Mla citations works cited page
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MLA Citations & Works Cited Page. What is an MLA Citation?. A Specific formatting method of indicating the source of a direct quotation. In-text citations:. Formatted as follows, specifically : “Text noted with quotation marks” (Lastname #).

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Mla citations works cited page

MLA Citations& Works Cited Page

What is an mla citation
What is an MLA Citation?

  • A Specific formatting method of indicating the source of a direct quotation.

In text citations
In-text citations:

  • Formatted as follows, specifically:

    “Text noted with quotation marks” (Lastname #).

  • Lastname = author’s last name. Do not include first name.

    • Exception: If the author’s name is noted in your text, omit from citation.

    • Moro clarifies, “Like this” (12).

In text citations cont
In-text citations: (cont)

  • # = Page number. Simply write the number – no “p”, “pg.”, or anything else

  • Do not place a comma, dash, or any other punctuation between author’s last name and page number.

In text citations cont1
In-text citations: (cont)

  • Period goes last, after quote and citation. Do not end quote with a period.

    • Exception: If quote contains question or exclaimation mark include in quote, but keep period after the citation.

    • “Like this?” (Smith 21). “Yes, like that!” (Moro 12).


Are the following examples right or wrong?

  • “This is your quote. (John Doe, pg. 12).”

  • On page 12 of John Doe’s book it says, “this is your quote.”

  • This is your quote (Doe 12).

What is a works cited page
What is a Works Cited Page?

  • An appendix located at the end of a research paper that lists all sources cited within the paper.

Works cited page format
Works Cited Page - Format

  • Begin on separate page.

  • Label “Works Cited”, centered, top of page.

  • Do not bold, italicize, increase font size, or make any other changes to “Works Cited”

  • All citations/sources double spaced, hanging indent, alphabetical

Citation format
Citation Format

  • Format changes depending on medium of publication (book, website, magazine article, etc)

  • Basic format:

    Lastname, firstname. “Title of work.” Where work was published. Publishing information. Page numbers. Date accessed.

Citation examples
Citation Examples:

  • Electronic:

    Lastname, Firstname (if available). “Article/page”. Name of Site. Name of institution/organization affiliated with site, date created (if available). Web. Date accessed.

    Moro, Richard. “Works Cited”. South Kitsap High School, Aug. 2011. Web. Dec. 2011.

    “Works Cited”. South Kitsap High School. Web. Dec. 2011.