropriate record book section, next you should:
  • View the power point for common pages
  • View the power point for the record book section you will use
  • Decide whether to use the handwritten or computer method to record your records
  • Good luck with your SAE and record book
  • We hope to see YOUR record book in the state record book competition!