Electrical invention
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Electrical Invention. Brianna Cacho 5A. Sewing Machine.

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Electrical invention

Electrical Invention

Brianna Cacho 5A

Sewing machine
Sewing Machine

.ThomasSaintwasissuedthefirstpatentforacompletemachineforsewingin1790. . Thefirstsewingneedlesweremadeoutofanimalhorns, andthefirstthreadwasmadeofanimalsinew. .Sewingmachinesareto sewclothes.


  • Clothes dryers were first invented in England and France in early 1800’s, no inventor can be traced. . One kind of early clothes dryers was the ventilator. The ventilator was a barrel shaped metal drums with holes in it.

Electrical cars
Electrical Cars

. AnoyosJedlikinventedasmallscalemodelcarpoweredbyaelectricmotoritwasinventedin1839. Aelectricalcarisusedtogettooneplacetoanother.


  • GuglielmoMarconiinvented the radio in 1895 . Radio is used to listen to music and broadcast.The early history of radio is the history of technology that produced radio instrument that use radio waves.

Electrical invention

  • The nook was made in November 2009. .It is used to read books, and magazines.

Why is electricity important
Why is electricity important?

  • Electricityis important because it helps people see for example if we don’t have light In the world the city would be dark. . If we don’t have electricity we wont be able to go a lot of things we wont be able to wash our clothes. . If we don’t have air conditioner in the summer we will be really hot and it will lead to sickness.