the dyna write by dyna vox n.
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The Dyna-Write by Dyna-Vox PowerPoint Presentation
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The Dyna-Write by Dyna-Vox

The Dyna-Write by Dyna-Vox

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The Dyna-Write by Dyna-Vox

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  1. The Dyna-Write by Dyna-Vox

  2. The Dyna-Write is a standard keyboard communication device. This device has a variety of features including text-to-speech, auto completion of preset words and the ability to upload voices and sounds.

  3. Jessica, a student in Mr. Chaleki’s Functional Academic Learning Support (FALS) class uses this device to interact in class. The Dyna-Write was provided the Department of Assistive Technology of Baltimore County Public Schools.

  4. Mr. Chaleki describes Jessica as a non-verbal student who uses the Dyna-Write to communicate and interact with the class. He has uploaded pre-selected words to the device so that Jessica can use the automatic complete feature to respond when she needs to.

  5. Mr. Chaleki took it upon himself to figure out how the Dyna-Write device worked through trial and error and troubleshooting. Mr. Chaleki did note that he has the manual and the case that the device comes in if he has questions on how to use the device.

  6. If the device breaks or needs maintenance, Mr. Chaleki will contact the Department of AT and they will either come to the school to repair the device or the device will simply be replaced because Jessica’s IEP requires the school to provide her access to this type of device in class.

  7. Mr. Chaleki describes this device as a medium tech. device that is simple to use and will work well in a professional setting . He does however, prefer to use this device for short-term goals of communication with students because he has noticed that Jessica has become conditioned to respond with the Dyna-Write and shows some defiance when asked to complete tasks such as saying “please and “thank you”.

  8. Mr. Chaleki assesses Jessica’s success with using the Dyna-Write through observing her in class interacting with her classmates and how she responds when she is asked a direct question about the material being taught.