global warming in the czech republic n.
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Global warming in the Czech Republic PowerPoint Presentation
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Global warming in the Czech Republic

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Global warming in the Czech Republic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global warming in the Czech Republic. Since November 2012 we have learned some facts about global warming , about our changing climate. During our second project period we tried to concentrate on this topic and we spent a lot of time by searching

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SinceNovember 2012 wehavelearnedsomefactsabout


aboutourchangingclimate ...

Duringoursecondproject period wetried to concentrate

on thistopicandwespent a lot oftime by searching

forinformation, taking part in presentationsgiven by expertsandmaking a quiz.

Finallywemade a presentationcontainingourresults.

Take a look atourwork

our project activities on global warming
Ourprojectactivities on GLOBAL WARMING
  • We had a meeting withMrsKrzyžanková –

a specialist in environmentaleducation.

  • Wetried to findout as much as possibleaboutglobalwarming, itscauses, ...
  • Wemade a presentation on thistopic.
  • Wecreated a quizforourmatesusingthe data wefound in thelibrary, on the internet, in ourtextbooks, in magazines, in newspapers.


this term youcanseeandhearalmosteverywhere.

But do youknowwhatitmeans?

Itmeansthat the average temperature of Earth'satmosphere and oceans has beenrising.

(Itstarted in the late 19th century.)


Itisundeniablethattheaveragetemperaturearoundtheplanet overthe last hundredyearsorso has risen.


Theaveragedailytemperature in our country atthehight 600 m.a.s.l. is 3.3 degrees Celsius higher.

why and how is climate changing

Scientists are more than 90% certain that it is primarily caused by increasing concentrations of greenhousesgases produced by human activities (such as the burning of fossilfuels, deforestation.)

do all the scientists believe this theory
Do allthescientistsbelievethistheory?

No ! Someclaim, thatincreasing concentrations of greenhousesgasesin theatmosphere are not produced by human activities.

According to themitis a naturalprocess.


WeinvitedMrs. Krzyžanková to ourschool

to get to know more abouttheglobalwarming.


Shetoldusabouttheseacurrentsandtemperatures on differentplaces on our planet.




Wewereshownalsothefuture map ofourworld – whenglacierswould melt down.


Welearnedthatpolarbears are in dangerbecauseoftheincreasingtemperatureofour planet.


Nowweknowthat in theCzechRepublic transport andaccommodation

are thebiggestproducersofgreenhousegases.

observable changes in the czech republic
Observablechanges in theCzechRepublic

People in theCzechRepublicgrowsucculents


observable changes in the czech republic1
Observablechanges in theCzechRepublic

People go mushroomingandfindnew species


there are some poisonous spiders in our territory you could not find them in the past here
There are somepoisonousspiders in ourterritory – youcould not findthem in the past here.

Observablechanges in theCzechRepublic


Wetalked to ourfamilyandfriends

to findoutwhatwecan do together

to try to stop globalwarming.


Here are sometips:

  • Turntheheatingdown in winter. Dresswarmerifyou are cold.
  • Buyfoodfromlocalfarmers, supermarketsbuyfoodallovertheworld, importit by planesortrucks.
  • Takethe bus, walkorride a bikeinsteadofgoing by car.
  • Youcansaveelectricityand money whenyou use sun andwindenergy.
  • Use carsthat are friendly to nature – somecars use gasand not petrol.
  • Separatewaste! Collectoldpaperandcompost green waste.
  • Recycle!