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Advertising Strategies. Executional Frameworks Chapter 7. Message Strategies. Message strategies are used to deliver a message theme (Chapter 5). Message Strategies. Generic Preemptive Unique Selling Proposition Hyperbole Comparative. Cognitive. Affective. Conative. Brand.

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Advertising strategies

Advertising Strategies

Executional Frameworks

Chapter 7

Message strategies
Message Strategies

  • Message strategies are used to deliver a message theme (Chapter 5)

Message strategies1
Message Strategies

  • Generic

  • Preemptive

  • Unique Selling Proposition

  • Hyperbole

  • Comparative





Generic cognitive message strategy
Generic Cognitive Message Strategy

An ad for Koestler Granite & Marble using a generic cognitive message strategy.

Click picture for video.

Preemptive cognitive message strategy
Preemptive Cognitive Message Strategy

An ad for the Waterfront Grill created by Sartor Associates using a pre-emptive cognitive message strategy.

Click picture for video.

Message strategies2
Message Strategies

  • Resonance

  • Emotional





Message strategies3
Message Strategies

  • Action-inducing

  • Promotional support





Message strategies4
Message Strategies enter the contest.

  • Brand user

  • Brand image

  • Brand usage

  • Corporate





Advertising strategies

F I G U R E 7 . 2 enter the contest.

The Hierarchy of Effects Model, Message Strategies, and Advertising Components

Executional frameworks
Executional Frameworks enter the contest.

  • An executional framework is the manner in which an ad appeal (Chapter 6) is presented.

Means end chain theory
Means-End enter the contest. Chain Theory



Executional Framework







Figure 7 3 executional frameworks
Figure 7-3 -Executional Frameworks enter the contest.

  • Animation

  • Slice-of-life

  • Dramatization

  • Testimonial

  • Authoritative

  • Demonstration

  • Fantasy

  • Informative

  • Combination

Animation enter the contest.

  • Originally only used by firms with a small advertising budget

  • Use has increased due to computer graphics technology.

  • Some Web sites to explore

  • Http://

  • Http://

  • Http://

Components of a slice of life ad

F I G U R E 7. 4 enter the contest.

Components of a Slice-of-Life Ad





Sources of spokespersons
Sources of Spokespersons enter the contest.




Typical persons


Characteristics of effective spokespeople
Characteristics of Effective Spokespeople enter the contest.

  • Attractiveness

    • Physical

    • Personality

  • Likability

  • Trustworthiness

  • Expertise

  • Credibility

Matching source types and characteristics
Matching Source Types and Characteristics enter the contest.

  • Celebrities

    • Tend to score high in credibility

    • Negative publicity

    • Endorsement of too many products

  • CEO

    • Trustworthy, expertise, and some credibility

    • Must exercise care in selection

  • Expert

    • Seek experts who are attractive, likable, trustworthy

    • Valid credentials important

  • Typical person

    • Multiple typical persons increase credibility

    • Real-person

    • Actor

What s happening
What’s Happening? enter the contest.

  • Hey Denton,

  • I had in mind an advertisement that is related to what we have been talking about in class this past week or so. I think it shows a good combinations of the 'Appeals' that we have been looking. I showed it to my group today at our meeting and they told me to email it to you as you might find it amusing and a good example to use in class.


  •  Kind Regards

  •  Mark

  • I thought it was very effective using the humour appeal. It is an ad for Old Spice body wash

  • Jessica Flesser


Principles of effective advertising
Principles of Effective Advertising enter the contest.

  • Visual consistency

  • Campaign duration

  • Repeated taglines

  • Consistent positioning

  • Simplicity

  • Identifiable selling point

  • Effective flow of message

Beating ad clutter
Beating Ad Clutter enter the contest.

  • Use repetition

  • Variability Theory

  • Use multiple mediums.

  • Create ads that gain attention – any dangers of this?

  • Create ads that relate to the target audience

Which taglines can you identify
Which taglines can you identify? enter the contest.

  • It’s everywhere you want to be.

  • Just do it.

  • You’re in good hands.

  • The brushing that works between brushings.

  • What can brown do for you?

  • A different kind of company. A different kind of car.

  • When you care enough to send the very best.

  • It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

  • What can brown do for you?

  • Can you hear me now?

  • I’m loving it!

Ad clutter television
Ad Clutter - Television enter the contest.

Non-program material each hour

  • 4 broadcast networks – 13 min 4 sec

  • 37 cable networks – 14 min 30 sec

  • Lowest cable channels

    • ESPN2 – 11:16

    • ESPN – 12:11

    • CNN – 12:19

  • Highest cable channels

    • Golf Channel – 18:32

    • MTV – 16:27

    • Food Network – 16:09

Source: Katy Bachman, “Court TV Gets on Ad Clutter Case,” Adweek, Sept. 15,2003, p. 8.