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Cindy Dana Derile Karishma Pavitri Sarafina

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Group Members. Cindy Dana Derile Karishma Pavitri Sarafina. Topic : Impacts of Globalization on Tourism . Definitions: Tourism is the movement of people from a place of abode to a destination for reasons other than work usually for recreational or leisure purposes

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Group Members







Topic : Impacts of Globalization on Tourism


Tourismis the movement of people from a place of abode to a destination for reasons other than work usually for recreational or leisure purposes

Globalizationis the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of culture

How Globalization can affect tourism

Tourism is inexplicably linked to global economic, social, environmental, and political trends. Both the public and private sphere set policies that impact global trends in tourism. Many look to sustainable tourism as the “end-all-and-be-all” to address all tourism-based challenges, but others note that mass tourism should not be neglected. Since the fate of the tourist industry is so interconnected with most global issues, managing tourism should be addressed by governments and international governance organizations.

Economic impact : The other primary industries--sugar and bananas--have suffered significant losses due to increased competition from globalization, making tourism even more important to the Caribbean.

Although the Caribbean region has less than 1 percent of the world's population, it receives more than 3 percent of the tourist arrivals globally. This results in direct economic impact, as well as indirect economic benefits, including increased gross domestic product, or GDP, business creation, employment opportunities, investment in the region and governmental tax revenue.

Social impact : Carnival is the main cultural event in Trinidad and Tobago which promotes tourism for the island. Each year the amount of tourist coming to the island to play carnival is increasing but current tourism infrastructure in Trinidad and Tobago, and in Port of Spain in particular, is not sufficient to support this. Increased visitors during Carnival time would also have implications for safety and security. Also because of globalization the manner in which carnival use to be portray long go is different from what we see in society today. Furthermore carnival is also celebrated in other cities worldwide such as Miami Carnival.

Environmental Impact : Indigenous communities, which have otherwise been left untouched by traditional tourism activities, have now been targeted for tourism ventures because of globalization. To a large extent, therefore, indigenous communities have become targets of eco tourism in this globalized economy causing eviction of the indigenous people from their lands, economic dislocation, breakdown of traditional values, and environmental degradation.